Deeyah Khan

Deeyah Khan

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Deeyah Khan is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning documentary film director and founder of Fuuse, a media and arts company that puts women, people from minorities, and third-culture kids at the heart of telling their own stories.

In 2016, she became the first UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for artistic freedom and creativity.  She has received many honours for her work supporting freedom of expression, human rights and peace including the Ossietzky prize, the University of Oslo’s Human Rights Award and the Peer Gynt Prize from the Parliament of Norway.

Born in Norway to immigrant parents of Pashtun and Punjabi ancestry, Deeyah’s experience of living between different cultures, both the beauty and the challenges, shapes her artistic vision. Her 2012 multi-award winning documentary Banaz: A Love Story chronicles the life and death of Banaz Mahmod, a young British Kurdish woman murdered by her family in a so-called honour killing.  Deeyah’s second film, the Grierson and Bafta award-nominated Jihad, involved two years of interviews and filming with Islamic extremists, convicted terrorists and former jihadis.

One of Fuuse’s recent initiatives, born of Deeyah’s own experiences, is sister-hood, a digital magazine and a series of live events spotlighting the voices of women of Muslim heritage. Deeyah has also produced a number of critically acclaimed albums, including Listen to the Banned, a compilation that brought together musicians from around the world who have been subject to persecution, censorship and imprisonment.

The focus of Deeyah’s work and access to voices that are often overlooked and misunderstood has led to increasing demand as a speaker at international human rights events and platforms including the United Nations. She was described by The Times of London thus: “To say Deeyah Khan is an inspiration is an understatement. She is one of the bravest, most indomitable women… facing down bullies and extremists with intelligence and unflinching spirit.”

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Farkhunda lynched & murdered on the streets of Kabul by thousands of men, many in jeans & filming it in iPhones. She was a threat to the income of the shrine custodian, who was sexually abusing visiting women for amulets. I wrote this in her honor!

sister-hood publishes the work of women of Muslim heritage. If you want to contribute, let us know!

Nasrin Sotoudeh is a national treasure in #Iran. Why? Because she has bravely stood up for women’s rights. For children’s rights. For a safer, fairer Iran. Yet, for this, she is serving 38 years in prison & will be flogged 148 times.

#FreeNasrin now.

The Haka is not just a "ceremonial Maori dance" but a form of expression white missionary colonists tried to erase because they saw it as the practice of savages.

The very perseverance of the Haka, like its performance after these murders, embodies resistance to white supremacy.

People ask how I keep going after 20+ years peace activism & demanding women be at peace tables. I tell them I can & I do & I will persist b/c I meet & work w/ amazing women like @munaluqman who don't won't & can't give up. We won't let forever war be our legacy. #PeaceHeroesICAN

The awesome @abigaildisney!

When rich people plead to be taxed more than you know it's time.

Sign our petition:

“As important as financial contributions are to the Yemeni pledge,it's more important that the int'l community exerts pressure on the warring parties to come together to put an end to this senseless war&overcome the mass starvation.” #PeaceHero @munaluqman

Nasrin Sotoudeh, has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes because of her work protesting against Iran’s forced hijab laws. Demand her release now. H/t
@monaeltahawy @amnestyusa

This is an absolute disgrace: #Saudi Arabian women's rights activists stood trial on Wednesday for the first time since their arrest over nine months ago. Several of them have been tortured

These #Saudi women’s rights activists have long fought to end the male guardianship system. They have been detained since May and tortured at the orders of Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman. They have now been charged. Remember them. Demand their release.



I'm speaking in Toronto about #BetrayingBigBrother this Friday, please come if you're in the area!

My new book The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls is out Sept 2019 via @BeaconPressBks. Look at this COVER! You can PRE-ORDER via these sellers:

Went thru very final read of my @unbounders novel #razia Going to print soon. I’ve lived eaten & breathed Razia for over 2 years. Written until dawn, agonised over bits of narrative & parts of the plot, cried whilst writing some of the scenes! Soon it’s going to be over to you x

Lesbians are also being victimised in Chechnya - at risk of so-called 'honour' killings, says @rulgbtnet READ @LindaRiley8 @Seej @sanditoksvig @Roxy_Vintage @daniellejournal @LOTLmagazine @Wintersonworld

The bigotry of religious privilege. Another primary school in #Birmingham
Another protest against teaching #NoOutsiders programme. Parents who want special protection for religious freedom but deny other minorities the same.

Dear @BBC listing hijab as part of the wardrobe of rebellion is a betrayal of girls like katia, that are killed for not wearing hijab. This was & continues to be rebellion @KhadijaKhanlodh @CEMB_forum @MaryamNamazie @AlinejadMasih @GitaSahgal @RehmanYasmin @Deeyah_Khan

A permitted gun owner was eating breakfast at a South Carolina restaurant last weekend when his loaded pistol fell out of his sweatpants pocket and shot another customer. He won’t be charged because being an idiot isn’t a crime, apparently. #scpol

Day 2 filming for exciting new film project on #honourbasedviolence today featuring Diana Nammi @IKWRO Director sharing expertise on the issue and speaking about our campaigning, working with survivors, how far we’ve come and the outstanding challenges