Francis Cottam

Francis Cottam


F.G. Cottam Wrote four literary novels as Francis before adopting the pen name as author of paranormally themed thrillers which include The Waiting Room and most recently, The Lucifer Chord. Paranormal debut The House of Lost Souls won The Dracula Society’s Children of the Night award and has been translated into 16 languages.

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All those moments will be lost, like tiers in rain. With sincere apologies to Blade Runner.

My first interview subject was Ginger McCain, who trained Red Rum, twice a Grand National winner, on Southport Beach. Not a bad start given I was 15 years old. We did the interview in his office at his stables. He was really friendly.

Love is a Battlefield played on the radio this morning took me back to a Corfu bar in the summer of 1983, listening to the song while watching the video on MTV. Can't think of anything that evokes the past as powerfully as music does.

Making it up as you go along. All the while insisting, 'I'm in charge.' It's what toddlers do, not governments.

Ten past six in the morning. Why am I even up? It's the curse of the paper round carried out at 14 in Birkdale and Hillside on that quarter ton order bike with the tiny chain ring. Blighted with a lifetime of waking early ever since.

Tiers are not enough. Martin Fry of ABC was basically 38 years ahead of his time.

North Lambeth pubs lost and greatly lamented. The Spanish Patriot. The Pillars of Hercules. Loved both. RIP.

Beloved son sends Ebay link to favourite model of car for sale. Fiat Coupe Turbo with Pininfarina designed interior. Obviously a Christmas present for his impoverished dad. And that's an aerial pig outside, currently looping the loop.

Celebrated in the Two Eagles when my first novel was accepted for publication in 1986. Prematurely, because without explanation, the offer was withdrawn. The manuscript has languished in a holdall ever since.

Yesterday's virtual tour of Lambeth pubs omitted The Two Eagles in Austral Street which sadly closed in the 1990s. Embellished by  original B&W photos of John Wayne shooting a crime thriller locally back in the 1970s.

The English player Diego Maradona most admired was Kevin Keegan. I think that's quite interesting.

The Quick and the Spread #ASongOrMovieForFeasts

The Eat is On #ASongOrMovieForFeasts

Two pre-publication verdicts in on my post-pandemic effort The Fourth Haunting. The second of them from a highly regarded fellow novelist, both very encouraging. Early days, but I'm hopeful about this one. Which you have to be.

People claiming The Crown inaccurate just upset that the vile reality of the Royal Family was such that they made Margaret Thatcher appear sympathetic. That's quite something, Isn't it?

Cocaine, Havana cigars, oceans of red wine. And that's after the diet pills he took to try to stay in shape as a footballer. A miracle World Cup cheat Diego Maradona stumbled, slurred and chivvied his way to 60. What a waste of talent.

Honourable mentions, while we're in Lambeth, to The Windmill, the White Bear and the Black Prince,. Some of these pubs have featured in my novels. Write about what you know (sometimes). And sometimes, what you don't.

My recent pub dream excluded two South London favourites. The Prince of Wales in Cleaver Square and the Pineapple in Hercules Road where I used to live. The road, not the pub. Though I did spend a fair bit of time in there.

Snag in meeting daughter's request to read The Waiting Room  is that I sign and give away my author copies. And I'd feel stupid buying a book I wrote. Think her big brother owns a hardback. But he'd probably charge her for it.

L'escargot Disco #ASongOrMovieForFrenchCuisine