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E. Latimer lives on the West Coast of Canada. Her breakout success on the online writing platform, Wattpad.com, has resulted in a fanbase of nearly 100k followers, with over 20 million combined reads. She also vlogs weekly over on the YA Word Nerds Youtube channel and hosts chats on twitter. A former children’s bookseller, she is focusing on her writing, while still maintaining her Wattpad presence by hosting the Wattpad4 chats, which have featured guests like Lauren DeStefano, Leigh Bardugo, Beth Revis and Victoria Aveyard (among others).

The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray is her debut middle-grade novel, which was published by Penguin Random House in US and Canada in February 2018 in hardback and in paperback in April 2020; it was be followed by another stand-alone, middle-grade novel in August 2021, entitled Escape to Witch City.

Witches of Ash and Ruin is her first YA novel and it is published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers on March 3rd, 2020; the paperback edition followed in February 2021.

E. Latimer is currently writing two more stand-alone YA novels that will be published by Penguin Random House Canada.

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I mean, there were so many things wrong with the Wired article. Imagine drifting around OOZING contempt at Sanderson's family and friends, asking weird, barbed questions until you get to some bizarre conclusion "MY GOD, SANDERSON THINKS HE'S GOD" and then hitting publish like

I'm back on twitter literally just for this article because it was UNHINGED. I am just imagining poor Sanderson showing this grown-ass man his home theatre and this guy just breaking down SOBBING because he...hates Hugh Jackman?

HUGE thank you to @TashMcAdam for creating this amazing trailer for The Afterdark, and to @RebeccaSky for being a devious mastermind. I've watched about a kajillion times over.


"The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray" by E. Latimer @ELatimerWrites @penguinrandom

'Lemony Snicket meets Oscar Wilde meets Edgar Allan Poe in this exciting and scary novel inspired by #ThePictureOfDorianGray - a family #curse is unleashed...'

Very cool to see Witches featured here! 🌙🧙‍♀️🧹

HERE IT IS! So excited to share the "chaotic bisexuals vrs murder forest" book with the world!

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The Best Books to put a Little Witch into your Week, from @Shepherd_books

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Not on twitter much and may not reply to DMs/tweets. Feel free to reach out on Insta with questions/comments/recipes for really good bannana bread:

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Happy Monday #NaNoWriMo writers! I'm over sprinting on the Word Nerd channel, please join me! https://youtu.be/_4FUxVkgoFk

idle-lark: Fun lil TLT height hc’s The height difference between Harrow and Gideon. My heart… https://tmblr.co/Z5R1aqcv1DDQOa00

scoobhead: harrowhark nonagesimus is the character of all time. she’s 3'6 and made of soggy pipe cleaners and will hiss at anyone who gets too close to her and yet she is almost universally beloved. palamedes sextus is like this is my best... https://tmblr.co/Z5R1aqcv16wVaa00

📷 bkyngw: In the original draft of Gideon, Harrow doesn’t say ‘Oh, I have hurt your heart,’ she says ‘Oh, I have rustled your jimmies.’ She says that purely because that’s what my brain thrust into my hand and I liked the way it sounded.... https://tmblr.co/Z5R1aqcv15Nwua00

steviereads: I hate seeing negative reviews of GtN saying there wasn’t enough romance. I said “lesbian necromancers in space” not “lesbian necromancers FUCKING in space.” We deserve lesbian space necromancers. We can wait for the romance. https://tmblr.co/Z5R1aqcv14Hbaq00

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