Helen Slavin

Helen Slavin


Helen has been a professional writer for fifteen years. She started out on Radio Four with more than ten Short Stories and two radio plays A Knotted String and Woody Strode and Touchwood, Tinderbox. She broke into mainstream tv fare in seasons Seven and Eight of the ITV drama  Boon with Michael Elphick and Neil Morrissey. Helen has broadcast episodes of: EastEnders (BBC), Holby City (BBC), Down to Earth (BBC/Whistling Gypsy), Heartbeat (Yorkshire), Staying Alive (London Weekend), El Cid (Granada), House of Eliott (BBC), Boon (Carlton). Helen was responsible for four of the six episodes in season one of the BBC Sunday night drama Down to Earth starring Warren Clarke and Pauline Quirke, the other two being written by series deviser Ashley Pharaoh. Her short film The Fishmonger’s Daughter directed by Caroline Sax was selected for Sundance and won awards at several American Film Festivals.  It was also selected for the London Film Festival. Her current feature length film work includes magical-realist drama Eye of the Storm with director Caroline Sax at Friday Night Films along with psychological thriller Hypnos and the sci-fi thriller Methodology with Cariad Pictures. Her current radio work includes the six-part comedy drama series A Lick and a Promise. Her first novel The Extra Large Medium was chosen as the winner in the Long Barn Books competition run by Susan Hill and is published by Simon & Schuster.


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His head was wrapped in a rabbit net, as if it was protecting his hairdo. Pinned to his chest was a note that said, STAY OUT OF HAVOC. Written in red-marker – though Anthony moaned it was his blood.
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On #FairytaleTuesday it's best to pay proper respect to those swans on the canal. You never know who they might be. #enchanted #bewitched

On #FairytaleTuesday, got the urge to bake a gingerbread man? Don't forget to lock the door so he can't run out.

On #FolkloreThursday have an open heart not a closed circle. Leave iron for the earth. Bring breath and tears. #pagan

On #FairyTaleTuesday it's time to polish your glass slippers for the ball tonight. A pumpkin coach is a sustainable means of transport. #Cinderella #shallgototheball

On #FairyTaleTuesday it might be time to get into the garden and sort out that turnip. Heave ho me hearties. Take a JCB.

You know it is #FairyTaleTuesday when you go to the rescue centre to buy a dog and he says 'Thank you most kindly' on the bus home.

On #FairyTaleTuesday have porridge for breakfast. #Cooklittlepotcook is the recipe.

On #FolkloreThursday stir porridge deosil to ensure creaminess. #pagan #readybrek

On #FairyTaleTuesday probably best to not put your red shoes on. Stick to your Seven League Boots. #steppingout #fairies #pixies #danceathon

On #FairyTaleTuesday the most Googled boys names are: Rumpelstiltskin and TomTitTot. #spinflax #intogold

On #FairyTaleTuesday help a witch by putting mud in her sieve so she can fetch water from the magical well. #DIY #magichints #practicalmagic

On #FairytaleTuesday put out a bowl of cream for the piskies and pixies and brownies (geography dependent) and hope the cat doesn't get it first. #talkingcat #familiar #meow

On #FolkloreThursday watch out for the trolls as you trip trap over the bridge. #trolls #norse

Preferred method of travel on any given #FolkloreThursday? Eschew the train. Choose horse or broom.

On any #FolkloreThursday stroll remember that a black feather says you are on the right track, a white feather tells you your angel is around. A phoenix feather means you might want to watch your eyebrows.

When you are in the supermarket and you are being pixie led on your quest for the mushrooms, don't panic, it must be #FolkloreThursday

My piano teacher once asked me what colour do you see and played a note. I had not clue. Admitted I saw none.This one is red! she said, This is blue! getting angrier and angrier. I had not heard of synaesthesia at the time. Now I would understand and think, what a gift.

The other advantage of the tower was that she could map the land from up here, she could practise her magic and no one, not princes or wizards, could interfere. #amwritingfantasy

The trolls were slow. Today it was going to be the big, bad wolf who ate royally. She turned and checked the lock. That was the advantage of the tower. It was locked. The trolls, the wolves, the mages, they couldn't get in. #amwriting #amwritingfantasy