Jack Lowe

Jack Lowe


Jack Lowe is a photographer and Founder of the Lifeboat Station Project.

Inspired by his childhood love of lifeboats and photography, he has made it his mission to photograph every single lifeboat station (237 of them) and crew in the British Isles, using original Victorian glass-plate photographic techniques. Jack travels around the country in a decommissioned NHS ambulance (nicknamed Neena), which he uses as a mobile darkroom. It’s an extraordinary, unique and rather eccentric British adventure, with a singular purpose – to record and celebrate the bravery and hard work of the 1000s of volunteer lifeboat men and women who risk their lives to save others.
The project began in January 2015 and has already gathered a huge amount of publicity, from across the world, including on the BBC and ITV, the Times and the Telegraph, and is fully supported by the RNLI – see here:  lifeboatstationproject.com/press
The Lifeboat Station Project will not only provide an extraordinary photographic record of a unique institution (see the gallery section of the website here: lifeboatstationproject.com/galleries ) but also an opportunity to revisit the history of each station and to recount the many stories of rescues, tragedies and feats of bravery, as well as providing an unusual and unexpected portrait of our coastline.

The Lifeboat Station Project @ProjectLifeboat

Great image, thank you for all your work on this project and helping us all remember https://twitter.com/ProjectLifeboat/status/1265222245187756032

Remembering the heroes of Dunkirk 80 years on, the first deployment for Lucy Lavers, Aldeburgh’s No.2 lifeboat.

This is how she looked when I photographed her on 12x10 inch glass in 2017, fully restored and cared for nowadays by @RescueWoodBoats.

#RNLI #Dunkirk80

Dunmore East was the first Irish station that I visited. This kind man made me feel very welcome.

Roy Abrahamsson, @DunmoreEastRNLI Station Mechanic, September 2017, 12x10 inch Clear Glass Ambrotype


Susan Antcliff, @SLifeboats volunteer crew member, March 2017, 12x10 inch Clear Glass Ambrotype


Blast from the past: Yarmouth Drama for The Lifeboat Station Project https://vimeo.com/422132489

Susan Antcliff, @SLifeboats volunteer crew member, March 2017, 12x10 inch Clear Glass Ambrotype


The clip I shared earlier was from a film made this week by friend and project helper Jonny Kemp. When you see the full 2 minutes, the picture will become clear. Watch out, though, because it might even bring a tear to the eye...

It's been a rewarding and emotional week. It’s been bumpy too. I’ve written about a particularly special 24 hours in my latest Patreon post called ‘5 Good Things’. Access it by committing just £1/month to help keep my project afloat during the lockdown: https://www.patreon.com/posts/37410604

Three seagulls resting on the helicopter blades after yesterday’s heliops at Hyskeir.

Photo credit Alisdair, Captain of PHAROS

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These things just get better and better

Packaging up this week's postcard and mug orders. If you'd like an impromptu wee something to brighten your lockdown, head this way: https://lifeboatstationproject.com/shop/

A message from @RNLI's President

There’s hefty swell & strong winds forecast. There are no lifeguards. Beginners - now is not the time to learn to surf. Consider your actions, surf safe & lets keep risk low this weekend. If you see someone in trouble, dial 999 & ask for the Coastguard #staysafe

Memories Galore: So many things in my life are associated with the project. As I cracked open a bottle of whisky from @PlymouthRNLI and reached for a Glencairn from the landlord of @CheersCafeBar, I loved the added luxury of being served some very happy memories... 😊💭

It was great to have you with us @MrJackLowe! A fabulous tour around @ProjectLifeboat and much food for thought. @IoP_Falmouth are a lucky bunch! https://twitter.com/mrjacklowe/status/1262815724826963969

So many excellent things have emerged from lockdown... 👨🏼‍🏫

Bit of a curve ball perhaps but I’ve been learning a lot more about the sound recording side of things during lockdown. Honoured to be featured among these amazing folk — a podcast that feels like a piece of history in itself. Hear my contribution from 44 mins but it’s all great!

@ProjectLifeboat @RNLI @RNLISalcombe @IlfracombeRNLI @LizardRNLI I've always loved this portrait of Andrew - stunning portrait of a top bloke!