Emma Calder

Emma Calder

Emma Calder was born in London. She studied Graphic design at The Royal College of Art. Whilst at the RCA she began making animated films, including the cult 80’s classic Madame Potato. After college she set up a studio producing Graphic design, illustration for magazines and work for pop videos and commercials. She co-founded Pearly Oyster Productions making many successful and award winning animated films and commercials, including The Queen’s Monastery (BBC).  She also collaborated with the author Carolyn Hink on four books for children which she will design and illustrate. The first book Miss Louise Goes to Paris was published by Quercus Books. Her next book Moody Sticker Book was published by Thames and Hudson and Paper Angels was published in October 2010 by Bloomsbury. She lives in Brixton with her partner and two children.

Emma Calder @pearlyoysters

Lambeth dig another deep hole in their reputation. @lambeth_council

Short Form Animation is finally being taken seriously again. Thank you @BFI for funding our short and 14 other UK animators. @Directors_UK @ANIMATIONWorld @AnimateProjects @BBCWomansHour @AnimatedWomenUK

Hurry stop the monster now.

Back to street walking

Hondo Tower threatens Lambeth’s transport policy commitments for a Brixton Overground connection https://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2020/10/hondo-tower-threatens-lambeths-transport-policy-commitments-for-a-brixton-overground-connection/

Brixton’s Hondo Enormo-Tower: where a structural column becomes ‘an interactive fireplace’ and an ‘art piece’ https://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2020/10/brixtons-hondo-enormo-tower-where-a-structural-column-becomes-an-interactive-fireplace-and-an-art-piece/

Stop Hondo Enterprises building a 20-storey tower in the central Brixton heritage area.

Our goal is to reach 500 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Hey if you haven't heard Oli Cripps new track head. https://open.spotify.com/album/7EQ9ZifUapUFlG19NnPdKQ?si=LBawEhMsQzWrGrp_jxmXkw

Oli Cripps and M3’s new single playing live on WNBC London today from 2-3pm,
get a taste before the release tomorrow. http://www.wnbc.london/#listenlive

Brixton MP Helen Hayes urges Lambeth Planning to reject the proposed Hondo Enormo-Tower https://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2020/08/brixton-mp-helen-hayes-urges-lambeth-planning-to-reject-the-proposed-hondo-enormo-tower/

Your chance to object via Teams. I wasn’t even able to get on the planning site it had been so well hidden.

Azad playing a very cool set.

Crystal Palace 2020 Festival 15th-16th August – FULL listing of live streamed events https://www.brixtonbuzz.com/2020/08/crystal-palace-2020-festival-15th-16th-august-full-listing-of-live-streamed-events/

The website shows that there are no slots available at all until September. Please can someone sort this out. Also why there are no concessions?

Best thing about lockdown has been, not tripping over the vomit and piss outside the nightclub in the ally by the Squires building almost daily.

Pearly Oyster's 1st film for local Lambeth charity CEF Lyncx, With voice by local lambeth talent Aicha Loubassou. https://youtu.be/09UGMwoJAXo #Stay_On_Top_of_The_Game Virtual Study Support @lambeth_council @BrixtonBlog @stewjeez #animation

Years as your post was so old.

My favourite shop. My community. My green coffee beans, pitta, spices, oils, grains and more and more and smiles.

Me and Ged have just finished a Covid response commercial for a Lambeth charity and about to complete film two. If you need more material.