Dr. Ayan Panja

Dr. Ayan Panja


Dr Ayan Panja followed his family tradition of becoming a doctor and is a GP partner in a NHS practice in St Albans. He is also a writer, a presenter and a health communicator. His passions in medicine are in men’s health, self-care and psychology in medicine.

Ayan began health broadcasting in 2006 when he was the expert presenter on BBC 1’s Street Doctors. More recently, Ayan has featured as a medical expert in Celebrity Quitters (FIVE), Squeamish (Discovery) and Bang Goes the Theory(BBC1).  He also appeared as a GP panellist on Channel 4’s Health Freaks, where traditional home remedies were scientifically analysed by the doctors. He is currently the resident doctor on Health Check on BBC World News, presenting a monthly overview of global health stories.

In 2005, Ayan’s first book was published, An Essential Medical Miscellany which is a collection of amusing medical titbitsAyan has written features for various publications including The Guardian, The Huffington Post and Men’s Health.

Dr Ayan Panja @Dr_Ayan

Boris should revert to doing what he did best - being a clown, some pick-up TV work and writing the odd lacklustre column.

Politics was never going to be the right for him. He’s just not responsible enough. And whatever the antonym of steadfast is…

Always thought Boris was a lot cleverer than Trump but his narcissism, lack of insight and/or delusions of grandeur seem to know no bounds.

Beyond embarrassing.

It’s time to go.

British politics is now basically that person on your neighbourhood Whatsapp that forces you to mute the group forever

This is a massive deal.

Come on @sajidjavid, do the right thing & follow @nadhimzahawi’s lead. NHS nurses can’t pay their fuel bills in claps & lapel pins, can they?

RT if you agree NHS nurses, carers, porters, midwives, paramedics etc deserve 9% too.


When a bullshitting narcissist’s ‘mates’ abandon him.

Who will be next?

What's your favourite bit of rishi's career? Mine is the font he used for a while, which gave his economic announcements the feel of a Jay Sean album launch

Real Case😢
54yr GP partner, 6 sessions working 50s/week
Take home pay 22/23: £45,600
Annual allowance 22/23: £29,000
Net pay after pension tax bill paid: £16,600.
Hrly net pay: £6.38

Outcome: Retiring age 55
"main reason for leaving = pension taxation"

RT if concerned for NHS

Had a weekend of catching up properly with old friends and their families.

It’s amazing the recharge it gives you, given how bleak everything else seems at the moment.

Congratulations to the wonderful @MitaMistry on publication of her book on #socialanxiety. We know rates have hugely increased during the pandemic, especially amongst young people. This sets out information in a simple relatable way. Highly recommended for anyone struggling.

Anyone else glad it’s Friday?

We have a full team of GPs here today

Despite that all appts were gone within 47 mins of opening

Everything urgent from then on gets directed to ONE duty GP

She has almost 40 patients on her list so far & it’s only 1pm.

This is what NHS GP collapse looks like.

This is why the NHS is collapsing, this is why waits for GPs are so long. The public and the Govt need to figure out how to recruit and more importantly retain GPs. @sajidjavid #NHS #GP @DailyMailUK @Telegraph

A very rare moment when Bruce Springsteen does an impression of Bruce Forsyth.

Random thought.

Are people who are leaving or have recently left the BBC doing so for similar reasons to those leaving the NHS I wonder?

#Macca #Glasto

What a set! A total masterclass.

His energy is just unbelievable... he’s hardly stopped for breath.

Legendary in the true sense of the word.

Hats off Sir Paul 🎉

End of a long week. Cheeky birthday drinky-poohs before heading out..