Francis Cottam

Francis Cottam


F.G. Cottam Wrote four literary novels as Francis before adopting the pen name as author of paranormally themed thrillers which include The Waiting Room and most recently, The Lucifer Chord. Paranormal debut The House of Lost Souls won The Dracula Society’s Children of the Night award and has been translated into 16 languages.

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Love Actually. I own that Joni Mitchell CD. Poignant, because her once beautiful voice is shot to shit by the heavy smoking habit she developed from age 9 being treated for polio at a Canadian hospital. Who cares? Me.

Visit to Kingston @waterstones to buy books with and for daughter yesterday. Handsomely refurbished a couple of years ago and featuring a nice cafe. But losing the customer enquiries desk? Hardly an improvement.

Grealish should be on from the Kick-off. Okay, a lockdown idiot, but that's not the criteria. He's skillful, enterprising and brave. He'll either go past his man or win the set-piece foul. Probably too much flair for Southgate's taste.


Normalcy is a word in America only because one of their dumbest presidents (I know, a crowded field) used it and no one had the gumption to tell him the word is normality. Bizarre, but absolutely true.

Alan Shearer the best co-commentator of recent years. Who knew?

Daughter at her most imperious, a couple of years ago, on her birthday. Love this photo. Her late and much lamented cat ,Jinxie, casting her own judgement.

'Unnecessarily crude,' (a Goodreads critic - don't you love them?). No. Necessarily crude, because the Forest of Mourning is a place of enchantment and some of that is sexual. Disapprove, and there's always Hundred Acre Wood.

Matt Hancock in the jungle is without doubt Mike Myers' most underrated role. Didn't know he had it in him.

Doddie Weir. Big man, colossal courage. RIP.

The Moscow show-trials of the 1930s. When senior Soviet figures confessed to crimes they hadn't committed with self-destructive zeal. The same mindset that has sane people voting for Matt Hancock in the jungle.

A Richmond sunset. Extremely privileged to live here.

Aaron Ramsey will play a blinder against us. That's a given. The bloke on the door looking out for shoplifters at my local Waitrose could have picked a better side than Southgate did yesterday. Worse than useless.

Desperate Southgate understood to be contemplating fielding best players for next game.

Pulisic can't buy a goal for Chelsea. England made him look like Marco van Basten. That's tactical genius, that is.

If they'd given the job back in the day to the man who fit the requirements rather than the FA blazer. Imagine just how many World Cups Brian Clough would have won.

Sending him to Canada harsh. On Canada. I've been there and it's lovely. USA get to keep Corden on the basis that though they didn't convert, they definitely had the better chances. And we need consolation.

Phil Foden. Not even complicated. Gareth Southgate the only man in history to need a set of Lego instructions.

David Walliams, James Corden, Eddie Izzard trending. What about a TV reality show in which those three self-obsessed charmers are in a zinc bathtub floating on a shark-infested sea? I'd stay up all night for that.

Keeps immaculate time, but thread worn away on the screw-down winding crown. Will repair, because of the memories since bought in 2005. Only fair. It's recorded many turbulent moments, and deserves to tick on.