Joan Smith

Joan Smith


Joan Smith is a novelist, columnist and campaigner for human rights. She is the author of the feminist classic Misogynies, the Loretta Lawson series of crime novels and What Will Survive, a thriller set in Westminster and Lebanon. Her non-fiction includes books on food, secular morality and the monarchy (Down With The Royals, 2015). Her journalism has appeared in the Guardian, New York Times, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Independent, Sunday Times and the Labour weekly Tribune.

Since 2013 she has been Co-chair of the Mayor of London’s Violence Against Women and Girls Board, which draws up the Mayor’s strategy to reduce sexual and domestic violence for the whole of London. She is a former Chair of the English PEN Writers in Prison Committee, supporting imprisoned writers all over the world, and has advised the FCO on freedom of expression.

She is currently on the board of the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, reflecting a longstanding interest in copyright. She is also a patron of Humanists UK and an honorary associate of the National Secular Society. She lives in London.

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Harvey Weinstein is a convicted rapist.

Weinstein guilty on two of five counts. There is (some) justice for women.

Just a thought: here's an urgent issue the Labour leadership candidates could usefully address. Quite an urgent one for women, as it happens.

This. When were victims consulted about this guidance for judges and how it affects them?

One of the most dispiriting things about the Labour leadership contest is that violence against women, which affects millions, has become a side issue to where they stand on self-ID. Why aren't they talking about what they'd do to protect women from rape & support victims of DV?

Completely agree with this.

Report: C of E's right to 26 seats in Lords should be repealed

My book is out in paperback in the spring. Really pleased to see this advance copy. Thanks ⁦@riverrunbooks⁩

Her name was Hannah Clarke. She had left her violent husband & repeatedly asked the police for help. Yet a detective still said this after she & her children were murdered.

BBC News - Baxter killings: Australia detective stood down for 'victim blaming'

It was a pleasure to work with @Womans_Place_UK on #WomensLib2020 conference and I was saddened to see defamation of these principled women. @IOE_London colleagues respond to attacks with #solidarity

I've just seen Joseph Juhn's film Jeronimo about the Korean diaspora in Cuba. Fascinating and moving first feature by a Cuban-American director. Really interesting to see so much historical material in the same week as Parasite.

Trump is like a ghastly racist uncle, showing off at a family party. I'm still amazed that he ever became President.

Trump jabs at Parasite's Oscar win because film is 'from South Korea'

Unbearable. Are Assad and his Russian allies allowed to get away with this? Is no one considering no-fly zones and massive aid to displaced people?