Deana Puccio and Allison Havey

Deana Puccio and Allison Havey


The RAP Project, (Raising Awareness and Prevention), was established in 2012 in order to deliver no nonsense, hard hitting yet humorous presentations to teenagers in the UK about negotiating relationships in the digital age.  RAP’s aim is to raise awareness about personal safety and empowering teens with the messages of mutual respect and mutual consent.  Presenters Deana and Allison tackle taboo subjects such as rape, sexual assault, consent, the influence of pornography and sexting on teenage attitudes and expectations. RAP has addressed over 12,000 students over 100 schools since it began. These include Fettes School, Fortismere School, Eton College, St. Paul’s Girls School, St Paul’s School, Hampstead School, Felsted School, Priory Park and St Mary’s Ascot amongst many others.

Deana is a former Sex Crimes Prosecutor who worked in the United States’ first department dedicated to investigating sexual crimes in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, New York. Allison is a writer/producer and media consultant who has worked for ABC News, NBC News, Associated Press Television News and Fox Business News amongst others.

Deana and Allison are both mums living in London with teenagers. Their guide for parents, Sex, Likes and Social Media: Talking to Our Teens in the Digital Age, published in 2016, was named as one of The Sun‘s Top 5 Parenting Books, and one of The Independent‘s Top 10.



The RAP Project @rapprojectuk

Allison had the pleasure of speaking with @dunblanebb last week. Thank you for welcoming RAP and a great discussion!


This month of March, we are celebrating women’s contributions to history, culture, and society.

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Today, Years 9 & 10 welcomed Deana Puccio, the co-founder of @rapprojectuk. The workshop informed pupils about the UK laws defining consent, sexual offences & promoted digital & personal safety. Read the New York Times article about The RAP Project here:

We’re in the NY Times talking about Andrew Tate. Give it a read!

As Andrew Tate's message has spread from social media to schools, educators in Britain are mobilizing to combat his popularity.

We visited some schools for @nytimes to see what they're doing. "He's brainwashing a generation of boys."


An important read for all parents. We must teach our kids not only about consent, but about the nuances that surround consent and sexual crimes.

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Have you heard of Deepfake pornography?

"Deepfake porn involves superimposing a person’s face onto sexual images or videos, to create realistic content that they have never participated in."

It is utterly shocking that the people that are meant to be protecting our children are the ones that are harming them. Serious measures need to be taken to ensure that police officers are not a threat to our community.

Next Tuesday we're taking our petition to 10 Downing Street!

‼️As the #OnlineSafetyBill continues its journey to becoming law, we urgently need your help to make sure it creates a safer internet for women and girls.

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The Online Harms Safety Bill is back in parliament next week and the Government must urgently consider implementing @EVAWuk’s Code Of Practice against women and girls, even more pressing with the huge surge in popularity of misogynistic influencers on mainstream platforms.

Credit to @AlexDaviesJones for urging the PM to stamp out Andrew Tate-style misogyny that is spreading across schools


We should challenge and question 'toxic' cultures, wherever they may arise. In the case of toxic masculinity, this isn't merely a private school issue, a state school issue, this is a societal issue. So, all schools and institutions could benefit from this education

"We need to get to the heart of why so many young men find him a role model"

London private schools have asked @rapprojectuk to specifically address concerns about the controversial “influencer” Andrew Tate, reports @_AnnaDavis for @standardnews

Yesterday, we were pleased to welcome Allison Havey, co-founder of @rapprojectuk. Our pupils are part of the new generation of 'digital natives'. Allison talked to them about the importance of protecting themselves online & how to form healthy digital habits. #stpeterslympstone

Our Co-founder Deana, talking about
the importance of addressing and challenging the views supporting Andrew Tate in schools – “Andrew Tate’s influence is legitimising their misogynistic comments and behaviour.”

Super important thread - Tate is just the tip of the iceberg

A reminder to parents of tomorrow's talk from Allison Havey, co-founder of @rapprojectuk and how to book a place. #stpeterslympstone #onlinesafety

This disturbing behaviour is being committed by a man who has a significant amount of influence over a generation of boys and young men. Discussions with our sons and children about the dangers of men like Andre Tate need to be had regularly, and consequences must be understood.

Andrew Tate is not an “anti-feminist” he is a misogynist. Instead of using a moniker that implies a valid rejection of an ideology just name him by his harm: the hatred of women and femininity.