Emma Calder

Emma Calder

Emma Calder was born in London. She studied Graphic design at The Royal College of Art. Whilst at the RCA she began making animated films, including the cult 80’s classic Madame Potato. After college she set up a studio producing Graphic design, illustration for magazines and work for pop videos and commercials. She co-founded Pearly Oyster Productions making many successful and award winning animated films and commercials, including The Queen’s Monastery (BBC).  She also collaborated with the author Carolyn Hink on four books for children which she will design and illustrate. The first book Miss Louise Goes to Paris was published by Quercus Books. Her next book Moody Sticker Book was published by Thames and Hudson and Paper Angels was published in October 2010 by Bloomsbury. She lives in Brixton with her partner and two children.

Emma Calder @pearlyoysters

Best thing about lockdown has been, not tripping over the vomit and piss outside the nightclub in the ally by the Squires building almost daily.

Pearly Oyster's 1st film for local Lambeth charity CEF Lyncx, With voice by local lambeth talent Aicha Loubassou. https://youtu.be/09UGMwoJAXo #Stay_On_Top_of_The_Game Virtual Study Support @lambeth_council @BrixtonBlog @stewjeez #animation

Years as your post was so old.

My favourite shop. My community. My green coffee beans, pitta, spices, oils, grains and more and more and smiles.

Me and Ged have just finished a Covid response commercial for a Lambeth charity and about to complete film two. If you need more material.

Elroy Simmons my Ex student from early 1990’s has worked an a commercial animator, creator and teacher. Mike Smith 1980’s to present , Len Lewis (late) working 60-90’s I try and make a full list for you soon!

Thanks to @thesundaytimes for making us critics’ choice this week. See The Animated World of Halas and Batchelor on @SkyArts tomorrow at 9pm.

Hey animation is on the up pick of the day!

Halas & Bachelor doc. On this Monday. Reflections by me in my shed again @pearlyoysters and the greats: @PeteLordAardman @stewjeez @chris__shepherd @vivienhalas and directed by Richard @UnityHouseHQ ://www.sky.com/watch/title/programme/67c5c854-9529-4a6c-92df-8e7b9439ddd1

Worth a watch, such great design and skill by H&B.

As I walked past the site yesterday morning, I looked up at the blue sky above our market and remembered this with dread. Think again @lambeth_council and come on councillors reply to his letter.

Making animation in my shed is helping me survive lock-down. I’m so lucky. Great program too.

Looking back this really is a completely extraordinary watch. @BBCQuestionTime infront of a live studio audience on the 12th March?! @Johnrashton47 – the only public health expert on the panel – everything he said has come true. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000g781/question-time-2020-12032020

Hey shit I forgot it was on! Going to get my laptop

Hey @KateJessopfilm are you interested? Just saw this and thought of you.

I think we made it in 1993!

⁦@joannaq⁩ Know your Europeans for John Hales. ⁦@stewjeez⁩ https://vimeo.com/230422673