Francis Cottam

Francis Cottam


F.G. Cottam Wrote four literary novels as Francis before adopting the pen name as author of paranormally themed thrillers which include The Waiting Room and most recently, The Lucifer Chord. Paranormal debut The House of Lost Souls won The Dracula Society’s Children of the Night award and has been translated into 16 languages.

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On this pets vs children debate would only say that when my daughter suffered bouts of debilitating illness - from which she has happily recovered - her cat would be glued to her bed for the duration. A huge, loving comfort.

Thesis writing undergraduate son asks what do I know about Hegel. I'm thinking Norwegian high-end audio brand. He's thinking philosopher, Will have to bone up. Blessedly, your kids keep you young. And hopefully sharp.

Still flying high in the chart. Don't really understand why, since it first appeared in 2010. Having said which, my stories are maybe time-sensitive in a slightly unusual way. #amwriting

Jarrell Miller was fat, undersized and a light puncher a class below AJ before the drug revelation. AJ's matchmakers need to gain a fine champion worthy opposition. They're selling him short, letting a credible fighter down shabbily.

Does Nigel Farage really believe that his dodgy bookie from a pitch at the Derby in 1955 look is politically impressive? Or credible? Still more credible though sartorially than Rees Mogg's ill-fitting suits from the early 1920s.

'Having just finished it cannot think of one memorable moment.' A recent Audible reviewer on The Waiting Room. A compliment, really. You try writing a 100, 000 word novel in which NOTHING happens. It's very tricky.

Something wicked this way comes....

Someone remarked a couple of days ago that they were re-reading one of my novels. Don't think there's a bigger compliment for an author than that.

So Ian McEwan equates science fiction with Dan Dare Pilot of the Future style stories. Not 1984, or Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, or The Handmaid's Tale. Nothing wrong with Dan Dare, but his loss, overall.

One of the obvious benefits of writing long-form fiction is inhabiting other people in other times and locations than your own. I find this a very therapeutic exercise. And it comes free. It's a total bonus #amwriting

Dropped down to #2 in audible horror on the chart, unseated from the top spot by a bloke named Stephen King. Philosophical, really.

Our Head Boy at school was decided by a secret sixth-form ballot. Flattered at the time, but tough in retrospect to peak at the age of 18.