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“Caustic and energetic with echoes of Ellroy” Guardian.

“Angel on speed” Q

Hanna Jameson was shortlisted for the CWA John Creasey Dagger Award 2013 for her debut novel Something You Are, published by Head of Zeus in 2012, and by Suhrkamp in Germany and Luitingh -Sijthoff in the Netherlands.

Girl Seven, the second novel in the London Underground series, was published in April 2014 by Head of Zeus and a third Road Kill, was published in 2016, all to critical acclaim.

Hanna’s latest book, The Last, is a high-concept thriller set in a remote hotel and will be published by Viking in the UK and Atria in the US, in Spring 2019.

Hanna Nina Jameson @Hanna_Jameson

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I need to write this promo feature and so far I've got a blank document open and all that's on it is the statement of intent: "Some shit about Steinbeck"

I was just eating tacos next to a stranger who was also eating tacos, and we finished our tacos at the same time, at which point he turned to me and said wistfully “the purest pleasures never last long enough” and now I will be thinking about this taco mood all day

Patricia Okoumou was sentenced to FIVE YEARS probation for protesting Trump’s child separation.

That means she can be jailed immediately for a similar protest. Despite this, she told reporters she plans to continue speaking out any way she can.

A hero. https://t.co/OFpLv6ei8X

Reminder that other parts of the world - the countries we’re determined to ignore and exploit - don’t have 10 years to address climate change. Destruction is here now. https://t.co/aNDqn8OMhF

Well I for one would be very interested to see the ethnic/racial breakdown and political leaning of whatever list they're working from here

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I made this meme of what Beto will look like in the Dem debates because why the hell not

And by the way if asking for consent “ruins the mood” it’s because you were the only one in the fucking mood. Literally.

A whole article on our imminent water shortage with the finger pointed at consumer behaviour and not a word about fracking or wasteful industries. https://t.co/M74cE0sRbm

Except the only way to successfully avoid being "too much" for most men is to be literally nothing and ask for nothing, anything else is "too much" or "too intense" for them tbh so no thanks

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Being out of London is so good for my skin and sleep

This is such a good piece on a show I really enjoyed.

"I was so struck by Sex Education because it, like Cannon’s anecdote, treats sex as a learned skill... both logistical (how do you figure out how to make your body fit with, on, or in someone else’s body?) and emotional"

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Do you remember when this was 1? Then 2? Last year I shared when it got to 4.

And now it’s 6.



If anyone has ever wanted to see me do an 'unboxing my book' video, my sister and I just tried to film one for @AtriaMysteryBus @AtriaBooks and came to the conclusion we don't do cool very well in this family. Anyway, THE LAST is out in the U.S. 04/09 and it's bloody nice!

#TheLast comes out in just a few weeks—and we can't wait! Learn more about this gripping #mystery here: https://t.co/eYQbAbyirv

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MIT researchers found that "in companies that explicitly held meritocracy as a core value, managers assigned greater rewards to male employees over female employees with identical performance evaluations"

“Refreshing, unique, disturbing, haunting, and seriously absorbing.”—@BeritnBooks on THE LAST by @Hanna_Jameson (coming April 9) https://t.co/qjoqa1v5s4