Helena Nicklin

Helena Nicklin


Helena Nicklin is an experienced wine and spirits writer, author, consultant, competition judge, podcaster and broadcaster with her own returning, global, drinks travelogue TV series on Amazon Prime.

Helena specialises in communicating with exploring wine and spirits consumers, translating the geek speak into accessible, memorable, bite-size chunks. You can read her features and columns in a range of publications from The Sun to Luxurious Magazine and see and hear her in action on her popular podcast ‘Bring a Bottle’, in her regular drinks slot on talkTV and on Amazon Prime and various, international airline entertainment systems as one of ‘The Three Drinkers’. Helena’s work on Amazon Prime’s ‘The Three Drinkers’ saw her win the award for Best Contribution to Wine & Spirits Tourism 2022.

A big believer in imagery and storytelling being much more effective for education than dry facts, much of Helena’s work has a multi-sensory approach, focussing on painting visual, mental pictures of key wine styles to help her audience remember what they are learning. It is this approach that leads the narrative style of her first novel, Little Silver Well; a coming-of-age tale and a double love story about the power of aroma and flavour to stir emotions and awaken memories.

Listed as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Drinks 2022, Helena is available as a wine and spirits expert for written publications, podcasts, TV and Radio. Helena can be found on Social Media as @HelenaSips