Jessica Moor

Jessica Moor


Jessica Moor grew up in south-west London. She read English at Cambridge before working in the culture and charity sectors. She gained an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Manchester, and her dissertation was awarded the second Peters Fraser + Dunlop sponsored ‘Creative Writing Prize for Fiction’.

Jessica is currently focused on feminist writing and issues surrounding violence against women. She lives in Berlin.

Her debut novel, Keeper, will be published by Viking in the UK and Penguin in the US, in Spring 2020.

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Right. Often ‘empowerment’ is just a euphemism for learning to manipulate a system that classes you as less than fully human. If something doesn’t give you more tangible power, it ain’t empowerment, it’s indoctrination.

Omg. This is like my Batman v Superman. But instead of fighting each other they’ll both be exhibiting colossal emotional intelligence.

Deborah Orr. Damn.

Loving the audiobook of Catch and Kill. Did not have Ronan Farrow pegged as someone who would 'do the voices' but I am DELIGHTED to be proven wrong.

'Run, Shadowfax, show us the meaning of haste'

YES @stephenkb
If I were nodding any harder I'd damage my spine.

Bernie is having a difficult time deciding which #keeper proof she loves the most

Waterstones is my happy place. I spent hours of my childhood in there. When I lived in Amsterdam I'd go to the branch of Waterstones on Kalverstraat to alleviate homesickness.
My book is available to preorder from Waterstones.
I am very happy.

Second round of proofs are in for #Keeper and this time with the finished cover design 🤩

Last night @WSCCLibraries, @adeleparks ‘sold’ these #books to us:

KEEPER by @jessicammoor out 03/2020 @VikingBooksUK

NIGHTINGALE POINT by @LuanGoldie out now @HQstories

AFTER THE END by @claremackint0sh out now @BooksSphere

Go borrow, buy or listen. Let’s keep books alive