Dr Anna Hájková

Dr Anna Hájková

Dr Anna Hájková is a historian, feminist, and queer history activist. She works as associate professor of history at the University of Warwick. Her scholarship of the Holocaust addresses the society in extremis: relationships, loyalty, sexuality, and love. Her book manuscript on Theresienstadt ghetto was awarded both the Irma Rosenberg as well as Herbert Steiner prizes. Her pioneering work on prostitution among the Holocaust victims received the Catharine Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship. She is the first researcher to address the queer history of the Holocaust. She has written two books and edited another two in English, German, and Czech. In addition to the Holocaust studies, Anna explores the intellectual history of the Central European Communists, people who after the Second World War set up to build a socialist future.

These positions are rooted in political and social engagement: she serves on the board of the Czech Society for Queer Memory and is engaged in the UCU. She regularly presents her feminist critique in British, US American, German, Israeli, and Czech mass media. She has been active in commemoration of Marie Schmolka, a key player of Jewish and political emigration from 1930s Europe. She tweets at @ankahajkova


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Dr Anna Hájková @ankahajkova

"Minor imprecisions." @JakubKrupa #WorldOnFire Hmm. The Phony war & attack of Belgium was over in May 1940. There is snow in the Eastern Poland scenes. The Mancunian girl's pregnancy, conceived just after the fall of Warsaw, does not show yet.
Just saying.

Just finished Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere. Such a great, great book. Thank you all for your wonderful summer novel recommendations. Please continue recommending.

#Twitterstorians, please retweet: A student of mine is looking for people born in East Berlin between 1970 and 1978 to speak with them about their experiences of the "Wende". If you are such a person or know someone, please contact Geena: G.Carlisle@newcastle.ac.uk

People read @HelenCFinch she is smart, not afraid, and complex thinker!

It isn't weakness. Time we figured out a way to discuss how depression and anxiety affects our graduate students. And colleagues and friends. #twitterstorians https://t.co/fRw0CTDCg9

I also cite it extensively in my chapter on food and hunger in Theresienstadt ghetto.

Was jetzt passiert:

- persönliche Angriffe (“Naivität”, “Selbstinszenierung”, “Neid”, „Verräter!“, “nutzt Twitter”)
- skandalisierende Headlines
- Verdrehung der Aussagen inkl. „Zweifel“ an Zitaten (die gar keine waren)
- Derailing der Diskussion, Hauptsache weg vom Text

Come to my friend's and colleague's Laura Schwartz's book launch on 1 November! Please note that in solidarity with @boycottUoL it will take place at the UCL.

Wow I swim in cold water for that endorphin rush but comrades we are talking here 5-10 minutes.

I've created an index of articles on Peter Handke’s Nobel Prize in BCS, English and German. Most of the authors are from the Balkans.

Pear tarte tatine. There were some strong feelings in our home post the savory one in #GBBO.

Hey @Gatwick_Airport, yr security team humiliated my trans friend, mocked her, refused her a female pat down, and referred to her as ‘it’ in spite of her being legally defined as female on her passport. Shame on you.

On a brighter note: it’s super nice here in the Weald

Jakob Krupa makes an extremely important point by discussing a lesser tv drama.

On a hike. Stopped in a pub for lunch. It is such a fight to get served as a woman alone! The waiter literally served anyone who came but me. After ten minutes I protested.