David Young

David Young


David Young is a graduate of the City University MA Crime Writing course and was the recent winner of the PFD-sponsored course prize. He was born in Hull and educated in York and Bristol. Before becoming a full-time author he was a local news reporter and then an editor in the BBC World TV and radio newsrooms.

His debut novel, Stasi Child, a labyrinthine Cold War-era thriller and the first in a new series, was published in October 2015, by Twenty7 Books (Bonnier).

David won the 2016 CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger.

David Young @djy_writer

@GBSnowsport @daveryding @fisalpine @SnowAndRock @_Fusalp @TeamGB @uk_sport That second run was insane by the rocket 🚀 @daveryding

Fabulous - yet @bbcnews don’t even have it on their front page, considering serial rule breaker and yesterday’s man Boris Johnson’s latest jaunt a more important story …

Cheers Euan! #StasiState aka #ADarkerState next. Then three more after that in the #StasiChild series. Plus unrelated stand-alone #DeathInBlitzCity.

@dommodernist Haven't read Downing's series, but certainly my kind of thing. Have enjoyed David Young's @djy_writer Karin Muller series of books so far, still a couple more to go, but all good reads. Plenty to keep me going at the minute.

Many thanks Ian, and Happy New Year!

Thanks for inviting me! #DeathInBlitzCity

⁦@barbsbeal18⁩ thanks for the thought this is my card

Many thanks indeed, Sarah! #DeathInBlitzCity

Many thanks for the spot, Andy! #Stasi77

I’m honoured, Andy! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas! #DeathInBlitzCity

@jo_bartosch Slightly left field but the Karin Muller (stasi-..) series by @djy_writer David Young are good reads. Also the Beartown trilogy by Fredrik Backman?

@djy_writer My pleasure. I've very much enjoyed your books and am keeping my fingers crossed for more. As a child who lived in (west) Germany during the 70s and 80s they really speak to me; very evocative of time and place. Your blitz book is on my wishlist so I'm hoping Santa delivers...

@djy_writer Picked up a second hand copy of Stasi 77 just as I got back from my first visit to Berlin. Found out there was a series, started with Stasi Child and I’m hooked!

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