Jamie Bartlett

Jamie Bartlett


Jamie Bartlett is the author of four books: The People Vs Tech (2018) about data and democracies (Winner of the 2019 Transmission Prize), Radicals (2017) about political outsiders, the best-selling The Dark Net (2014) about internet subcultures and The Missing Cryptoqueen  from  his critically acclaimed BBC podcast series of the same name. His books have been translated into 15 languages. He founded the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think-tank Demos, where he specialised in online social movements and using machine learning to study the impact of technology on society. He is a regular commentator on national and international media outlets, and a regular writer on technology for The Spectator.
Jamie’s TED talk ‘How the mysterious dark net is going mainstream’ has been watched almost 5 million times. His main topics are cyber security and privacy online, new political movements, social media research and analysis, and internet cultures.
In 2017 Jamie presented the two-part BBC TWO documentary series ‘The Secrets of Silicon Valley’ about how technology was changing politics and society, including Cambridge Analytica’s role in the 2016 US election. In 2019 he wrote and presented the hit BBC podcast series ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’ which exposed the biggest ever cryptocurrency scandal. The podcast reached number 1 on the iTunes charts, and has been downloaded millions of times.

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🎙️ Podcast recommendation: ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’. @JamieJBartlett investigates on the figure of Dr Ruja Ignatova, CEO of #OneCoin. A little appetizer: it’s a “cryptocurrency” running on an SQL database.


Grealish plays like there’s girls watching we need more players like him on it’s as simple as that

There will now be a lot of irate shouting about immigration. Are the numbers really that shocking? Pandemic unwinding effect, returning foreign students, and (all good news in tough circumstances) 89,000 Ukrainians, 21,000 from Afghanistan, 76,000 from Hong Kong.

My fav pods at the mo!

@heavyweight - The perennial genius of @J_Goldstein Ep49 is the best yet! Imo

@QDroppedPod - Hugely informative show by @PorthosMedia

Missing Cryptoqueen - what a title! @JamieJBartlett doesn't disappoint

@WIMHSpodcast - A seminal documentary podcast.

I’d be dead by 50 if I tried to keep up with this

‘Times are bad. Children no longer learn how to make good fire. Everyone is making a podcast’ - Ug, 174,000 BC

@daidalosforlag @JamieJBartlett The Missing Cryptoqeen now in public libraries in Sweden, in Swedish.

Deep fake technology to perpetuate low level crypto scams - a sign of things to come!

Rather than desperately trying to find ANOTHER social media platform to join, how about … not?

DOJ has basically decided no-one in Europe is prosecuting crypto-crime - so they’ll have to do it

Iran’s World Cup captain: “In the name of God, creator of rainbows… I want to say condolences to all the grieving families in Iran… we want them to know we are with them and by their side and share their pain.”

Astounding courage & bravery.

Does anyone else's parents text them the score of matches they know you are watching?! Hello - I am also watching the game. I too saw that goal.

We need Michael Sheen in that dressing room NOW #USAvWAL

"Completely and utterly beserk." Switzerland used to be held up as an example of what was possible. Now? Betrayal. Problem for ERGist quoted is that he/she won't be in politics much longer, looking at the polls. UK is going to try to improve trade, presumably under a Labour govt. https://twitter.com/theousherwood/status/1594596168348073984

Buried underneath all of the froth happening on Twitter at the moment is an experiment more exciting than anything I’ve seen tried by a tech giant. I explain what’s going on for @WIRED https://www.wired.com/story/elon-musk-embraces-twitters-radical-crowdsourcing-experiment/

FTX won’t stop us investing in wildly speculative & complicated crypto projects. Short essay from me on why we should forget the tech, it’s all about investor FOMO:


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