Jesse Norman

Jesse Norman


Jesse Norman was educated at Oxford University (BA) and at University College London (MPhil, PhD).  Among other things he has run an educational project in Communist Eastern Europe, been a director at Barclays, and taught philosophy at UCL and Birkbeck College.  His books and pamphlets include The Achievement of Michael Oakeshott (ed.),After EuclidCompassionate Conservatism and The Big Society.

He writes and blogs prolifically in the national press.

In 2010 Jesse was elected as the MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, and as a member of the Treasury Select Committee.

In 2012 he was chosen as Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year, and as Backbencher of the Year.  In 2013 he became a member of the Policy Board at 10 Downing Street.

His biography on Edmund Burke was published by HarperCollins in May 2013, and has been widely acclaimed.

Jesse Norman @Jesse_Norman

A beautiful dawn at Monsal Head in Peak National Park to launch our Landscapes Review

One of my all time heroes! My mentor, Professor Rick Miller, President @OlinCollege and great friend of @nmite_ac #makinghistory #GGSC2019

An extraordinarily generous (and fun) person who deserved the accolades @RebuildMacro

Fantastic! Can’t wait to get there.

All ready for councillor training on low traffic neighbourhood's next week in Manchester. Technical note done and exercise in the bag. Hopefully we can make note public after the event. Also giving them a copy of this @TransportXtra

This is fascinating. Much still to do, but the UK has much to be proud of in reducing emissions both absolutely and relatively over the past 30 years.

Such a worthwhile course, one of the workshops being provided by Herefordshire Council Road safety team, on seatbelts.

Don’t miss ‘New Herefordshire Artists’ here at the café daily 11am - 5pm until 15th September. So much great art to see and so much great coffee to drink!!! #HerefordshireArtWeek @HerefordArtsCol

In case of interest given yesterday’s lecture and recent comment on the judiciary, my 2012 profile of the late Lord Bingham

Amyas Morse to lead independent review into HMRC loan charge | @Jesse_Norman said the government "fully appreciates the concerns expressed by individuals, campaigners, and MPs who have raised concerns about the loan charge":

“Far from ignoring the wider world, [Adam] Smith cited 164 different historical or contemporary place names or names of ethnic groups.” Nice fact underlining just how wide ranging Smith was, both in space and time.

Peter Ustinov recalling an encounter with Queen Mary is as good as you might expect

Yes! Excellent news. Well done.

My research on the Vicars Choral has opened my eyes (or ears) to the music at Hereford Cathedral. Sometimes when I work in the office with the window open I can hear the Choristers and Lay Clerks practice for Evensong. This is one of the unique joys of working at a cathedral.

The Golden Shot method of diplomacy, and the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. Brilliant from @Dannythefink in @thetimes today.

Employment rate: 76.1% (joint highest on record)
Unemployment: 3.8% (lowest since 1974)
Total wages up 4% in past year (strongest since 2008)
Hard to imagine how Britain's labour market could be doing much better right now. Full data here:

Nudging: an early application.

Great work by HMRC in its enforcement activity against money laundering, with a record fine levied

This is a magnificent speech from Ian Austin. One for @spectator awards perhaps

Important not to forget that in 2014 Speaker Bercow made a systematic attempt—during Parliamentary recess!—to rig the selection of the Clerk of the House, with a candidate later sacked from the Australian Senate. Thwarted by MPs