Jesse Norman

Jesse Norman


Jesse Norman was educated at Oxford University (BA) and at University College London (MPhil, PhD).  Among other things he has run an educational project in Communist Eastern Europe, been a director at Barclays, and taught philosophy at UCL and Birkbeck College.  His books and pamphlets include The Achievement of Michael Oakeshott (ed.),After EuclidCompassionate Conservatism and The Big Society.

He writes and blogs prolifically in the national press.

In 2010 Jesse was elected as the MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, and as a member of the Treasury Select Committee.

In 2012 he was chosen as Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year, and as Backbencher of the Year.  In 2013 he became a member of the Policy Board at 10 Downing Street.

His biography on Edmund Burke was published by HarperCollins in May 2013, and has been widely acclaimed.

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The remarkable Vernon Smith. No relation that I know of, but among his other achievements a deep interpreter of Adam Smith

Very constructive meeting with Northern Mayors today.

We all agree rail services in the region currently aren’t good enough. We're training more drivers & introducing more services but, to fully solve the problems, reform must be delivered and industrial disputes resolved.

By contributing to this at any level via the link below you can (a) help transform a young person’s life, (b) help transform a place, (c) help transform higher education in the UK. I call that a pretty good deal.

This is a 5-cylinder diesel engine @WaterworkMuseum Hereford. It was part of the civil defence works during WW2 at Rotherwas, now the site of @nmite_ac CATT and CAM building.

By contributing to this at any level via the link below you can (a) help transform a young person’s life, (b) help transform a place, (c) help transform higher education in the UK. I call that a pretty good deal.

The Britten-Norman Islander doesn’t need an arrester hook to land on a carrier…

We need grown-up and good-faith negotiation, leading to a feasible deal for rail workers, passengers and taxpayers.

That’s why I spoke directly with the head of the RMT union last week.

There is a way forward that meets everyone’s needs.

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We have a deal at @esa 🎆

After years, months, weeks & hard final days of negotiating we have agreed a major 5yr £17bn #CM22 Space Program to support:

🛰high growth UK £16bn commercial SpaceTech sector
🌌deep space science exploration, technology+innovation


RICHARD BURTON talking with typical eloquence and gravitas via that coal seam of a voice about his miner Father with Dick Cavett in 1980.

He passed away only 4yrs later.

"The cosmic cornerstone is being laid for the UK’s first orbital space launch." - Transport Secretary @Mark_J_Harper

Congrats to @SpaceportCornwall for receiving the UK’s first-ever spaceport license.
@transportgovuk @Jesse_Norman

#space #news #LaunchUK

Still right up there among the greatest films of all time

Amongst the winter kit provided to Ukrainian recruits training on UK soil, will be a special token of UK support.

A refillable lighter, a soldier’s best friend for generations.

Engraved with the message:
“Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the heroes.”


To clarify, the design of the Bradford CAZ was not mandated by government. It was designed by the local authority to meet legal limits of the pollutant NO2. Following agreement by the Council it was then put to central government which reviewed and approved the plans.

An astonishing moment for the UK.

“Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom; and a great empire and little minds go ill together.”

Edmund Burke, from @Jesse_Norman’s excellent (and relevant) biography.

I've decided, at the urging and with the guidance of some young friends, to get active on Twitter. It's s strange week to do so, as Twitter disintegrates a la Musk! But I'll me sending you to items I've written, and very occasionally offering also my Latest Profound Thoughts.

Perspective: Hindsight Bias & Narrative Fallacy explains 90% of what you see/hear/read in financial punditry + market commentary.

Everybody can tell you exactly what just happened & why, but curiously, none seem to be able to predict what's about to happen next...

In Finland, all new PhD holders are given a traditional PhD Sword & Top Hat during a Conferment Ceremony. The sword & hat symbolise the freedom of research and the fight for what is good, right and true.