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Jonathan Franklin


Jonathan Franklin is an award-winning journalist published in 30 languages around the world. He regularly reports for the Guardian, Washington Post, Dagbladet, Der Spiegel, Jerusalem Post, Sydney Morning Herald and Rolling Stone magazine, among many others. His investigative reporting has been used by CBS 60 Minutes, A&E TV, The BBC and numerous documentary productions worldwide. Franklin lives with his wife Toty Garfe and their six daughters in Santiago, Chile. His coverage of the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground attracted worldwide attention and his non-fiction book on the subject, The 33, was published to great acclaim in 2011.

Jonathan’s latest book, 438 Days, the story of Jose Salvador Alvarenga, the Salvadorian fisherman who was adrift in the Pacific Ocean for 14 months on a small boat, will be published by Macmillan in the UK and Atria in the US in Autumn 2015.

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Great reporting on Chile protests

Farandula Chilena Sepultado

...mas evidencia -- revolución chilena ha cambiado conciencia nacional


10,000 Chilean women denounce the impunity of rapists and abusers. Powerful, dignified, crucial. That's why Chileans are protesting, it's not L/R, its DIGNITY.

@FranklinBlog #LosTesis

WTF Joe Biden we can only hope this is fake ... no such luck

Chilean women denounce rape and abuse in viral video vs. macho impunity. #LasTesis

Chilean women rise up with powerful protest vs. macho violence. #lastesis striking chords worldwide

Every revolution has its Jackass moment

Slingshot sales soar in Chile. Just blocks from Chilean presidential palace some mad entrepreneur is selling slingshots. It all sounds so romantic until someone get's blinded.

Every revolution has a cost. Will this one have benefits?

This is Chilean police operations as country seeks to balance legal protest and mad uprising violence. 4,000 injured, but increasingly a low level warfare between roaming gangs of thieves and special forces cops. Ugly on both sides.

Chaos in Chile? How does social insurrection gain political reform without blowing up all the institutions along the way?

Chaos in Chile? How does social insurrection gain political reform without blowing up all the institutions along the way?

All The President's Sondland....1st time I ever saw advantage to fatcat ambassador vs. career diplomat. This guy has million$$$ to lose--his real estate empire. Sondland apparently values his real estate credentials over those of Trump.

All the President's Men......implicated by Sondland. #POTUS legal team just tripled in size as fat cat ambassador votes to tell truth rather than risk his own real estate empire collapsing. Oh the irony.

Even more fragile now

Both eyes shot out, Chilean student blinded by gunshot wounds, and hundreds more have lost one eye

#EliminateBillionaires #BillionaireByeBye#. Why do we tolerate billionaires? common sense dictates a far more generous commonwealth. @NaomiAKlein @FelipeParadaM

Chilean students seize the mall for a chant of “It’s going to fall..its going to fall” in a not so discreet allusion to President Pinera’s government.”
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Chilean protesters block traffic with chant “If you don’t dance you don’t advance”. — drivers must get out of car, do a little dance and then blockade opens up.... @NaomiAKlein

Indignity. Plastic lawn chairs as hospital wheel chair? A Chilean Minister today told me “this is not just about a lack of dignity, it’s I decent.”