Dr Anna Hájková

Dr Anna Hájková

Dr Anna Hájková is a historian, feminist, and queer history activist. She works as associate professor of history at the University of Warwick. Her scholarship of the Holocaust addresses the society in extremis: relationships, loyalty, sexuality, and love. Her book manuscript on Theresienstadt ghetto was awarded both the Irma Rosenberg as well as Herbert Steiner prizes. Her pioneering work on prostitution among the Holocaust victims received the Catharine Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship. She is the first researcher to address the queer history of the Holocaust. She has written two books and edited another two in English, German, and Czech. In addition to the Holocaust studies, Anna explores the intellectual history of the Central European Communists, people who after the Second World War set up to build a socialist future.

These positions are rooted in political and social engagement: she serves on the board of the Czech Society for Queer Memory and is engaged in the UCU. She regularly presents her feminist critique in British, US American, German, Israeli, and Czech mass media. She has been active in commemoration of Marie Schmolka, a key player of Jewish and political emigration from 1930s Europe. She tweets at @ankahajkova


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Dr Anna Hájková @ankahajkova

We did it! Thank you to the people of Coventry South for putting their faith in me to represent them in Parliament. I'm honoured and humbled. 🌹

Using the Polish proportional representation system, the next House of Commons would be as follows:

CON 325
LAB 237
LD 88

Government 325
Opposition 325


Still so much we don’t know about #queer life in Nazi Germany. @ankahajkova will write an important book. We are fortunate to get snapshots of her research along the way. “Eine queere Beziehung im KZ” #twitterstorians https://www.tagesspiegel.de/gesellschaft/queerspiegel/aufseherin-und-haeftlingsfrau-eine-queere-beziehung-im-kz/25329104.html

Never more important than today - https://www.tuc.org.uk/join-union

Ruth Nattermann on Italian womens movement and its Jewish activists. Some disconcerting remarks on „white slave trade“ from which the „impoverished young women“ are „saved.“ @ghilondon

Danke, Tilmann! einen besseren Redaktor kann man sich nicht wünschen. Was würde man ohne Queerspiegel als intelligente, kritische queere Leser*in machen? ps. ich würde hier mit „queer“, nicht „lesbisch“, operieren.

Für die eine ist es Liebe, für die andere geht es ums Überleben. Der Tagesspiegel über eine erzwungene Verbindung in einem Hamburger Lager in der NS-Zeit

Für die eine ist es Liebe, für die andere geht es ums Überleben: @ankahajkova hat für uns die Geschichte einer erzwungenen Beziehung zwischen einer KZ-Aufseherin und einer Häftlingsfrau aufgeschrieben. Unbedingt lesenswert. https://www.tagesspiegel.de/gesellschaft/queerspiegel/aufseherin-und-haeftlingsfrau-eine-queere-beziehung-im-kz/25329104.html

Grâce à de minutieuses recherches @ankahajkova fait progresser nos connaissances historiques sur les femmes lesbiennes dans les camps nazis ⤵️ https://twitter.com/queerspiegel/status/1205398609191198721

Eine dramatische, tragische, zutiefst menschliche Geschichte von Liebe und Zwang, die mich schon lange umtreibt.
Danke, Jan und Tilmann, fürs Lesen und Kommentare. @hoshiyama @mannfrauundco @Queerspiegel

Now I said my piece on the elections, and the remainder of the day I will spend as a historian at Johanna Gehmacher's and @elizabe66606485 conference @ghilondon. And advertising my piece on an enforced queer affair between a guard and a Jewish prisoner in @Queerspiegel

The elections ended very badly. It'll hit the hardest the weakest, and us the foreigners. It was a bad decision for Labour to agree to the new election. Corbyn handled the antisemitism accusations very badly. No I am not in awe of Corbyn, haven't been since his stance on Brexit.

URGENT: please RT
1000s of people being turned away from polling stations for not having their polling card or ID. This is ILLEGAL. You don’t need either to vote. If this has happened 1. Go & insist on voting, & 2. Report it to the electoral commission

Thrilled to see @allthingsjo_ triumphant ode to feminist scholarship as @HistoryToday most read article of 2019. A resounding legacy of #HI31Z, @WarwickHistory and @WarwickFeminist BUT mostly really Jo-Ann being a dedicated and curious writer not afraid of the hard questions.

Knockin doors for the cause ✊🏾'✊🏾'✊🏾'🌹 #GeneralElection2019 #VoteLabourDecember12 #VoteLabourActually

What happens when @NYTimes journalists don’t do their homework when reporting on a genocide denial scandal? Such journalists then hand their platform to fellow travelers of genocide denial, turning an enormous social problem into a softly glamorized stage for its perpetuation.

Alles prima in Tegel, total voll und doch eigentlich weitgehend gut organisiert und freundlich. Meine einzige Beschwerde: @SZ komplett ausverkauft überall! um 10 Uhr vormittags! hätte gerne meine Lieblingszeitung im Flugzeug gelesen.

BAD GAYS vote Tory
BAD GAYS vote Yellow Tory
BAD GAYS can vote and don't vote

GAYS: you know what to do