Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams & Megan Kennedy-Woodard

Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams & Megan Kennedy-Woodard


First and foremost, Megan and Patrick believe in the unstoppable power of the human spirit. Their aim is to inspire hope and positive, sustainable action to combat the climate and ecological crisis.

Megan and Patrick are leading experts in the field of climate change-related mental health.  Through their organization, Climate Psychologists, they consult regularly with governments, broadcasters, industry and the education sector. They have recently launched ‘Mind&Planet’, a climate empowerment and wellbeing platform for schools, universities, and businesses.

Their work has been featured in media outlets such as The Guardian, Reuters, BBC, Time Magazine, Vogue, Elle, and The Sunday Times (UK). They have appeared on BBC Radio 4, Radio 5, and the ITV This Morning Show, among others.

Alongside contributing to research articles and book chapters related to the psychology of climate change, Megan and Patrick are co-authors of the recent book ‘Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety‘, published by Hachette/Jessica Kingsley and an upcoming book for young people, ‘You are Unstoppable!’, due out this year.

Patrick is the co-host of the new podcast ‘Living on a Changing Planet