David Young

David Young


David Young is a graduate of the City University MA Crime Writing course and was the recent winner of the PFD-sponsored course prize. He was born in Hull and educated in York and Bristol. Before becoming a full-time author he was a local news reporter and then an editor in the BBC World TV and radio newsrooms.

His debut novel, Stasi Child, a labyrinthine Cold War-era thriller and the first in a new series, was published in October 2015, by Twenty7 Books (Bonnier).

David won the 2016 CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger.

David Young @djy_writer

@LizDavies14 @Jorekai @nantygarn @sandstonepress @djy_writer They certainly worked for me.
As a Volkspolizei detective lieutenant Karin Müller is given a strange mix of authority & powerlessness in her investigations.

@LizDavies14 @Jorekai @nantygarn @sandstonepress Another superb series is the Karin Müller books by @djy_writer which has an amazingly sympathetic central character.
Start with Stasi Child.

@DrFrancesRyan @KeejayOV2 @DizzyJB @Rods_Tweet @roryjiwani @Buckie72 @simonhcbenson @lecrin @mrjamesob Any of @djy_writer's Karin Miller series is awesome, though best to start at book one with Stasi Child.

@nbreitbach @MaeveMcArdle There's a fourth too!!! #Stasi77

@NicolaSturgeon @HarrogateFest I've just read the four "Karin Müller" police procedurals by @djy_writer
A very sympathetic central character & a very interesting setting.

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Many thanks, Ian, and happy Friday everyone.

She certainly will, Richard. #StasiWinter coming in 2020 from @ZaffreBooks

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A secret State. A dark conspiracy. A terrible crime. Karin Muller of the German Democratic Republic´s People´s Police is called to a factory in the east of the country. A m...
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A few people have been confused. There's a possibility @ZaffreBooks may rebrand #ADarkerState to make it clear. And #StasiWinter due 2020

@mediawhizz Stasi Child.... great police procedure novel in East Germany 1976

La @Ligne12_RATP avec "stasi block" david Young, 2017 la suite de "stasi child" où une inspectrice de la police du peuple de RDA enquête sur la disparition de nourissons à #HalleNeustadt #PolarDDR #conseildelecture

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thank you @alisonflood for a great chat & the below article. I should stress that this isn't about me really. I'm VERY lucky to have a support network of friends & family. But I do hope this inspires other writers to hang in there as long as possible:

Life in the #DDR: Rectorate of the Technical University of #Dresden, @tudresden_de, Mommsenstraße, April 1983 © Michael Ward

Cheers! It's a dull old name, but I'm sure I read somewhere once that Davids are the most successful ...