David Young

David Young


David Young is a graduate of the City University MA Crime Writing course and was the recent winner of the PFD-sponsored course prize. He was born in Hull and educated in York and Bristol. Before becoming a full-time author he was a local news reporter and then an editor in the BBC World TV and radio newsrooms.

His debut novel, Stasi Child, a labyrinthine Cold War-era thriller and the first in a new series, was published in October 2015, by Twenty7 Books (Bonnier).

David won the 2016 CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger.

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I’m not antisocial (I am), but I’m obsessed with buying books and reading. So, I decided to treat myself. Five books. Five talented authors. One happy Michael. 😃

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We’re in dark times and all that but Jesus #SPIRAL keeps the flame burning. That season finale broke me. Laure, Gilou, Roban, Josephine - all at the top of their game. Direction, cinematography have upped a level, too. 🙏 @Engrenages And there’s a podcast! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/engrenages-histoire-dune-s%C3%A9rie-fran%C3%A7aise/id1447132062

A much younger me with Fred & Karl at Marx-Engels Forum in Berlin March 1990. @DDROnline @GdrRadio @SalfordUni_PCH @markbakerprague @AnbAntje @KunertAntje @HackGreenBunker @SocialismR #mauerfall30 @MarxLibrary #berlinermauer #Berlin @djy_writer @KresySiberia @ctznv @SocialismR

Thanks so much, Val! New one is #StasiWinter 9.1.20 @ZaffreBooks

As a #StasiWinter blows in from the east (@ZaffreBooks Wimpole St is east of Twickers), I've winterised the website http://www.stasichild.com

Thanks so much, Ian. Happy Friday all!

Why are @RBS sending marketing emails like this? Utterly irresponsible. I haven't lost my card & emails like this cause unnecessary stress

Thanks! But I think without a German deal, too few people would turn up. But v grateful for the idea.

Would you like a signed copy of #Stasi77 and help @BBCCiN at the same time? See below!

Ooh exciting. Looking forward to it, Ian. Cheers!

Great to see! Just need someone to do a German deal.

@djy_writer Hope you enjoy it.

And thanks for yours - didn't think someone could make Stasi-land a pleasure, but you do.

@djy_writer High praise from someone who knows! Looking forward to the latest, Stasi Winter

Many thanks, Dominick! I must check out yours ...

@djy_writer @ZaffreBooks I don’t think I can wait that long I’ve re read all the books twice

These books are great, twisting and turning plots, not knowing who you can trust....highly recommended! https://twitter.com/djy_writer/status/1193867393531043840

@djy_writer @ZaffreBooks Really looking forward to this one!

.@Netflix, stay true to historical facts!

During the time which the “The Devil Next Door” series describes, Poland’s territory was occupied, and it was Nazi Germany who was responsible for the camps. The map shown in the series does not reflect the actual borders at that time.