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Jonathan Franklin


Jonathan Franklin is an award-winning journalist published in 30 languages around the world. He regularly reports for the Guardian, Washington Post, Dagbladet, Der Spiegel, Jerusalem Post, Sydney Morning Herald and Rolling Stone magazine, among many others. His investigative reporting has been used by CBS 60 Minutes, A&E TV, The BBC and numerous documentary productions worldwide. Franklin lives with his wife Toty Garfe and their six daughters in Santiago, Chile. His coverage of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground attracted worldwide attention and his non-fiction book on the subject, The 33, was published to great acclaim in 2011.

Jonathan’s latest book, 438 Days, the story of Jose Salvador Alvarenga, the Salvadorian fisherman who was adrift in the Pacific Ocean for 14 months on a small boat, will be published by Macmillan in the UK and Atria in the US in Autumn 2015.

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“Rewilding restores the natural world, it brings well-being to local communities and above all, it brings joy to our souls.”

Every time Social Media gets you down, plant something.


Great environmental story from Steven Kurutz @skurutz

A thriller, a sobering tale, a heroic rescue

Panic, Heroism and Terror when a curise ship with covid locks down. My book #CabinFever with colleague Michael Smith, makes top 100 Books of the year via Amazon.

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art guerrilla

I ain't buying "this election is important" at all given the 20Billion in campaign spending. It's post-democracy with all the ceremonial trappings of a real democracy. Your average senate race is like 100M USD!

Senator Richard Burr leaves a legacy...the inside story of Wuhan Lab, this is true public service. Story by Vanity Fair

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One of those days where English govt melts down faster than you can record a parody song. #truss #england

I thought it was #DeSantis parroting #Trump

Thailand Goes to Pot .... the government launched a campaign to distribute a million free cannabis plants to households around the country.

I kissed the book when I finished it. Amazing piece of literature.
-i've gotten some great reviews of my survival at sea book 438 Days but this one takes the cake.

Brazilian Prison Gang the PCC has continuing education with a unique curriculum: classes on armored car assaults and instructions how to blow up automatic teller machines. (Tip: Too much explosive turns the cash into confetti.)

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Culture Wars Ch. 214
"The felony of cultural sticky fingers even extends to exercise: at the U. of Ottawa, a yoga teacher was shamed into suspending her class, 'because yoga originally comes from India. She offered re-title the course, 'Mindful Stretching.'
-author Lionel Shivers

This is a book-burning period,” says PAUL THEROUX . “But I also think it’s a time for writers to resist self-censorship. I became a writer because writers were outlaws [in the 60s]. They were free men. They were dangerous people.”


only the French could pull this off - invite a gaggle of people with weird laughs and get 'em going
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Humor is the best revenge against corporate BS
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As US Weapon donations to Ukraine top $20 billion a simple question. Does Pentagon geo-fence a javelin? Can you assure it is only operative in war theatre and not entire planet?
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you know shit hitting the fan when one gets nostalgic for Reagan cold war posturing circa 1984. Even Henry Kissinger looks like a moderate.
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