E. Latimer

E. Latimer


E. Latimer lives on the West Coast of Canada. Her breakout success on the online writing platform, Wattpad.com, has resulted in a fanbase of nearly 100k followers, with over 20 million combined reads. She also vlogs weekly over on the YA Word Nerds Youtube channel and hosts chats on twitter. A former children’s bookseller, she is focusing on her writing, while still maintaining her Wattpad presence by hosting the Wattpad4 chats, which have featured guests like Lauren DeStefano, Leigh Bardugo, Beth Revis and Victoria Aveyard (among others).

The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray is her debut middle-grade novel, which was published by Penguin Random House in US and Canada in February 2018 in hardback and in paperback in April 2020; it was be followed by another stand-alone, middle-grade novel in August 2021, entitled Escape to Witch City.

Witches of Ash and Ruin is her first YA novel and it is published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers on March 3rd, 2020; the paperback edition followed in February 2021.

E. Latimer is currently writing two more stand-alone YA novels that will be published by Penguin Random House Canada.

E Latimer @ELatimerWrites

How to un-alive a fictional prophet, Part 5 of Project Spoiler, with @maisie_writes

We've compiled some must-read LGBTQIA+ literature to read as Pride month draws to a close and beyond. See books from authors like: @ELatimerWrites @EDonoghueWriter


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Update on SAINT DEATH wip
(art by @csengeart )

"7 Saints.
7 Seals.
7 Weeks to survive."

Sapphic enemies-to-lovers forced to team up in a deadly, ghoul-filled competition. The rules? Find the 7 banishment seals before the clock ends it all, or the monster stalking them does

🏳️‍🌈Queer fantasy🏳️‍🌈

REBELLION / cj listro [okay i had to]

THE FEVER KING / victoria lee

NINTH HOUSE / leigh bardugo


Excited to see Witches on the @BookstrOfficial article 5 Great LGBT Books That Are Based On Mythology!

🏳️‍🌈New Blog Post🏳️‍🌈

I decided to compile my insta post full of LGBTQIA+ book recs that feature Disability rep into a blog post! Just in case some of yall dont use insta or want somewhere easier to find them💛💛


Writing a book on camera, part 2! @maisie_writes and I establish some classic cult rules, talk about character names, and figure out some of the enemies to lovers arc=

I just did my first TikTok book review in this book bc it is that good pls read it https://twitter.com/ELatimerWrites/status/1474064515541061633

The Premier is up! We're writing a book on camera!
Join us as we document the cowriting process, from brainstorming to final draft.

This time we talk seaside cults, void lighthouses and @maisie_writes accidentally draws an R rated map. 😅


Congratulations to everyone on the short lists! It's an absolute honor to be involved. Every one of you is going somewhere, it was incredible to read through such fresh, creative writing.

💜 erin and maisie are pleased to announce they are starting a cult! ahem. i mean. co-writing a book involving a cult. 💜

and they’re doing it all on camera!

I think @maisie_writes and I are both nervous & excited to announce Project Spoiler. The idea of writing a book ON CAMERA. Like, literally from nothing, no idea what we're doing for plot - to the final, polished draft, is sort of huge, and maybe a little crazy. But here we are.


I mean, writing. We've started writing about a seaside cult. Please join us.


Me and @maisie_writes have been plotting A Thing for @WordNerdsVlog and there is ONE DAY left before we get to talk about it and i am SO EXCITE

Please See: Actual documentation of our evil plotting faces below.

**incomprehensible gibbering noises of excitement**

Excited for tonight's @WordNerdsVlog chat, as we're doing a live Q&A! Show up with your burning writing/publishing/book questions and chat with us! #pubtip

For a good representation of anxiety in YA romantic fantasy, try DEATHLESS DIVIDE by @justinaireland. For OCD, try WITCHES OF ASH AND RUIN by @ELatimerWrites. And for grief and depression, we second the recommendation for @tracydeonn's LEGENDBORN!
#AskALibrarian #ShelfServiceLive https://twitter.com/kelseybogan/status/1438536310029963266

the best banter and the best romantic declarations I have ever ever read: @KyraMNelson

atmospheric settings and worlds I am desperate to visit and then leave fast bc spooky: @ELatimerWrites

a swoony romcom I beta-ed and am DESPERATE to read every iteration of: @emmakatebooks https://twitter.com/alyssadegilio/status/1503756658224336897

I'm really enjoying writing "Magical Coroner Falls for Sword Lesbian" (official title?) because the MC is basically a tiny goblin-woman who loathes the sun with every inch of her black heart.

I've risen from my Long Twitter Slumber to bring you this message. If anyone pitches you the idea that, as a writer, you should sell your work as an NFT
RUN. Don't walk.
It's ludicrous at best. Predatory at worst.
Now, I'm going back into hibernation. Stay safe, scribe-friends