Jacqueline Yallop

Jacqueline Yallop


A critically-acclaimed novelist and cultural historian, Jacqueline has always been fascinated by beautiful, historic and quirky things.

Having trained as a curator, she worked on art exhibitions in Manchester and Sheffield, before pursuing a PhD looking at, among other things, the eccentric lives of Victorian collectors.

When it came to finding a story for her debut novel, Kissing Alice, she drew extensively on her knowledge of this world of priceless heirlooms, fakes, forgeries and treasures to create a sweeping tale of the 20th Century, before examining the subject in more detail for her groundbreaking popular history, Magpies, Squirrels and Thieves.

Jacqueline is curious about many subjects from archaeology and politics to the best way to keep pigs. She continues to contribute to exhibitions and is a Director of the Guild of St George, an arts, education and environmental charity established by Victorian artist and critic, John Ruskin. But books have always been her first love, both reading and writing them.

Regularly short-listed for prestigious literary awards, Jacqueline’s novels look at the twentieth century through the eyes of those who lived through some of its most significant events, whether that’s war in Europe or the 1969 moon landings. Meanwhile, the nineteenth century keeps her busy researching and writing acclaimed history books and articles.

She’s a contributor to several broadsheet newspapers and BBC Radio 4; is frequently invited to lecture at literary festivals, and teaches creative writing at the University of Aberystwyth, the Faber Academy and Guardian Masterclasses.

“Yallop is a writer of rare fine judgement and delicacy.” — The Daily Mail

“Yallop’s writing is subtle and nuanced.” — The Sunday Times

“Spellbinding.” — The Independent

“Yallop gets hold of her ideas with attractive energy and enthusiasm.” — The Financial Times

Jacqueline’s latest book is a memoir entitled Big Pig, Little Pig: The Tale of Two Pigs in France (August 2017)

She is available as a guest speaker and reviewer on subjects including collecting and curating; museums; the nineteenth-century, and pig-keeping.

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