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Deeyah Khan

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Deeyah Khan is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning documentary film director and founder of Fuuse, a media and arts company that puts women, people from minorities, and third-culture kids at the heart of telling their own stories.

In 2016, she became the first UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for artistic freedom and creativity.  She has received many honours for her work supporting freedom of expression, human rights and peace including the Ossietzky prize, the University of Oslo’s Human Rights Award and the Peer Gynt Prize from the Parliament of Norway.

Born in Norway to immigrant parents of Pashtun and Punjabi ancestry, Deeyah’s experience of living between different cultures, both the beauty and the challenges, shapes her artistic vision. Her 2012 multi-award winning documentary Banaz: A Love Story chronicles the life and death of Banaz Mahmod, a young British Kurdish woman murdered by her family in a so-called honour killing.  Deeyah’s second film, the Grierson and Bafta award-nominated Jihad, involved two years of interviews and filming with Islamic extremists, convicted terrorists and former jihadis.

One of Fuuse’s recent initiatives, born of Deeyah’s own experiences, is sister-hood, a digital magazine and a series of live events spotlighting the voices of women of Muslim heritage. Deeyah has also produced a number of critically acclaimed albums, including Listen to the Banned, a compilation that brought together musicians from around the world who have been subject to persecution, censorship and imprisonment.

The focus of Deeyah’s work and access to voices that are often overlooked and misunderstood has led to increasing demand as a speaker at international human rights events and platforms including the United Nations. She was described by The Times of London thus: “To say Deeyah Khan is an inspiration is an understatement. She is one of the bravest, most indomitable women… facing down bullies and extremists with intelligence and unflinching spirit.”

Deeyah Khan @Deeyah_Khan

“I couldn’t even afford to go to New York”

In conversation with @baktashahadi, @Deeyah_Khan recalls the overwhelming and unexpected moment of winning her first Emmy in 2013 for her film, Banaz A Love Story.

An absolutely delightful conversation with @Deeyah_Khan on her 2013 Emmy win. 🥰

Congraulations @ClotildaAndien for being once again being recognized for your work. You are a true leader who teaches us all how to work for the most vulnerable. Thank you for your service to #women #senCa

“When I watched this, I remembered @Deeyah_Khan
"One of the things that really terrified me is that 80 to 85% of the men in the white supremacist movement I spoke to were ex-military” Spot the disciplined + methodical behaviour in the chaos!

‘It's going to take a lot of healing and a lot of rebuilding America before any of these issues go away’

@Deeyah_Khan spent years filming across Trump’s America & recently explained how healing the deep divisions is one of the biggest challenges facing Biden & his government.

“One of the things that really terrified me is that 80 to 85% of the men in the white supremacist movement I spoke to were ex-military”

Speaking at the @Sept11Memorial, filmmaker @Deeyah_Khan explains why the problem of far right extremism needs to be taken very seriously.

Deeyah Khan's work is essential for understanding the American alt-right. Listen to anything with her, any podcast, any podium discussion she's part of, watch her movies. Always very insightful.

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“Tomorrow , the people of America will not just be united in states, they will also be united in grief.

On 5 March, one year since the first Briton died of #Covid19, we will be marking #CovidMemorialDay in the UK.” @Independent

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If you judge a man by his enemies, I'm doing pretty well.

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You struggle, as an ex-Muslim migrant. The anti-migrant lot don’t want migrants. The pro-migrant don’t want ex-Muslims. You are left to yourself, so you have to work – and hard.

Hijabi women dress in different ways and styles, and no one has the right to judge them or to question their reasons.

#Diversity ⁦@CommonsDCMS⁩ is serious! DCMSC: lack of diversity among BBC chair applicants is an issue | News | Broadcast

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Hugely Sad News
Misogyny & Patriarchy remains the biggest non-health related killer
Why do extremists fear women so much?
That’s not my definition of masculinity

OPEN CALL: We're looking for women creative writers from across Afghanistan to join the #WriteAfghanistan project. Submit a short story in Dari or Pashto using the link below.

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VIDEO THREAD: Today I filmed as "boogaloo" activists marched to the Ohio State House in Columbus for an armed "unity rally."

People deserve clarity and accountability on target killings which has horrified the nation more @BBCWorld

@Deeyah_Khan I just saw the short film ‘Jihad- story of the others - Its among the most captivating n real emotive film, I appreciate your courage and gripping questions. Kudos to you!
I will watch out for more of your work. regards.