Jessica Moor

Jessica Moor


Jessica Moor grew up in south-west London. She read English at Cambridge before working in the culture and charity sectors. She gained an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester, and her dissertation was awarded the second Peters Fraser + Dunlop sponsored ‘Creative Writing Prize for Fiction’.

Jessica is currently focused on feminist writing and issues surrounding violence against women. She lives in Berlin.

Her debut novel, Keeper, will be published by Viking in the UK and Penguin in the US, in Spring 2020.

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Police, coroners and the criminal justice system must understand and LEARN from domestic homicides.

Domestic violence can lead victims to commit suicide.

Domestic violence can lead victims to kill.

Instead their abuse is all too often not recognised, so the cycle continues.

Me right now, at everything*, including but not limited to politics, twitter, writing, fridge contents, cat, weather, zeitgeist, tv schedule and the lack of availability in Germany of nice peanut butter

*except Queer Eye

We got a robot to vacuum because we're too lazy to do it ourselves and Bernie is Unsure.

Gathered around the wireless with appropriate alcohol to listen to the brexit vote. Cat slept through the whole thing. She’s the only guaranteed EU citizen in our household so she doesn’t give a shit either way.

Nguurghhhhh this was such a good interview. Desperate to read The Runaways now.

I don’t understand why @thetimes gave the review gig to the person whose work is debunked in the book. That’s the definition of bias.

It is genuinely surprising to me that I ever get any work done.

Should we teach children LGBTQ+ issues in primary school? (Retweet once you’ve voted trying to prove a point)

This is a powerful, important and heartbreaking piece from @courttianewland (and it's extracted from Safe edited by Derek Owusu, out next week from @TrapezeBooks which you should obviously buy)

Conviction quashed in Sally Challen Appeal!!!!!

Will legal history be made today?

Will we create a watershed moment in domestic violence today?

Recognising the abuse our mother suffered is vital to acknowledging the severity of this abuse.

This is for our mum and the silent victims of #coercivecontrol.


Day 1 of the #7daybookchallenge, nominated by @emily_wight . 7 days, 7 nominations, 7 book covers, no explanations, no reviews. Too frightened to actually tag anyone but if you'd like to do it too then go ahead I guess

Got a few days off. Boyfriend going skiing. Tell me what to read and watch or otherwise I will just sit on the floor and miaow at the cat.

Hearing about legalisation in the Netherlands. 75% of women in sex industry there are of a migrant background, creating a racial divide. 19 - 20 million sex tourists. 97% of prostituted women experience violence - so aim to prevent violence has failed. #SPACEWOC