Dr Becky Smethurst

Dr Becky Smethurst

Dr Becky Smethurst is an astrophysicist and science communicator at the University of Oxford. Her first book “Space: 10 Things You Should Know” is an accessible and inspiring read for all those wishing to get up to speed on the biggest ideas in the Universe.

On her successful YouTube channel, ‘Dr Becky’, Becky posts weekly videos about space with a huge amount of enthusiasm combined with expertise. Her relaxed and accessible style of communicating complex topics keeps people engaged and entertained, so that the channel has amassed a subscription base of over 50,000 and growing.

Becky regularly appears on BBC 5 Live, BBC News and Channel 4 News to help communicate the biggest new scientific ideas and results to the public.


Becky Smethurst @drbecky_

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It takes about 8-and-a-half minutes to get to space, and a whole day to parallel park. It’s a beautiful ballet of physics. @nasa @SpaceX

Today is the NEW BIG DAY for @NASA and #SpaceX Dragon

Launch scheduled for 15:22 EDT (20:22 BST) - that means it’ll make it hard to spot in a Europe as the sky will be bright still and low down in the sky

Fun facts about the launch in thread below 👇

Check out @newstalkscience - I’m answering fun questions sent in by listeners!

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Tfw there's a mistake in a graphic you made for a video about your OWN THESIS 🤦🏻‍♀️

I'm blaming mushy lockdown brain on this one. The only thing to do is own up in the comments, explain the mistake and move on...


Huge, game-changing, discovery from Jean-Pierre Macquart and the amazing ASKAP fast radio bursts team! These Aussies are the arch-rivals to our Canadian CHIME team, and damn, they’re tough to compete with! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-28/astronomers-find-universe-missing-matter/12291788


[Fun fact: When I was 11 I was so obsessed with Lord of the Rings I *wrote down* the entire script by hand. It still exists in a yellow binder somewhere in my parent's loft 🤓]


Make that SATURDAY is a big day for NASA.

Launched scrubbed due to that pesky Florida weather ⛈🌊 spacecraft and rocket were all looking good though during checks

🤞 for good weather Saturday

If you want to check if #SpaceX Dragon will be visible from your location then this is a great website - change your location and then click on "Crew Dragon" and it'll tell you what time it will pass over, how high and in which direction


E.g. London: