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Jonathan Franklin


Jonathan Franklin is an award-winning journalist published in 30 languages around the world. He regularly reports for the Guardian, Washington Post, Dagbladet, Der Spiegel, Jerusalem Post, Sydney Morning Herald and Rolling Stone magazine, among many others. His investigative reporting has been used by CBS 60 Minutes, A&E TV, The BBC and numerous documentary productions worldwide. Franklin lives with his wife Toty Garfe and their six daughters in Santiago, Chile. His coverage of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground attracted worldwide attention and his non-fiction book on the subject, The 33, was published to great acclaim in 2011.

Jonathan’s latest book, 438 Days, the story of Jose Salvador Alvarenga, the Salvadorian fisherman who was adrift in the Pacific Ocean for 14 months on a small boat, will be published by Macmillan in the UK and Atria in the US in Autumn 2015.

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Cruising after a Bruising? Would you go on a cruise ship?

The Golden Age of travel is over
travel was about more than pleasure; it was a moral duty. 'To travel,' he wrote, 'is to feed the mind, humanise the soul, and rub off the rust of circumstance.'


Review of Cabin Fever our new book - from Star Tribune.

reads like a novel...filled with compelling characters and takes you to a place you'd never otherwise experience. ...tells a story that grabs you by the throat and won't let you stop reading.

NEW: It was March 2020 and an unfamiliar disease was tearing through the passengers and the crew of the MS Zaandam cruise liner. On board, exhaustion, despair and panic were spreading too

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Humans vs. Nature : The War that Matters

@jonathanwatts Pens an eloquent eulogy for Dom and perhaps the planet unless we all participate.

Journalism Matters

#DomPhillips #BrunoPereira #Dignidade

I’ve just returned from the Itaquaí River where we saw bodies believed to be those of our dear friend Dom & his friend Bruno recovered from the rainforest. Devastating. An outrage. There must be justice for them, for their families and for the noble causes in which they believed.

“Democracy and Brazil can no longer tolerate hatred and contempt for the values ​​of civilisation. Bruno and Dom will live in our memory – and in the hope of a better world”.

History will bury Bolsonaro a thousand times. Dom and Bruno's dream will live on ... the best vengeance is to pursue Amazon conservation.

An ode to friendship & activism

For many people, the insects, the rain, days without showers or proper food, would be hell. For Phillips, it was heaven. He saw the wonder in the wet.

Make a national park in their name...

The search for Bruno and Dom

Four ethnic groups – the Matis, the Marubo, the Kanamari, the Mayoruna – continued their search, grey navy vessels patrolling the river. A military helicopter soared overhead as white storks lurked on the riverbanks below..

Dom Phillips: Blood found in search for missing #Amazon pair
Police have found blood on a fisherman’s boat in their search for a British #journalist and a Brazilian indigenous expert who have gone missing in a remote region of the Amazon.

"Lawless primal wilderness...."

Great article by colleague Dan Collyns about the perils and destruction of the Amazon. This is what Bruno and Dom were fighting for - national patrimony.

#DomPhillips #BrunoPereira

Flood the Amazon with investigative reporters.

Our colleague Dom and brave activist Bruno are missing. We may never find them but let's unearth every last ounce of their investigation.

Their legacy should be a national park on those same rivers.

#DomPhillips #BrunoPereira

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira still missing....may the search intensify they deserve to be found.

Guardian Journalist Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips missing in the Amazon. Two important voices that cannot be silenced.

We need to find Dom Phillips. He's too important a voice for conservation to lose.

Sending our wishes for Dom Phillips to be found. He's too good to lose