Francis Cottam

Francis Cottam


F.G. Cottam Wrote four literary novels as Francis before adopting the pen name as author of paranormally themed thrillers which include The Waiting Room and most recently, The Lucifer Chord. Paranormal debut The House of Lost Souls won The Dracula Society’s Children of the Night award and has been translated into 16 languages.

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once upon a time (1945) we elected a Labour Prime Minister warrior hero of the Great War, Clement Atlee, who delivered us the Welfare State and NHS. Our country has shrunk.

Often park close to a Surbiton synagogue near a café on the Thames my kids like. Always a security guard or police presence there. Why? This is England. Or it used to be.

Offered to postpone this morning's run with daughter but she insisted overcoming heat, hay-fever and finally a stitch. Gutsy 14 year-old.

The Goodreads critic reviewing one of my novels after reading 65 pages has now accused me of plagiarising the central character from a book I've never read. Charming.

Come on Tommy Fleetwood. Great golfer, seems like a nice bloke, same accent as me. From Southport, though confusingly named after another Lancs seaside town.

Someone a third of the way through one of my novels has compared me to Jackie Collins on the Goodreads site. Can that be topped? Nope. Might as well retire.

Few drink last night at the White Swan in Richmond with David Rintoul, the esteemed Scots actor who narrates my audiobooks and recorded this last week. Thankfully, he enjoyed it. Delightful man. Knows a LOT about whisky.

You get up early. You see that Love Island is trending. You realise that the world is preoccupied with pouty morons whose definition of science is depilatory cream and think creativity is getting a new tattoo. Back to bed?

It's not every day I complete a novel and then go for a beer with the man who narrates my audiobooks, But the first of those things happened this morning and the second is scheduled for this afternoon. And it's sunny.

'We should watch Jurassic Park on TV tonight.'
'But it's about dinosaurs.'
'Why would I watch that when I live with one?'

@fgcottam Saw this and immediately thought of Dark Echo - one of my favourite books written by you.

Williams (a great champion) had played 12 competitive matches prior to Wimbledon, overweight and on a dodgy knee. McEnroe and co's match prediction utterly biased, completely unrealistic. Audience deserved impartiality.