Dr Anna Hájková

Dr Anna Hájková

Dr Anna Hájková is a historian, feminist, and queer history activist. She works as associate professor of history at the University of Warwick. Her scholarship of the Holocaust addresses the society in extremis: relationships, loyalty, sexuality, and love. Her book manuscript on Theresienstadt ghetto was awarded both the Irma Rosenberg as well as Herbert Steiner prizes. Her pioneering work on prostitution among the Holocaust victims received the Catharine Stimpson Prize for Outstanding Feminist Scholarship. She is the first researcher to address the queer history of the Holocaust. She has written two books and edited another two in English, German, and Czech. In addition to the Holocaust studies, Anna explores the intellectual history of the Central European Communists, people who after the Second World War set up to build a socialist future.

These positions are rooted in political and social engagement: she serves on the board of the Czech Society for Queer Memory and is engaged in the UCU. She regularly presents her feminist critique in British, US American, German, Israeli, and Czech mass media. She has been active in commemoration of Marie Schmolka, a key player of Jewish and political emigration from 1930s Europe. She tweets at @ankahajkova


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Dr Anna Hájková @ankahajkova

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❗Traders rents have increased by 28% at a week's notice:

Another disgraceful incidence of @graingerplc + @Quarterbridge forcing out a working-class, migrant community to make way for luxury flats.

@SadiqKhan, @TfL, @CllrEjiofor, @haringeycouncil:

Special shout-out for this fab piece by Mererid Puw Davies @UCLSELCS on centres vs peripheries, and on W.G. Sebald's Wales! Diolch am y post, Mererid, and happy #BankHolidayWeekend reading! @ExpandingGerman https://t.co/Ip8CfBOrUG

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Often people ask me how it is to live in the UK. Now have a look.

They are destroying our glorious diverse neighbourhood out of envy. Every independent shop will be replaced by a Tesco and the new residents, who will all look like Tory junior ministers, will be afraid to go in to get the ultrawhite bread because they are afraid it is too spicy. https://t.co/hhUKlfyPeR

This is horrible. Please share widely. The Brazilian food market in our neighborhood is under threat. Stop the brutal gentrification of Tottenham! @EricGordy @IvanaCurcic @AndrejHolm @OwenJones84 @novaramedia @DavidLammy

This is such a beautiful, powerful story, @RichardFausset, thank you. And of course, Evangeline. ❤️

We all love books, and we should seriously stop using Amazon. Don’t include amazon links when advertising a book.

Men ‘define impact’ as women’s research is left out of the REF. Research by @EmilyYarrow1 shows that female researchers are underrepresented in REF impact case studies: https://t.co/TnlHD7qLxC (by @FiJMcIntyre) #ref

On my way to holidays on the Suffolk coast! with me are five great novels, thanks to your all recommendations!

Great piece on history of women’s shelters. Take note, @jec_free

An excellent piece by @TroyVettese analyzing the many forms of silencing of women in academia. Read, all.

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