Jing-Jing Lee

Jing-Jing Lee


Born and raised in Singapore, Jing-Jing graduated from Oxford’s Creative Writing Master’s in 2011 and has since seen her poetry and short stories published in various journals and anthologies. Jing-Jing’s novella, If I Could Tell You, was published by Marshall Cavendish in 2013 and her debut poetry collection, And Other Rivers, was published by Math Paper Press in 2015. She currently lives in Amsterdam her first full length novel How We Disappearedabout comfort women in Singapore will be published by Oneworld in the UK and Hanover Square in the US in 2019.


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'The strength of @jingwrites lies in her creating an intricate plot, which would have seemed implausible in the hands of a less skilled writer.' A rave review for #HowWeDisappeared from @prospect_uk


I love it when a reviewer gives my book this much consideration. ✨

How We Disappeared by @jingwrites is a story of survival & endurance in Japanese-occupied Singapore. Described by Xinran as an “unforgettable image of how women were silenced & disappeared by both war and culture”, it is nominated for our First Book Award https://t.co/I3ON1dqeE9

Wonderful conversation in #BantryLibrary with Jing-Jing Lee and Claire Adam in conversation with Sue Leonard #DebutAuthors #WCLF2019

Stopped by Bantry Bookshop to browse and sign a few copies of my book! What a lovely place. ❤️
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I had a wonderful time talking to claireadamwriter and Sue Leonard at the @wcorklitfest today. Such a lovely crowd as well 🥰

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Excellent book talk time with @jingwrites and Claire Adam for the… https://t.co/pVlAPlqxlV

Breastfeeding in literature, a primer: https://t.co/uzpUwNaRcS

Come see @Claire_Trini and me talk about our debut novels at the West Cork Literary Festival on 13 July! @wcorklitfest

My novel is reviewed in the @FT today! 🤩

I never found it easy to ask for favours but... It’s the first time How We Disappeared is up for an award and it would mean so much to me if you read it, liked it, and voted for it here:… https://t.co/efINagftoE

A young Chinese immigrant is kidnapped in World War II Singapore during the Japanese takeover. What happens next will ruin the rest of her life. https://t.co/ztyK1cLU8g

Six months old and starting to show just how mischievous he can be/look. Happy half-birthday, light of my life. #nomoresleep #whatissleep #sleepisoverrated https://t.co/71TeTkRhZq

Man on train was annoyingly peering over at my laptop screen. ‘Keep going!’ he said, ‘just think, you might get it published one day.’ I gave him the Death Stare of a woman who has published ten books.

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Sit down, relax and enjoy this #SaturdayExcerpt of @jingwrites's HOW WE DISAPPEARED! Read it via our HQ blog here>>> https://t.co/9VYxx3x7Eq