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Jonathan Franklin


Jonathan Franklin is an award-winning journalist published in 30 languages around the world. He regularly reports for the Guardian, Washington Post, Dagbladet, Der Spiegel, Jerusalem Post, Sydney Morning Herald and Rolling Stone magazine, among many others. His investigative reporting has been used by CBS 60 Minutes, A&E TV, The BBC and numerous documentary productions worldwide. Franklin lives with his wife Toty Garfe and their six daughters in Santiago, Chile. His coverage of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground attracted worldwide attention and his non-fiction book on the subject, The 33, was published to great acclaim in 2011.

Jonathan’s latest book, 438 Days, the story of Jose Salvador Alvarenga, the Salvadorian fisherman who was adrift in the Pacific Ocean for 14 months on a small boat, will be published by Macmillan in the UK and Atria in the US in Autumn 2015.

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It's scenes like this that give me hope - (that the Simpsons will come back)


Know someone Feeling trapped? Suffering from Cabin Fever? Here's the true story of a man who survived 14 months, lost at sea ...

Best Father Daughter audio book in years ...

Great piece from @londonoe regarding PTSD and veterans. This is what we need positive stories for a world in pain!

the U.S.P.S. is currently the world’s largest baby trapped at the bottom of the world’s largest well

Matt Taibbi nails it again!

The Press that Cried Wolf
The post office is at the center of the latest moral panic, but how can readers tell what’s worth a real freakout anymore?

"They had purchased enough Sierra Madre Marijuana to stone the entire sixty first battalion of the Mexican army"

this article alone is worth NYT subscription....

. Brazil's Plight

"Bolsonaro is arguably not an aberration but a return to normalcy. The exceptional period ... when civilian authority, a degree of tolerance, and an emphasis on reducing inequality were the rule."

Chilean Tourism Crushed by Covid ... experts gather with @carnivalcruise and @wttc to hash out the future of travel.

What will Chile's booming Patagonia explorations look like in five years? Can we develop just & sustainable relationships tourist-local?

Great reporting from Dan Collyns as he digs into illegal fishing off Galapagos

When life whacks you down - fight back with the blue gold - Lapis from chile

Make America Constitutional Again?

When Political Prisoners get COVID tacked on to their sentence .... Reality Winner and the saga of Texas prisons overwhelmed by COVID

@bjwinnerdavis @WinnerBrittany #CompassionateRelease

When Political Prisoners get COVID tacked on to their sentence .... Reality Winner and the saga of Texas prisons overwhelmed by COVID

@bjwinnerdavis @WinnerBrittany #CompassionateRelease

reminds me of my days covering the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, except they used Ford Falcon or Lada.

500+ women prisoners infected. 2 dead. NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner describes scene as hundreds infected, trapped and harassed as COVID ravages Federal medical prison for women in Texas.
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