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Huma Qureshi


Huma Qureshi is an award-winning writer and journalist, author of In Spite of Oceans (2014) and contributor to The Best Most Awful Job: Twenty Writers Talk Honestly About Motherhood (2019). Her next book, How We Met: A Memoir of Love and Other Misadventures will be published in January, 2021. A former Guardian reporter, she has also written for The Times, The Independent and The Observer, as well as magazines including Grazia, New Statesman, Psychologies, gal-dem and The Huffington Post. She is a regular contributor to BBC2’s Pause for Thought and has appeared as a contributor on BBC Woman’s Hour, BBC London, BBC Breakfast and the BBC Asian Network.

In fiction, Huma’s short stories have received prize recognition. The Jam Maker won the 2020 Harper’s Bazaar Short Story Prize and The Wishes came second in the 2019 Benedict Kiely Short Story Award.  Things We Do Not Tell The People We Love was also shortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary Prize, 2020. She is now writing her first novel.




How We Met: A Memoir of Love and Other Misadventures @@huma_qureshi_uk

A rare return to Twitter to share a little something very special to me:

This is so important for the publishing industry to openly acknowledge. While there is a lot of talk about acquiring more stories by PoC, there needs to be an emphasis on publishing us WELL; ie with marketing that gives our books a chance, whatever the initial advance

Publication Day! Today, I'm officially a published author. So many feeling about this day!

It’s paperback publication day for my debut novel ‘Out of Touch’, a story about family estrangement & reconnection. I took a few copies out while the sun was shining, & they look very much at home in the park 🌳 (1/4)

Happy paperback publication day to @HalehAgar for Out of Touch! An exquisite novel which I just loved. 🧡

So proud of @SaimaMir on the day we have all been waiting for: happy publication day for The Khan as Jia and co enter the world 🙌

Watching that scene in Ladybird where she goes to view houses with her mum just to cheer herself up ♥️

The first review which mentions my kids. They’ll be pleased with this! ‘One factor that captured my heart completely was the author’s three sons who are smart, witty and just adorable.’

🌟Book Review🌟

How We Met by ⁦@huma_qureshi_uk⁩


I can’t tell if I feel like I’m swimming underwater, gliding or just drowning #amwriting

Well, aren't this pair made for each other?

"A sweet, touching memoir about family, faith and love... You'll be rooting for not just Huma, but for everyone she loves too.' Pandora Sykes

#HowWeMet by @huma_qureshi_uk 📙

Thank you, @PINsykes!

Read a sample of
How We Met on my kindle and now can’t workout if I should get it immediately or buy the physical copy on next day delivery. It is so great so far 😌

A little awestruck. A huge thank you to @PINsykes for sharing How We Met on her reading recommendations for Sonder & Tell. Pandora calls it “A gorgeous love story” which just has me starry eyed to be honest. #HowWeMet

Chewed my cousins ear off so much about this she literally ordered it for me so I would shut up problem solved @huma_qureshi_uk

Our living room has been turned into a set from Floor is Lava. How/when does this end

Short writing break. Someone once told me the key to writing my novel - having been so invested in short stories - is to write slowly. Not get carried away. So that I make sure I’m in it for the long haul. So that’s my justification for writing three paragraphs in two hours.

Reading about @djdaisyjohnson’s writing process in @Mslexia felt eerily reassuring and familiar - “nothing should be safe.” As I transition from memoir to short story collection to novel & finding my own process, I *feel* all of what she says.

Well worth a read! ⬇️

Cat does a really brilliant newsletter called The Freelance Parent and it was lovely to be interviewed for it. You can subscribe here ⬇️

I started this week fraught and anxious about my novel in progress. I’m ending it with the sun out + a call from @oliviacbays to say that How We Met is going into second edition, in less than a month since publication date. Oh and my 5-year-old finally learnt to pedal his bike🧡