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Jonathan Franklin


Jonathan Franklin is an award-winning journalist published in 30 languages around the world. He regularly reports for the Guardian, Washington Post, Dagbladet, Der Spiegel, Jerusalem Post, Sydney Morning Herald and Rolling Stone magazine, among many others. His investigative reporting has been used by CBS 60 Minutes, A&E TV, The BBC and numerous documentary productions worldwide. Franklin lives with his wife Toty Garfe and their six daughters in Santiago, Chile. His coverage of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground attracted worldwide attention and his non-fiction book on the subject, The 33, was published to great acclaim in 2011.

Jonathan’s latest book, 438 Days, the story of Jose Salvador Alvarenga, the Salvadorian fisherman who was adrift in the Pacific Ocean for 14 months on a small boat, will be published by Macmillan in the UK and Atria in the US in Autumn 2015.

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Chilean Street Revolution #vice #chileprotest #plazadignidad #naomiklein @NaomiAKlein

Bolsonaro reminds me of Pinochet with worse media handlers


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Chilean Police pelted on all sides. How I hope to be wrong but doesn't look like anyone is going to win here. Violence may well have been useful in early days. Debatable. But State/Nation's tend to quash these kind of uprisings in an ugly way


Bolsonaro reminds me of Pinochet with worse media handlers

As Chile burns, the word on the street is.......

SOS to Fellow Reporters. I urgently need updated info on #PCC who has seen a good piece? Portuguese/Span/Engl doesn't matter #insightcrime #bolsonaro #goldmansachs

Chilean Superhero "Cop Killer" Dognapped in Santiago

Chilean protest emblem #Matapacos dragged behind a pickup in Santiago last night -- note sparks. Left wing trashes the Spanish Conquistador statues, Right wing ransacks Allende grave and burns a paper mâché dog.

The Urban Phoenix

Chilean canine superhero figure "Cop Killer" is back. After being torched last night x right wing militias - and dragged by a chain behind a pickup in a shower of sparks! -- he was rebuilt x left wing activists. Matapacos is enduring symbol of #ChileanUprising

Chilean Truckers dumping dirt and stones downtown to support Chilean Uprising. #patriaylibertad #plazadeladignidad #Matapacos #chile #Pinera #wtfishapeninginChile

Are you stressed out with 2 children? Here's a story to make you relax, I am raising 7 daughters

#parenting, #childrearing, #preschool, #father, #fatherhood, #fatherly

Are you stressed out with 2 kids? Here's a story to make you relax, I am raising 7 daughters.

This is hapenning in Venezuela, Maduro’s national guard stop the entry to the National Assembly
To the deputies of President (E) Juan Guaido

NYT logic on IRAN/US relations whacked.

On Friday, Robert O’Brien, the national security adviser, said the strike on Mr. Suleimani had been legally permitted under a 2002 authorization from Congress that allowed President Bush to wage war on Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi nation.

Wow! Even after the Pinochet dictatorship Chilean govt learned nothing and started whacking heads from day one of this uprising— Violence begets violence and what’s worse both sides seem to digging in x long fight. Like the game RISK it’s now about holding and taking territory

Chilean street battles continue

Chilean bike revolution continues #CriticalMass #bicycle #urbanbike

Important look at how the press covers domestic violence and murder of women.

Great reporting on Chile protests