Dr. Ayan Panja

Dr. Ayan Panja


Dr Ayan Panja is a UK based NHS GP partner with 25 years of clinical experience.

As an editorial adviser to NHS Digital and presenter on BBC World News he has been communicating health to the masses for many years. He has appeared in Street Doctor (BBC1), Celebrity Quitters (Five), Knowitalls (BBC2) and frequently writes and gives his expert comment on radio and in the press.

His interest in prevention and wellbeing led him to co-create and teach Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine, a Royal College of General Practitioners accredited course for health care practitioners. Ayan was featured in Pulse magazine’s Power 50 in 2020 which lists the UK’s most influential GPs.

In his 2023 book, The Health Fix, Ayan takes his own experience of illness as well as his unique method for being able to tailor lifestyle based interventions, to create a precious health manual and masterclass in self-care.

Ayan also hosts a bite-sized podcast called Saving Lives in Slow Motion where you can hear more from him.

Dr Ayan’s ability to convey intricate ideas in a clear and concise way, combined with his naturally engaging and empathetic style, make him an ideal choice as keynote speaker for health-focused events.


Dr Ayan Panja @Dr_Ayan

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