Joeli Brearley

Joeli Brearley


Joeli Brearley has spent her career working in the arts and digital technology, managing complex innovation processes and projects.

When she was 4 months pregnant with her first child she was exposed to the detrimental impact motherhood can have on a woman’s career. Shocked and hurt by her own experience, then subsequently appalled by the stories she went on to hear, she decided that something needed to be done. Joeli set up Pregnant Then Screwed in March 2015, a project and campaign designed to expose the systemic problem of pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the UK. First and foremost Pregnant Then Screwed is a place for women to tell their stories anonymously and in their own words. This is not only a cathartic way for women to release some of the bruising experienced but it also gives the victims a voice. The project quickly generated a huge response in the UK and soon requests started pouring in from other countries for their own version of the campaign.

Joeli continues to campaign for the rights of women to have children and a successful career.

She is currently working on her first book where she will explore this global problem, its impact on women, society at large and on the economy, why we need to address the issue, what responsibilities lie with Government, employers and employees, and how together we can make a case for recognition, respect and change.

Joeli has written articles on the topic for publications including The Guardian, The Huffington Post and The Telegraph.

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Bill introduced to make all jobs flexible by default @Helen_Whately @Ageing_Better @Joeli_Brearley @PregnantScrewed @fawcettsociety

This made me do a tiny cry

Amen to that. Those lasses deserve a gong

Seriously? Are they still refusing to investigate this? @gmpolice #JusticeForShukri

I have a new addiction. Devastated for the England team, but i finally understand why people love football. Also @ellsbells89 and @LucyBronze ❤️ #WomenWorldCup2019

Announcing our new Flexible Working campaign 'FLEX FOR ALL' with coalition partners @fawcettsociety @mother_pukka @fatherhoodinst. Please sign our petition to demand that all jobs are flexible by default #flexforall

I’ve listened to @katetempest new album twice today and my head is spinning. I will leave you with one line: ‘nothing you can buy will ever make you feel more whole. This whole thing thrives on us feeling always incomplete.’ Thank you Kate ❤️

I had little faith in the police after a rather horrific experience in Liverpool when I was younger, but today I had the privilege of hearing @CherieButtle speak about how she leads differently. She was humble, articulate & thoughtful. Manchester is in safe hands @gmpolice

Please help us get this petition to 30,000 by tomorrow #babyleave

We desperately need more women in Parliament but the current set up means that women have to choose between being an MP and being a mum. Please sign our petition #babyleave

The incredible @Joeli_Brearley @PregnantScrewed taking part in UN discussions last week a truly fabulous lady helping to change our world 🙌🏼 @InspireOldham @youngwochangem1 @Paula_Whylie @REELCIC @McrWomen @njco2design @Nickala5 @FabihaChowdhur5 @NJS_TW @cllrjennyoldham

I’m going to be on @bbcnewcastle radio at 16.40, pet. Champion. Oh, and tune in if you’re free

Three times today Twitter suspended the accounts used by two Saudi women stuck in Istanbul calling for support after fleeing abuse.

Just seen @Joeli_Brearley imploring anyone that wants to start campaigning to start telling their stories. Then this 👇🏾
We are the change sisters 💪🏽 YOU can make a difference, you just need to take the first step #bethechange #deedsnotwords #becourageous #itsyou

On my way yo my first, hopefully of many, meetings with the United Nations Human rights council to talk about gender equality in the workplace