Evelyn Hood

Evelyn Hood

Playwright (1936 - 2023)

Evelyn Hood was a Scottish author of over 40 novels, numerous short stories, poems, and pantomimes. A former journalist, Evelyn was best known for her family sagas, many of which are set in her home town of Paisley. Hood wrote under several pen names, such as Eve Houston, Elizabeth A. Webster, Louise James, and Evelyn Steel. During her long, distinguished career as a writer, she also adjudicated annually at competitions and gave book readings, talks and interviews throughout Scotland and England. She enjoyed tutoring aspiring writers and seeing the rewards of their success. Hood also wrote Forward by Degrees, a history commissioned by the University of Paisley (now known as the University of West Scotland) to commemorate the University’s centenary in 1997.

In the 1980s, Hood also wrote seven plays, which are still available today and have been performed by theatre groups all over Europe and as far as New Zealand. For many years, Hood was involved in amaetur dramatics in her hometown in Paisley, and she enjoyed directing musicals and plays.


In association with Pollinger Ltd, PFD represents Evelyn Hood’s plays:

I Never Thought It Would Be Like This
A Wake for Donald
Curses, Foiled Again!
Yin for the Cooncil
Epitaph for a Hard Man
There was an Old Woman