Jesse Norman

Jesse Norman


Jesse Norman was educated at Oxford University (BA) and at University College London (MPhil, PhD).  Among other things he has run an educational project in Communist Eastern Europe, been a director at Barclays, and taught philosophy at UCL and Birkbeck College.  His books and pamphlets include The Achievement of Michael Oakeshott (ed.),After EuclidCompassionate Conservatism and The Big Society.

He writes and blogs prolifically in the national press.

In 2010 Jesse was elected as the MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, and as a member of the Treasury Select Committee.

In 2012 he was chosen as Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year, and as Backbencher of the Year.  In 2013 he became a member of the Policy Board at 10 Downing Street.

His biography on Edmund Burke was published by HarperCollins in May 2013, and has been widely acclaimed.

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Both the leadership candidates are exceptional, but I am supporting Boris Johnson. I worked on his London Mayoral campaign in 2008, supported his re-election in 2012 and worked on his Conservative leadership bid in 2016. He is a person of huge talent, and an old friend. 1/

Just gonna say this once: Toy Story 4 is absolutely magnificent. Can’t have been three minutes when I wasn’t either laughing or weeping. Or both. #ToyStory4

@Jesse_Norman @michaelellis1 how do you see the independent sector & its need for qualified & regulated repairers @HEVRAofficial @The_IMI already setting standards

Reviving Democracy | Join us on 15 July at @Ri_Science, tackling the political economy of #prosperity—w #RowanWilliams, @ProfTimJackson, @CarolineLucas, @Jesse_Norman, Simon Caney, @Davies_Will, Isabelle Ferreras, Miriam Ronzoni and @Jonathan_Rowson >>

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Fantastic news!! Congratulations to Mark and Sean and everyone @TwoFarmersHfd 🍾🥂🥔😀😀😀

Michael Oakeshott on Authority, Governance, and the State: .@Jesse_Norman

We're delighted that after our meeting with @Jesse_Norman MP, his DfT successor @Michael_Ellis1 has written to all UK councils encouraging them to get behind #playstreets for the benefit of children and communities:

"#AdamSmith, born #otd still has a vast amount to teach us, not merely about economics and markets and trade, but about the deepest issues of inequality, culture and human society facing us today" writes @Jesse_Norman via @FT

Adam Smith, widely regarded as ‘father of modern economics’ was born #onthisday in 1723. @Jesse_Norman will be at #CVHF to trace his influence over the past 2 centuries and address crucial issues of inequality and exploitation.
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@nminow Most have never read his first book, "Moral Sentiment" If they had, they would see the underpinnings of #CSR. @Jesse_Norman excellent biography of Smith should be on the undergrad curriculum.

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