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Jamie Bartlett


Jamie Bartlett is the author of three books: The People Vs Tech (2018) about data and democracies (Winner of the 2019 Transmission Prize), Radicals (2017) about political outsiders and the best-selling The Dark Net (2014) about internet subcultures. His books have been translated into 15 languages. He founded the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos, where he specialised in online social movements and using machine learning to study the impact of technology on society. He is a regular commentator on national and international media outlets, and a regular writer on technology for The Spectator.
Jamie’s TED talk ‘How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream’ has been watched almost 5 million times. His main topics are cyber security and privacy online, new political movements, social media research and analysis, and internet cultures.
In 2017 Jamie presented the two-part BBC TWO documentary series ‘The Secrets of Silicon Valley’ about how technology was changing politics and society, including Cambridge Analytica’s role in the 2016 US election. In 2019 he wrote and presented the hit BBC podcast series ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’ which exposed the biggest ever cryptocurrency.

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Here’s my considered hot take on #HartlepoolByElection: I really have no valuable or original idea about what’s going on, why it happened or what it means.

Climate change is the new front in the culture wars - don’t miss this fascinating ⁦@tortoise⁩ #SlowView by ⁦@jkingy⁩ on the extremists’ new digital attack on the green agenda https://members.tortoisemedia.com/2021/05/05/climate-is-the-new-front-in-the-culture-wars/content.html?sig=d78IRco5TS06yu2ESBprK6yA6RHlw8ZULoTrmTvEQVs

Oh no! Not another Cryptoqueen!! 😬

Now the arrests keep coming! ex-OneCoin/OneLife Black Diamond Muhammad Zafar has been arrested in Pakistan by FIA Cyber Crime wing due to marketing OneCoin!

Sounds a bit like the contents of my fridge

Irvine Welsh on Howard Marks.

Column. On 16 years since Labour last won an election. The party still fights every campaign against that old Tory party, the one it can beat, instead of the actual Tory party, to which it keeps losing.



For the next few months, I'm going on a fitness journey using tech - unique to my body and progress - for @BBCClick

Follow along as I post weekly updates on social media to see how sharing online could affect it too! 😁🏃🏾

There are, unfortunately, some extremely wealthy people who tend to view legal threats as a running cost (tax deductible too!) and a subdivision of their PR team.

One of the problems for Boris’s opponents is they genuinely can’t believe he’s popular with people. And because they don’t believe it they don’t try to understand it. https://twitter.com/SebastianEPayne/status/1389178547848220675

Calling all Death in Ice Valley fans! The @bbcworldservice true-crime podcast about the Isdal woman returns in a few weeks with a brand new special episode, with stories discovered by following leads straight from the listeners. Catch up on season 1 here:

@JamieJBartlett May be of interest:


Don’t forget the digital equivalent- the “Twitter users reacted angrily ...”. Often it’s 4 anonymous accounts. And there are also ways to online Vox pops rigorously, which no media outlet does.

Going through my collection of old phones- my how they’ve grown. Find out more about the smartphone era in Always On, published May 13th https://ift.tt/3tqtauD

Ruja will be very nervous about this...

The net is closing in? Frank Schneider - former Luxembourg spy & Ruja Ignatova’s security adviser arrested yesterday in France & faces extradition to the US. https://today.rtl.lu/news/luxembourg/a/1714427.html

Everyone I know getting bombarded with postal scam SMS messages (‘your delivery is expected to arrive today click here to etc etc). Never seen such a deluge of a single technique - it’s obviously working. Good example of criminal opportunism. Be careful!

(This is mostly for the Brits I guess...) 🇬🇧 ☔️ 🌞

Revolutionary idea: weather apps should display more than one weather icon for each day, to reflect the fact there is usually more than one weather per day.