Helen Whitaker

Helen Whitaker

Helen Whitaker is the author of I GIVE IT A YEAR (2021) and THE SCHOOL RUN (2019). She is a magazine editor and journalist who was formerly Entertainment Director of Glamour (for which she once appeared on Radio 4 to discuss a celebrity poll titled ‘Beard or no beard?’) and has been published in The Telegraph, Grazia, Fabulous, Woman and Home and YOU magazine, as well as writing a regular parenting column for sheerluxe.com. Currently Editor of British Airways’ High Life magazine – which involves much more sending of other people to exotic destinations than going to exotic destinations herself – she lives in London with her family. I Give it a Year was a ‘Book to Watch for 2021’ in Grazia and reviewed in Prima, Heat, Womans Weekly, The Mirror and The Express.

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Helen Whitaker @helbobwhitaker

My first book page for Grazia, featuring my picks for May: hot debuts, blistering non-fic, literary romance and smart speculative fiction. Hard work of the best kind to narrow it down to six!

South Yorkshire-ites, is this you?

Can someone please do a piece on the style on this season's My Brilliant Friend (@harrywalker1)? Because the 70s fashion in eps 5&6 is great! Elena's silk blouse of social mobility definitely rivals Sucession's Shiv's looks, and is she about to bring Deirdre Barlow specs back?!

Wrote about books to take you around the world for this month's The Club 'zine. I defy anyone to read Theatre for Dreamers and not immediately want to go to Hydra.

Cosy crime fans! My old Glamour mucker @MarkEccleston1 has written a book and it's a mere 99p on Kindle at the moment. Featuring the National Trust, sleuthing, and mark's excellent writing - I'm going in!

It's been an 'ordered 5kg of bananas rather than 5 bananas' sort of week, no? Or is that just me?

Son just told me his new year's resolution is to 'go to the Lego shop and buy some lego' (which we have already done and spent his Christmas money). This is the sort of attainable goal and completive energy we should all be carrying into 2022.

IGIAY starts on New Year's Eve so there's time to but or download and start reading along (I very much hope your own NYE is better than Iris's at the beginning of the book)

Christmas holiday reading pt1 🎄 Thank you @vintagebooks

My dear and talented friend Kat is editing a book with Unbound, telling the stories of people who have been affected by infertility, baby loss and almost motherhood. I think it will be a great help to anyone who finds themselves in this heartbreaking situation. Details below ⬇️

Got to love a one star review of your book where the reviewer is (angrily) reviewing cheating as a concept and/or being cheated on. (Yes there is cheating in I Give it a Year - that's the whole hook for the unfolding story!)


I Give it a Year starts on New Year's Eve so if you get it for Christmas (or for someone else) you/they can start reading along on NYE. Meanwhile, The School Run is a comedy for those submitting their school place apps RN.

Checking out the max amount of books from the library each week is one of my favourite memories of my mum. She would have loved seeing my @PLR_UK statement today, showing how many times people had borrowed I Give it a Year and The School Run this year. Thank you lovely readers.

PSA for people who live in or around Walthamstow - keep December 4th free. East 17 are performing local and national anthem Stay Another Day outside the town hall 🥔😊

Tis the season to start Christmas shopping! An early festive reminder that one (or both!) of my books make great Christmas presents (pair them with chocolate Santas for max effect) 🎅📚

They'd be better off turning this into a TV series, concentrating on the victims and the journalists who fought for the victims to be heard, rather than making one about Savile himself. MacKean sounds like a formidable woman.

Karen wrote this piece for High Life and it has been selected as part of this brilliant looking travel writing anthology out next year. Great cover too 👌

Last day of 99p for this guy. Get it before it goes (back up in price)

A mere three days left to get this bad boy for 99p on kindle (also thank you to all the lovely reviewers!) ❤️📚
Link for ease here ⬇️

The charity my husband works for engages young people with politics so they can learn about why they are vital to the political process and democracy. They facilitate surgeries with politicians in school. If you want to find out more, read on ⬇️