Dr. Ayan Panja

Dr. Ayan Panja


Dr Ayan Panja followed his family tradition of becoming a doctor and is a GP partner in a NHS practice in St Albans. He is also a writer, a presenter and a health communicator. His passions in medicine are in men’s health, self-care and psychology in medicine.

Ayan began health broadcasting in 2006 when he was the expert presenter on BBC 1’s Street Doctors. More recently, Ayan has featured as a medical expert in Celebrity Quitters (FIVE), Squeamish (Discovery) and Bang Goes the Theory(BBC1).  He also appeared as a GP panellist on Channel 4’s Health Freaks, where traditional home remedies were scientifically analysed by the doctors. He is currently the resident doctor on Health Check on BBC World News, presenting a monthly overview of global health stories.

In 2005, Ayan’s first book was published, An Essential Medical Miscellany which is a collection of amusing medical titbitsAyan has written features for various publications including The Guardian, The Huffington Post and Men’s Health.

Dr Ayan Panja @Dr_Ayan

Guess whose paying for bankers bonuses & high earners tax cuts
Yes, those we clapped for

No clue. No plan. Nada.

Just bluster, spin and half truths at best.

Defo missing a good old Tory style slogan though.

“Du pain, Du vin, Du NHS Plan…”

Therese Coffey proclaims to be a ‘champion’ for patients.

You won’t find *anyone* more championing of patients than we GPs but..

..a lack of workforce and relentless workload has broken the service.

Just as:

⬇️pilots = ⬇️flights

⬇️GPs = ⬇️appts

No blame on patients or GPs

“Your doctor”
“Two weeks”

Surely one for St Jude? 🙏🏾

Up to 16million patients could lose their GP in next decade

…and then some… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11230869/Up-16million-patients-lose-GP-decade.html

DAUK’s GP team and GP collaborators have written a letter to @theresecoffey on the urgent need for government action to stabilise primary care. 
The letter suggests several potential solutions, including Clinical and Funding solutions.
#NHS https://www.dauk.org/news/2022/09/20/dauks-letter-to-therese-coffey/

The ‘less is more’ approach to TV commentary is obviously right for such an occasion. You barely need anything at all said over this. The BBC’s technical video and audio coverage is utterly brilliant.

“A four-hour shift actually takes six or seven hours.” Workload is forcing many experienced GPs to reduce hours. This has now also started to affect newly qualified GPs too. There are solutions. Govt needs to work with us. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/sep/18/two-thirds-of-trainee-gps-in-england-plan-to-work-part-time-study-finds?fbclid=IwAR2H2biCeIveo4aSeyIKcMj6GwyXIdqJJKfX4yIsGAsjiFwq12DNMaKrn0g&mibextid=7eu5hw

As if the NHS does not have bigger problems than syntax and grammar. Honestly…


Yes ✔️


What a life of service and grace.

Truly matchless, you touched the lives of so many people across the globe and through several generations.

Thank you. May you rest in peace Ma’am 🙏🏾

Empty words I fear, if the service is to remain ‘free’ at the point of access

Let’s celebrate the fact that today marks the dawn of a new and exciting era…
(Call the Midwife series 11)

Fascinating piece on @Medium by @HindsleyDan


An important long read by ⁦@meropemills⁩

Devastating on so many levels - written with such bravery and honesty 🙏🏾

We had such trust, we feel such fools’: how shocking hospital mistakes led to our daughter’s death | Family | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2022/sep/03/13-year-old-daughter-dead-in-five-weeks-hospital-mistakes?CMP=share_btn_tw