Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke is the CEO and Founder of Qubit, the leading provider of ecommerce personalization technology. Qubit’s technology is used by the world’s most popular brands such as LVMH Group, Estée Lauder Group, Emirates and Ladbrokes Coral, enhancing the experience for almost 1 billion consumers every month.

A passionate technologist and entrepreneur, Graham’s interest in the web began at an early age. Prior to founding Qubit in 2010, he had a five-year stint at Google, working on products like Google Analytics and AdWords. Today Graham is focused on Qubit enabling companies to develop the most intelligent understanding of their online visitors. Once that deep understanding has been established, Qubit can then precisely match that visitor with the widest range of personalization experiences, and influence behaviour at scale to significantly drive revenue growth.


Graham Cooke @thegrahamcooke

From one @qubit to @GoogleAI 54 qubits, many congratulations on achieving this milestone in computing

World Mental Health day was yesterday. I shared a story with the Qubit team about how I was faced with terrible anxiety and overcame it. Wanted to share my story in case others are going through something similar.

By building a data collection pipeline using #serverless architecture on GCP, @qubit was able to create a personalized customer experience →

Looking forward to hosting @SaaStock Local 2nite. An evening w/ Google Cloud & special guest @thegrahamcooke cc: @GoogleCloud_UKI


Super excited to be speaking tonight at SaaStock London at Google HQ. Event sold out! Look forward to meeting you if you're going. @qubit @SaaStock

See how @qubit built a data collection pipeline using serverless architecture on @googlecloud, halving engineering operational costs →

40th anniversary of the Walkman. I deeply cherished many of these devices!

.@qubit General Counsel Jack Carvel shares lessons learned from the GDPR after one year, and tips for how to best prepare for the CCPA:

Congratulations to Katie Bouman to whom we owe the first photograph of a black hole ever. Not seeing her name circulate nearly enough in the press.

Amazing work. And here’s to more women in science (getting their credit and being remembered in history) 💥🔥☄️

Astounding that media STILL reporting that 44% of Brits prefer a #NoDealBrexit when that was the “EXTREME scenario” option! In fact only 26% picked it, as against 37% who want a 2nd Ref & to REMAIN IN THE EU! Even in the extreme scenarios, 42% still preferred to remain! YouGov:

UK gaming market is worth a record £5.7bn. This is a SERVICE INDUSTRY economy. But the Brexit-obsessed government bangs on about fishing...

Here we go again @UKLabour @BarryGardiner selling out on his party’s policy to support @peoplesvote_uk As ever he’s all too willing to help facilitate #Brexit. @TheIndGroup believe the only way out of #BrexitChaos is #PutItToThePeople with #Remain on the ballot paper

Not one single mention of @UKLabour conference policy of pursuing the option of a #PeoplesVote in Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the PM - its nowhere to be seen in spite of the fact it has scored the highest no. of votes through two indicative vote sessions in Parliament.Says it all


This is disgraceful. Solidarity with @Channel4News

Hey @KarenPBuckMP 🙋 I'm your constituent and thank you for backing a final say on any Brexit deal @BestForBritain #FinalSay #HeyMP

We're excited to be hosting our first Qtalks speaker of 2019 - none other than @brucedaisley, VP of @Twitter & creator of @EatSleepWkRpt #podcast 🎧 Want to know more about Qtalks? Read in our blog:

I have learned more from Twitter, YouTube and Reddit than I did in school.

I’m just a student of the internet.

If you’re looking for any millennials, look no further than a blossoming cherry tree in front of an iPhone.