Dr. Ayan Panja

Dr. Ayan Panja


Dr Ayan Panja followed his family tradition of becoming a doctor and is a GP partner in a NHS practice in St Albans. He is also a writer, a presenter and a health communicator. His passions in medicine are in men’s health, self-care and psychology in medicine.

Ayan began health broadcasting in 2006 when he was the expert presenter on BBC 1’s Street Doctors. More recently, Ayan has featured as a medical expert in Celebrity Quitters (FIVE), Squeamish (Discovery) and Bang Goes the Theory(BBC1).  He also appeared as a GP panellist on Channel 4’s Health Freaks, where traditional home remedies were scientifically analysed by the doctors. He is currently the resident doctor on Health Check on BBC World News, presenting a monthly overview of global health stories.

In 2005, Ayan’s first book was published, An Essential Medical Miscellany which is a collection of amusing medical titbitsAyan has written features for various publications including The Guardian, The Huffington Post and Men’s Health.

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Interesting examples: https://theconversation.com/dominic-cummings-powerful-people-are-the-most-likely-to-break-the-rules-even-if-they-make-them-139340?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Latest%20from%20The%20Conversation%20for%20May%2026%202020%20-%201632315679&utm_content=Latest%20from%20The%20Conversation%20for%20May%2026%202020%20-%201632315679+CID_ab4fed6d8b7f1743f18defe15dc9f63e&utm_source=campaign_monitor_uk&utm_term=the%20people%20who%20make%20rules%20that%20are%20most%20likely%20to%20break%20them

Cummings today: “Last year I wrote about the possible threat of coronaviruses and the urgent need for planning”.. appears to be reference to this blog... actually about biolab accidents and giving a “Red Team” £1m to test security including honey traps .. https://dominiccummings.com/2019/03/04/the-most-secure-bio-labs-routinely-make-errors-that-could-cause-a-global-pandemic-are-about-to-re-start-experiments-on-pathogens-engineered-to-make-them-mammalian-airborne-transmissible/

I have learned the importance of saying sorry in my professional life. It is sometimes the absolute right thing to do

A nation led by total bare-faced liars. The Tories have no idea how embarrassing or damaging this is. Sadly all too late now to let Cummings fry. Keir Starmer must be preparing his closing argument for PMQs. #Briefing_COVID19

Good question @Peston. Shame the PM dodged it. #Briefing_COVID19

If every infected family in the UK travelled 260 miles to lockdown, imagine what the R number would be now? Social distancing is not just about a 2 m gap, it’s about not travelling long distances while infected. It puts many others at risk. A lot of shedding occurs pre-symptoms.

The Cummings affair shows a kind of hypocrisy and arrogance that insults the public and makes a mockery of staying safe. The Tories closing ranks, awkwardly twisting words and excuses for him definitely warrants an investigation.

Eleven years there was ‘Fergus on flu’. Now it’s ‘Fergus on Covid’. Not quite as catchy, but hey. Some thoughts on antibody tests as part of my new column. I’d be interested to get feedback. Thanks to ⁦@Vibeke_Venema⁩ and ⁦@EmmaRusset⁩ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52762939

How virtual group meetings with the community during Covid-19 have helped reassure patients @DrRupaJoshi1