Jack Lowe

Jack Lowe


Jack Lowe is a photographer and Founder of the Lifeboat Station Project.

Inspired by his childhood love of lifeboats and photography, he has made it his mission to photograph every single lifeboat station (237 of them) and crew in the British Isles, using original Victorian glass-plate photographic techniques. Jack travels around the country in a decommissioned NHS ambulance (nicknamed Neena), which he uses as a mobile darkroom. It’s an extraordinary, unique and rather eccentric British adventure, with a singular purpose – to record and celebrate the bravery and hard work of the 1000s of volunteer lifeboat men and women who risk their lives to save others.
The project began in January 2015 and has already gathered a huge amount of publicity, from across the world, including on the BBC and ITV, the Times and the Telegraph, and is fully supported by the RNLI – see here:  lifeboatstationproject.com/press
The Lifeboat Station Project will not only provide an extraordinary photographic record of a unique institution (see the gallery section of the website here: lifeboatstationproject.com/galleries ) but also an opportunity to revisit the history of each station and to recount the many stories of rescues, tragedies and feats of bravery, as well as providing an unusual and unexpected portrait of our coastline.

The Lifeboat Station Project @ProjectLifeboat

Little did @TowerRNLI know yesterday, this was the dawn of the day that would see the station's 8,000th shout. A HUGE congratulations to the team. We might be busier than ever but the spirit of lifesaving runs deep.

Finding @ErlandCooper’s #SuleSkerry to be the perfect accompaniment to signing and packaging prints… https://youtu.be/LQejep9NDeI

Two icons of our time face off across the kitchen table. Peppa V Neena. Pig V Ambulance. The pig looks optimistic but Neena’s beating her for size, and who would bet against a multi-purpose emergency vehicle? #NeenaSpotting #ProjectLifeboat 🚑

Sometimes, I just can’t help myself! Thought I’d go the extra mile and make a numbered/signed commemorative card to accompany each of the new keyrings. On schedule to start shipping them later this week, and there may be one or two other goodies enclosed! 🌟 #WithCourageKeyring

#ImperiousSevern ✊🏻⚓️

@ProjectLifeboat @RNLI I’m sure you’ll understand that each of the #indy stations are passionate about their service. Its frustrating when the @RNLI are referred to or assumed to be the only #lifeboat charity that #SavesLivesAtSea there are 60+ in the UK that #volunteer to save the lives of others.

I always aim to please. Forgot to include @RNLI in one of the thousands of sentences on my website. It’s there now… 😅

Our friend Jack has spent five years making beautiful images of our lifeboat crews on glass plates - and he's still got three years to go before he completes his mission to photograph every single RNLI station! Do check out all the wonderful work he's made so far... https://twitter.com/ProjectLifeboat/status/1200759761567993857

Here’s a question I regularly ponder and it’s one I’m often asked, so I’ve popped my answer on this page: https://lifeboatstationproject.com/faq/

I went to see @ErlandCooper last night, a magical performance that’s really got me reflecting on the Orkney leg of my journey back in 2016 — all the incredible sights, sounds and wonderful people I met during my stay before heading even further north to Shetland... 💭

We just needed one more portrait with the appropriately-named Cameraman jacket to complete the @NigelCabourn Journal article. Gawd, it’s a beautiful item, all cosy with Harris Tweed. They’re going to have to arm wrestle me to get it back, though! 😅 https://www.cabourn.com/journal/jack-lowe-and-the-lifeboats-closing-the-loop-on-history/

I tidied up the navigation in the print section too. Seeing it with fresh eyes, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be simpler and better to have an ‘England’ page to sit alongside the others?” Turns out that, yes, it would! So, all hail the brand new England page: https://lifeboatstationproject.com/buy-prints/

It took 7 weeks but yesterday I finally finished digitising the 57 glass plates I made in NI and Scotland during September. The last plate was the one on the left, one of the two @RNLI_Stranraer boathouse views. See all the work made over the last 5 years: http://lifeboatstationproject.com

Black Friday isn’t a feature of The LSP but if you’d like a limited edition print in time for “you know what”, now’s the time to place your order. Here’s the link: https://lifeboatstationproject.com/buy-prints/

Photograph by Antony Crolla, patron and print collector, of his framed Forth Bridge print.

All-weather lifeboat ‘Ivan Ellen’ has also launched on @RNLI service and has joined the ILB in Mount’s Bay #alwaysoncall

Sadly earlier this week we lost a long serving member of our lifeboat station with the news of the passing of Derek Halls aged 90. Derek was a part of a life-boating family that have served on the station since its formation, of which the tradition that is continued today with

Use a fraction of your Black Friday savings to support the journey that’s uniting people and lighting up the coastline! 😇😉 https://www.patreon.com/jacklowe

Precious cargo: the freshly-made view from @RNLIPortpatrick, one of the photographs I’ve just published on the site and all part of the story about my journey in the @NigelCabourn Journal: https://www.cabourn.com/journal/jack-lowe-and-the-lifeboats-closing-the-loop-on-history/

Photograph by @benoliel

@ProjectLifeboat @NigelCabourn You got to photograph ‘Fat Bob’ or Robert! A hero of mine. This photo is from a very memorable shout that I was on with Robert in command @TobermoryRNLI .The photo was from the casualty fishing boat. We were out for 11 hours and covered 95 miles. Top bloke and a great Coxswain!