Jack Lowe

Jack Lowe


Jack Lowe is a photographer and Founder of the Lifeboat Station Project.

Inspired by his childhood love of lifeboats and photography, he has made it his mission to photograph every single lifeboat station (237 of them) and crew in the British Isles, using original Victorian glass-plate photographic techniques. Jack travels around the country in a decommissioned NHS ambulance (nicknamed Neena), which he uses as a mobile darkroom. It’s an extraordinary, unique and rather eccentric British adventure, with a singular purpose – to record and celebrate the bravery and hard work of the 1000s of volunteer lifeboat men and women who risk their lives to save others.
The project began in January 2015 and has already gathered a huge amount of publicity, from across the world, including on the BBC and ITV, the Times and the Telegraph, and is fully supported by the RNLI – see here:  lifeboatstationproject.com/press
The Lifeboat Station Project will not only provide an extraordinary photographic record of a unique institution (see the gallery section of the website here: lifeboatstationproject.com/galleries ) but also an opportunity to revisit the history of each station and to recount the many stories of rescues, tragedies and feats of bravery, as well as providing an unusual and unexpected portrait of our coastline.

The Lifeboat Station Project @ProjectLifeboat

One of the (many) brilliant aspects of @ProjectLifeboat is the 'Women of the RNLI' section; it contains superb photos, and shows the growing band of females volunteering for the @RNLI. It's a really important, historical record, in which we're proud to be included ⚓️ https://twitter.com/ProjectLifeboat/status/1542819131858337794

Without judgement, the RNLI are there for all of us... 👌🏻

That Friday feeling: All smiles for Gil and Elaine when we made their portrait aboard Buckie’s #ImperiousSevern class lifeboat.

See more in my ‘Women of the RNLI’ gallery:


[Wet collodion positive on 12x10 inch glass, Buckie, Scotland, 10th June 2018]

All safe and well thanks to you know who… #RNLI

What a turn out for our naming ceremony for our new Shannon class lifeboat today. Thanks to all for showing us such fantastic support.

#rnli #savignlivesatsea


This is amazing and so worth becoming a member, a patron of the LSP society. https://twitter.com/projectlifeboat/status/1541108169396654081

Hoylake RNLI: The Heritage of Hilbre Island — a new 6 minute read for members of The LSP Society, also featuring two new audio recordings. Altogether, an extraordinary insight into lifeboat life from the 1800s right through to the present day.
👉🏻 https://lifeboatstationproject.com/2022/06/23/hilbre-island/

If you remember the great talk Jack gave earlier this year, you will know what a monumental project this is. If you can help, make a donation or subscribe, see the link below 👇 https://twitter.com/ProjectLifeboat/status/1541030851487694848

Limited Edition Prints of this glass plate are available here along with the photographs from the other six Devon RNLI lifeboat stations: https://lifeboatstationproject.com/devon/

Two new audio recordings from Hoylake RNLI now in the project's Members' Area: https://lifeboatstationproject.com/members/audio-members/

From the archive: 7 years ago today and the hottest day on the project so far when it was 30°C in Neena (my mobile darkroom).

The volunteers of @IlfracombeRNLI with their state-of-the-art #RNLI Shannon class lifeboat.

12x10 inch wet collodion positive on glass, 25th June 2015

Can't wait to hear these - absolutely LOVE the audio side of @ProjectLifeboat So many astounding sounds, and heartfelt tales, straight from the mouths of the many characters that make the @RNLI what it is ⚓️ https://twitter.com/ProjectLifeboat/status/1537524461821362179

Whether it's the longest day of the year, the shortest, or every day and night in between, our #Volunteer crew are always ready to respond to a call for help. If you're planning on spending today's #SummerSolstice at our coasts or waterways, stay safe and enjoy!

📸 Kevin Austin

Speaking of famous @CromerRNLI Coxswains, here’s the portrait I made on 12x10 inch glass with John Davies all the way back in March 2015. The station’s Tamar class 16-07, RNLB Lester, looms over his shoulder at the top of the slipway…always ready. Have a good weekend everyone!