Jing-Jing Lee

Jing-Jing Lee


Born and raised in Singapore, Jing-Jing graduated from Oxford’s Creative Writing Master’s in 2011 and has since seen her poetry and short stories published in various journals and anthologies. Jing-Jing’s novella, If I Could Tell You, was published by Marshall Cavendish in 2013 and her debut poetry collection, And Other Rivers, was published by Math Paper Press in 2015. She currently lives in Amsterdam her first full length novel How We Disappearedabout comfort women in Singapore will be published by Oneworld in the UK and Hanover Square in the US in 2019.


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Tonight my 13mo son ate lint out of my husband’s belly button. Both of them found it hilarious. I think we need to set some boundaries here... #babies


Let’s play a game of “is this an old fashioned (read: misogynistic) male thing or just general idiocy?” There are 10 households on our building group chat & for a few days now, we’ve been talking about a man who stands outside the school opp us for HOURS at night just smoking.

Vi presentiamo la nostra prima uscita dell’anno, fresca di stampa: #StoriaDellaNostraScomparsa è il potente e doloroso romanzo d’esordio della scrittrice singaporiana #JingJingLee.

Mentioned in the same breath/paragraph as Stephen King and Virginia Woolf. 😊 Libri 2020, tra star e omaggi da Strout a Fellini - Libri - Narrativa - ANSA http://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/cultura/libri/narrativa/2019/12/28/ansa-libri-2020-tra-star-e-omaggi-da-strout-a-fellini_515d4c36-d8bf-4c04-ad17-f7c4d7120b59.html

Love the Italian title for #HowWeDisappeared! (Roughly translated: The story/history of our disappearance). Aspettando il 2020: storie di giustizia ed esordi letterari - Zainet - Due nuovi romanzi da non perdere tra passato e presente, Italia e Asia https://www.zai.net/articoli/libri/16634204/Aspettando-il-2020--storie-di-giustizia-ed-esordi-letterari

Thanks to ohomatopoeia for including my book in the list for Best Books of 2019! #straitstimes #singlitftw https://www.instagram.com/p/B6abaV6nSIp/?igshid=18i61w9cjinew

Thrilled to be on this list alongside writers such as @BernardineEvari, @colsonwhitehead, and @MargaretAtwood 😍