David Young

David Young


David Young is a graduate of the City University MA Crime Writing course and was the recent winner of the PFD-sponsored course prize. He was born in Hull and educated in York and Bristol. Before becoming a full-time author he was a local news reporter and then an editor in the BBC World TV and radio newsrooms.

His debut novel, Stasi Child, a labyrinthine Cold War-era thriller and the first in a new series, was published in October 2015, by Twenty7 Books (Bonnier).

David won the 2016 CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger.

David Young @djy_writer

Cheers Andy! Thrilled that you liked it so much - especially as it's just had its first 1* on @AmazonUK 😢

Absolutely packed house for
Ο λύκος της Στάζι #Kedros presentation at Βιβλιοπόντικας in Ermoupoli, Syros. Great to see @OmiloHellas team!

Successful launch of second book in Greek of Stasi series @djy_writer in Ermoupolis, Greece

Anyone in the Cyclades on holiday, get the ferry to Syros for this. In English and Greek. 7.30pm Weds 18.9 Bibliopontikas Bookshop Ermoupoli

Life in the #DDR: #Berlin 1987, Marx-Engels memorial outside the Palast der Republik © @RitterJurgen / Imago

Watching on iPlayer now. Infuriating.

This is a standout debut. Excellent novel, thoroughly recommended.

Just about to start A Darker State by @djy_writer if they anywhere near as good as Stasi Child and Stasi Wolf I’m in for a treat 📚 👌🏼

Boris Johnson categorically denies saying he thought money was "spaffed up the wall" investigating historical cases of child abuse.

Here he is saying it earlier this year.

This audience member on last night’s Question time nails it - only a #FinalSay #peoplesvote can resolve our #BrexitShambles crisis. #StopTheCoup #DefendOurDemocracy https://t.co/ia0kgLK1p2

Many thanks, Ian! Happy Friday all!

Cheers Kevin. Don't forget #StasiChild, #StasiWolf and #Stasi77. All separate cases so you can read in any order. And #StasiWinter Jan 2020.

The incomparable @EdwynCollins in sparkling form in Brighton. I asked him for A Heavy Sigh but got this beauty instead.

Moving from London to Guildford has meant learning a whole new language. When people here talk about going to see their dealer, turns out they generally mean the guy who sells them antiques, not weed.

Hooray! Our new podcast (recorded in my mum’s kitchen) goes live today!! You can listen to the first few episodes here: https://t.co/cDJ3rm6mrc
Tune in and let us know what you think! https://t.co/J2sV7g26L1

Congrats Clare! @RewcastleBrown

The ultra talented and intrepid @Ayisha_Malik from the #redhotchilliwriters 🔥 https://t.co/wmR5rYtI76

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Dominic Grieve tells Parliament he has received information from inside Government, the implication of which, is that Boris Johnson misled the Queen about his reasons for requesting the prorogation of Parliament 🔥🔥🔥

Stasi 77 by @djy_writer, and it was brilliant. Nobody captures the feel of East Germany at that time like David, and I should know--I was there. Not yet available in the US, but you can get the paperback from the UK. Highly recommended.

https://t.co/Q4fd65KktM https://t.co/1acZCKDgkU