Joan Smith

Joan Smith


Joan Smith is a novelist, columnist and campaigner for human rights. She is the author of the feminist classic Misogynies, the Loretta Lawson series of crime novels and What Will Survive, a thriller set in Westminster and Lebanon. Her non-fiction includes books on food, secular morality and the monarchy (Down With The Royals, 2015). Her journalism has appeared in the Guardian, New York Times, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Independent, Sunday Times and the Labour weekly Tribune.

Since 2013 she has been Co-chair of the Mayor of London’s Violence Against Women and Girls Board, which draws up the Mayor’s strategy to reduce sexual and domestic violence for the whole of London. She is a former Chair of the English PEN Writers in Prison Committee, supporting imprisoned writers all over the world, and has advised the FCO on freedom of expression.

She is currently on the board of the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, reflecting a longstanding interest in copyright. She is also a patron of Humanists UK and an honorary associate of the National Secular Society. She lives in London.

Joan Smith @polblonde

Leaders like Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan have refused to respond to concerns over misogyny and single-sex spaces. @polblonde relates her experience of being ignored by leading politicians

All Boris Johnson has left is the self-belief that got him into No 10. It never rested on anything but entitlement, which too many people mistook for ability. Now all that's left is self-delusion.

Has Zelensky been seen in Downing Street yet?

There are lots of background articles on the #MayaForstater case, but here's one I wrote last year following the first tribunal ruling. I argue that the capture of institutions by trans ideology is analogous to how theocracies function

We won! #WorthyOfRespect

Well done @MForstater!

She won - women won!


Congrats to @MForstater on a huge win!! Tribunal upholds complaint of direct discrimination because of gender critical beliefs.

@Cauldronbourn @polblonde @TheCriticMag Not allowing an equality group who wish to defend the protected category of sex (eg LabWomensDec) a stall at a Party Conf (esp when there are spaces available) could also be seen as discriminatory.
From EHRC Guide for Political Parties, link above.

Me on left-leaning parties turning their backs on feminists:

The scolding of @BetteMidler & @MacyGraysLife by trans activists has the usual characteristics: they're disappointed, let down, faux-concerned. It's a cover for authoritarian behaviour that demands repentance from anyone who doesn't toe the line. Like any religious cult.

Amother mass kiiler with a history of DV. A relative reported him to the police because he threatened to kill his family.

Boris Johnson pleading with Zelensky to become Health Secretary.

Sajid Javid resigns. Boris Johnson can't remember who he is.

What is this 'cisgender' nonsense? You're a news organisation @SkyNews, you shouldn't be pushing gender ideology.