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Helen Slavin


Helen has been a professional writer for fifteen years. She started out on Radio Four with more than ten Short Stories and two radio plays A Knotted String and Woody Strode and Touchwood, Tinderbox. She broke into mainstream tv fare in seasons Seven and Eight of the ITV drama  Boon with Michael Elphick and Neil Morrissey. Helen has broadcast episodes of: EastEnders (BBC), Holby City (BBC), Down to Earth (BBC/Whistling Gypsy), Heartbeat (Yorkshire), Staying Alive (London Weekend), El Cid (Granada), House of Eliott (BBC), Boon (Carlton). Helen was responsible for four of the six episodes in season one of the BBC Sunday night drama Down to Earth starring Warren Clarke and Pauline Quirke, the other two being written by series deviser Ashley Pharaoh. Her short film The Fishmonger’s Daughter directed by Caroline Sax was selected for Sundance and won awards at several American Film Festivals.  It was also selected for the London Film Festival. Her current feature length film work includes magical-realist drama Eye of the Storm with director Caroline Sax at Friday Night Films along with psychological thriller Hypnos and the sci-fi thriller Methodology with Cariad Pictures. Her current radio work includes the six-part comedy drama series A Lick and a Promise. Her first novel The Extra Large Medium was chosen as the winner in the Long Barn Books competition run by Susan Hill and is published by Simon & Schuster.

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In the penultimate novel in their saga, the Way sisters learn the past may have more secrets than they thought.

Crow Heart – the fourth title in the Witch Ways series by @HelenSlavinBook – is OUT NOW in eBook and Paperback!

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She turned, the water scurrying over her feet, and saw above her a winking trail of lights.
#CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #pagan #witchy #goodreads

It was a mad crush of branches and thorns that looked like whitewash bramble, the boughs chalked white.
#CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #pagan #goodreads #takethewindingpath

She felt panic like a little moth inside her, too close to the light.
#CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #pagan #goodreads

It was a mad crush of branches and thorns that looked like whitewash bramble, the boughs chalked white.
#CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #witchy #goodreads #takethewinding path

His head was wrapped in a rabbit net, as if it was protecting his hairdo. Pinned to his chest was a note that said, STAY OUT OF HAVOC. Written in red-marker – though Anthony moaned it was his blood.
#CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #pagan #goodreads #witchcraft

Emz had taken the skill of vanishing to another level. She had not retreated into a shadow. No one saw her move from the corner of their eye. She was not peripheral or ephemeral. She was just gone. Vanished. In the blink of an eye. #CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #pagan #goodreads

She took the small deck of cards out of her pocket. The foxed corners felt like an animal’s pelt.
#CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #pagan #goodreads

Aurora was not afraid of the dark, she felt the dark might be afraid of her. Who could blame it? Let’s face it. She was afraid of her.
#CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #pagan #goodreads #escapetoHavocWood

“Get out of Havoc.” Charlie leaned down, “Get out of Havoc Wood. Get out now.”
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Anyone stepping into the perimeter of Havoc Wood ought to find the hairs on the back of their neck standing to attention. #CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #pagan

November frosted over, dragging its cold feet into December, which in turn had rolled storm clouds into January. There, snow had gathered at the edges of February and, here and now, shoots and buds were daring to show a little green, hinting at March. #CrowHeart #TheWitchWays

The girl spoke, but her voice was a whisper
like the wind, catching in the air, and the words whisked off
before the ear could hear them.
#CrowHeart #TheWitchWays #HavocWood #Witch #Pagan

Lichen, a vivid ochre splash, a patchwork of forest green moss, the stone was stone. Emptied.
#CrowHeart #pagan #TheWitchWays #goodread

She moved through Cob Cottage in the dark, just a hint of starlight to guide her. #pagan #witchways #CrowHeart

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