Emma Calder

Emma Calder

Emma Calder was born in London. She studied Graphic design at The Royal College of Art. Whilst at the RCA she began making animated films, including the cult 80’s classic Madame Potato. After college she set up a studio producing Graphic design, illustration for magazines and work for pop videos and commercials. She co-founded Pearly Oyster Productions making many successful and award winning animated films and commercials, including The Queen’s Monastery (BBC).  She also collaborated with the author Carolyn Hink on four books for children which she will design and illustrate. The first book Miss Louise Goes to Paris was published by Quercus Books. Her next book Moody Sticker Book was published by Thames and Hudson and Paper Angels was published in October 2010 by Bloomsbury. She lives in Brixton with her partner and two children.

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On our way home from the fab @annecyfestival delighted to see ‘The Debutante’ features in @Variety’s 10 Shorts Not To Miss - “Total animation, made with wit and irony,” said #AnnecyFestival Artistic Director Marcel Jean

#thedebutantefilm @BFI #nationallottery https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1538479833797255174

Great to get 2 @bfi films meantioned in this. @AnimateProjects @phoebe__kate_ https://variety.com/2022/film/global/annecy-shorts-not-miss-2022-1235298219/ #AnnecyFestival @annecyfestival

We're excited to announce that 15 animation projects have been awarded over £1million by the @BFI Short Form Animation Fund, also partnering with @StoryFuturesA to champion immersive storytelling https://theb.fi/3tyhxUA


This development proposal is like a polluted tidal wave and would destroy the existing community. Over-scale and inappropriate. @HistoricEngland #Brixtonsociety @brixtonrecuserg

It’s the world premiere of my new animation “Beware of Trains” in 2 weeks’. I’ll be featuring members of my team this week and next: The music was arranged and directed by John Webb and jointly composed by Oliver Cripps and John Webb. @JohnWebbCompose @BFI @phoebe__kate_

Very pleased to be included in this news, by Chris Robinson. https://www.awn.com/animationworld/put-your-shorts-annecy-2022?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook @phoebe__kate_ @BFI @AnimateProjects @OIAF_Animation @ANIMATIONWorld

It’s the world premiere of my new animation “Beware of Trains” in 2 weeks’. I’ll be featuring members of my team all this week and next: Sofia Negri: Beware of Trains Animator. @Animafest_Zg @BFI_Industry @annecyfestival @BFI @phoebe__kate_ @British_Film

It’s the world premiere of my new animation “Beware of Trains” in 2 weeks’. I’ll be featuring members of my team this week and next: Julian Cripps: BOT D.O.P, layout artist and BG design. @Animafest_Zg @BFI_Industry @annecyfestival @BFI @phoebe__kate_

In a #LondonAnimationClub exclusive, LAC stalwart Emma Calder will be screening the trailer for her new and unreleased film Beware Of Trains. Join us for our LAC Group Show in person on 9th May. Only four days to go! https://londonanimationclub.com/forthcoming-events
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I spend most of my screen time on BFI player watching amazing films from the archive. I particularly like the free section, with amateur films and old adverts.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx7rxRI6pCk Just finished an amazing Klezmar Workshop with these wonderful musicians and teachers. Yesterday we marched around Bloomsbury to support Ukraine. What energy and we all played everyday 10am-10pm plus!!!

So @google please rank Joanna in #thebestanimatorsintheworld get with it. Not a single woman appears when you search it. #animation #girlpower

Beware of Trains @BFI short animation. Is selected for @Annecy and @Animafest_Zg Short film competitions.
@stewjeez @IJustinJohnson1 @Directors_UK @UKScreenAlln @British_Film #animation #Bewareoftrains @bfiben

Have your say about the future of the Brixton Rec – public meeting on Tues, 15th March, 6pm https://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2022/03/have-your-say-about-the-future-of-the-brixton-rec-public-meeting-on-tues-15th-march-6pm/

This is certainly good news. Today my producer from an animation background noticed a section of our picture had gone 1 frame out. So the training is quite steep and maybe cannot come so easily from live action. But worth a shot. Ha

Another chance to see Secrets of British animation and me in my shed. #animation #shed

If you can, do please help save Brixton Wholefoods https://gofund.me/9cbba462

Brixton Wholefoods smashes through its £20,000 crowdfunder target in under three days https://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2021/10/brixton-wholefoods-smashes-through-its-20000-crowdfunder-target-in-under-three-days/

@pearlyoysters @Victorianplumb @WhichUK @wrobinson101 VP’s Customer service is awful isn’t it. I’ve been let down by them today too!! Nobody trying to resolve, nobody willing to speak to help. They are awful.