Eric Linklater

Eric Linklater

Author (1899 - 1974)

Eric Linklater (1899–1974) wrote scores of novels for adults and children. He was also a journalist in India, commander of a wartime fortress in the Orkney Islands, and rector of Aberdeen University.


White Maa’s Saga (1929)
Poet’s Pub (1929)
The Men of Ness (1932)
The Crusader’s Key (1933)
The Impregnable Women (1938)
Judas (1939)
A Spell for Old Bones (1949)
The Dark of Summer (1956)
A Sociable Plover and other Stories and Conceits (1957)
A Man Over Forty (1963)
A Terrible Freedom (1966)
The Wind on the Moon (1944)
The Pirates in the Deep Green Sea (1949)

The Devil’s in the News (1929)
Juan in America (1931)
Magnus Merriman (1934)
Ben Jonson and King James: Biography and Portrait (1931)
Ripeness is All (1935)
The Man on My Back (1941)
Private Angelo (1946)
Laxdale Hall (1951)
Figures in a Landscape (1952)
A Year of Space (1953)
The Merry Muse (1959)
The Survival of Scotland (1968)
The Campaign in Italy
The Highland Division
The Northern Garrisons (1941)