Jack Lowe

Jack Lowe


Jack Lowe is a photographer and Founder of the Lifeboat Station Project.

Inspired by his childhood love of lifeboats and photography, he has made it his mission to photograph every single lifeboat station (237 of them) and crew in the British Isles, using original Victorian glass-plate photographic techniques. Jack travels around the country in a decommissioned NHS ambulance (nicknamed Neena), which he uses as a mobile darkroom. It’s an extraordinary, unique and rather eccentric British adventure, with a singular purpose – to record and celebrate the bravery and hard work of the 1000s of volunteer lifeboat men and women who risk their lives to save others.
The project began in January 2015 and has already gathered a huge amount of publicity, from across the world, including on the BBC and ITV, the Times and the Telegraph, and is fully supported by the RNLI – see here:  lifeboatstationproject.com/press
The Lifeboat Station Project will not only provide an extraordinary photographic record of a unique institution (see the gallery section of the website here: lifeboatstationproject.com/galleries ) but also an opportunity to revisit the history of each station and to recount the many stories of rescues, tragedies and feats of bravery, as well as providing an unusual and unexpected portrait of our coastline.

The Lifeboat Station Project @ProjectLifeboat

Bangor Lifeboat station had a photo taken today with a couple of hundred year old camera. It was great to witness such a "getting on" with glass plates and chemicals and a lot of skill produced a fantastic result. Well done Jack.


Brilliant day had by all. Enjoy the rest of your tour Jack https://t.co/GSUbr7aKFO

A project worthy of support. Especially in light of recent racist driven media publicity toward the RNLI. I’ve been a Patreon supporter for a long time https://t.co/aD1MUal6Wy

It may have been a dreich day but, boy, did we make some great plates with @BangorLifeboat! #RNLI #ProjectLifeboat

Fun in the sun! A lovely few moments watching the world go by on the harbour wall with Philip, the @DonaghadeeRNLI Coxswain, before he took us to see the Copeland Islands on his boat... 😊💭

A glittering prize from @DonaghadeeRNLI, one of many on my journey this month. Two more stations and I’ll have completed Northern Ireland — @BangorLifeboat tomorrow (Sunday) and @LarneRNLI on Tuesday. Come and say hello if you’re around! #RNLI #ProjectLifeboat

I’ve been on a hunt for coffee filters here in Donaghadee (I use them to filter my silver). I found some in the Co-op where the cashier told me that she’d seen the photos on Facebook and wanted to tell me how much she loved them. This kind of thing happens quite regularly now. 👌🏻

A picture of concentration with @DonaghadeeRNLI over the last couple of days. Huge thanks to everyone who’s helped to make it such an excellent visit. Next up? @BangorLifeboat tomorrow (Sunday).
Photograph by Kyle Thompson. Check out his FB page for more: https://t.co/cF1AnFpjFn

Was great to meet Jack Lowe & his colleague @ProjectLifeboat after their task @DonaghadeeRNLI during part of Jack's journeys around the 238 @RNLI lifeboat stations of the UK & Ireland taking astounding images of their volunteer crew - and for a change, a chance to take Jack's.

This morning’s handiwork completes the set of photographs we’ve made over the last day or so with the fine volunteers of @DonaghadeeRNLI. Read more in my latest Instagram post: https://t.co/ZxYFEvilS9 #ProjectLifeboat

Donaghadee arrival: We’ve met the LOM, Hen’s prepared the glass and I’ve mixed up a new tank’s worth of silver nitrate. In short, we’re ready for our time with @DonaghadeeRNLI over the next day or two. Really looking forward to it! #RNLI #ProjectLifeboat

The newest plate on the project, made half an hour ago completing the set for @PortaferryRNLI. Another first on the journey to be up early, make a portrait, stroll back to the hotel for breakfast then make the one you see here of the three Helmsmen — all by 10am! #ProjectLifeboat

It’s good night from us. Another satisfying day in yet another stunning corner of Northern Ireland. An early start in the morning for more portraits with @PortaferryRNLI before we head to @DonaghadeeRNLI in the afternoon. Learn more about the journey at https://t.co/G4q5UN0eMd

A difficult few days for @RNLI with a happy outcome. If you’d like to contribute to the spike in donations, here’s the link you need: https://t.co/uFLbBOMGif

We must remember the words of our founder Sir William Hillary stating that we “should extend our views [of drowning prevention] from our own immediate coasts, to the most remote quarters of the globe, and to every neighbouring state”. #InternationalRescueFamily

@ProjectLifeboat @Jaysmithjay @Vixstero @RNLI Give us a little time | We are working on a Welsh language version right now | 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 | https://t.co/9AAGafShf9

@ProjectLifeboat @RNLI That just made me laugh out loud! 🤣