Francis Cottam

Francis Cottam


F.G. Cottam Wrote four literary novels as Francis before adopting the pen name as author of paranormally themed thrillers which include The Waiting Room and most recently, The Lucifer Chord. Paranormal debut The House of Lost Souls won The Dracula Society’s Children of the Night award and has been translated into 16 languages.

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Much to my distress, bright daughter gave up on her formal education thinking the exam system arbitrary and unfair. But now she's landed herself a job! At 17. Testament to her character. That girl will thrive.

Boris Johnson's most ardent supporters know full-well he's a serial liar. They don't care. It's the the most dismal detail at the heart of our supposedly principled democracy imaginable. They don't care. 'He's a winner.'

Can't say I wasn't warned about this particular side-effect of the barium swallow. But bloody hell.

Jeremy Vine trending. Can't be bothered to look, just assume he's fallen off his bike again.

Quite entertained by Enid Blyton's Famous Five books as a child. Thought, 'You're a brick,' quite a strange compliment. But vicariously enjoyed lashings of ginger beer.

30p Lee questioning the value of the Union to England. Let's take the Scots alone. Engineering, medicine, map-making , huge courage and belligerence in two world wars. The man is a complete idiot.

Would prefer to end a sad day on a happy note. So here's one of my brother's paintings. Pretty sure that's his son, Joseph. A lovely lad, so there you go.

Words are my currency and they can be facile. But my mum brought five of us up on her own with no money and we all achieved university degrees, entirely down to her strength and determination. So thanks, mum, RIP. Love you x

@fgcottam It was the first book of yours I read. Bought for me as a Christmas present.
And it stands higher than all the rest of your books so I suspect it might be a book club edition. If there was such a thing.

Today's book choice is The Fourth Haunting by @fgcottam
#AmReading 📚

Reminded yesterday that before they became completely naff, Hall & Oates were very good. Today's earworm Back Together Again, their celebratory song about Bowie coming off drugs.

Not a political point, but why does Rishi Sunak gesticulate like a Thunderbirds puppet circa 1968? Was he coached to do it? The nation should be told.

My least successful novel, in terms of sales. I blame the cover. Because obviously, it can't possibly be my fault.

Hope Sam Neill is okay. A wonderful actor and his lockdown bulletins were so fantastically life-affirming. He attempted to cheer up the world. And where I was concerned at least, he succeeded.

Covid vaccines. I had two. They didn't noticably turn me into a zombie. I mean, wouldn't somebody have said something? I've a large extended family. Maybe they're just keeping it from me out of politeness.

My mum's family from Moyne in Tipperary. Have never been and will never likely go. But will raise a glass of Guinness tonight to proud ancestry.

Gave a child celebrating his 2nd birthday a miniature Milky Way yesterday who took an exploratory nibble and then shovelled the whole thing into his mouth. He survived the experience, but feel free to report me.

Time Waits For No One (written on the eve of Jagger's 30th birthday) my favourite Stones song. Mick Taylor's guitar very redolent of Carlos Santana, but still utterly brilliant.

From little acorns. Wrote longhand only one evening a week in the Boaters Inn, Kingston, after leaving my son at Sea Scouts to pick him up after. A page from my novel Dark Echo, along with an authentic beer stain.

Thank you!