David Papineau

David Papineau


David Papineau was born in in Como, Italy, and went to schools in Trinidad, Lancashire and London, before spending his teenage years in Durban, South Africa. In 1968 he returned to England to study philosophy as an undergraduate at Cambridge, and completed a PhD there in 1974. He has held academic posts at Reading University, Macquarie University Sydney, Birkbeck College London, and Cambridge University. Since 1990 he has been Professor of Philosophy at King’s College London, and from 2015 he has been spending the second half of each academic year at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

His books include Reality and Representation (1987), Philosophical Naturalism (1993), Thinking about Consciousness (2002) and Philosophical Devices (2012). He was elected President of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science for 1993-5, of the Mind Association for 2009-10, and of the Aristotelian Society for 2013-4. He is a frequent contributor to the the popular press and other media in both England and America, covering a wide range of topics, including the philosophical dimensions of sport.

David Papineau @davidpapineau

David Albert and Tim Maudlin on the Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Theory

Noam Chomsky: History and Philosophy of Linguistics

Nice to get the proofs through for Why It's OK to Be a Sports Fan! Very much enjoyed writing this with @AlfredArcher2 and looking forward to seeing it published!

Every day I give thanks to the person who decreed that email addresses should be case-insensitive

I would put it like this: we need an 'AI welfare conversation' about what is proportionate to the risks, and this needs to happen before the relevant technology exists, so now. https://twitter.com/jacyanthis/status/1638949199541682177

I’m curious. Can GPT-4 (I haven’t got access yet) prove there’s no greatest prime number? GPT-3 couldn’t. It was fine proving square root 2 irrational, but no greatest prime no was a bit too hard. Tried it a few times. It would start fine, but then lose it and talk nonsense.

David Papineau (⁦@davidpapineau⁩) Realism, Antirealism, and The Philosophy of Science (podcast) #philosophy https://youtu.be/IemlT1xxOFQ

'What Good Is Philosophy? – A Benefit Conference for Ukraine' will be broadcast online beginning at 1:00pm ET on Friday, March 17th.

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The BBC has a report today about octopus farming and why it is a bad idea. They have obtained leaked documents that show (i) 10-15% mortality before slaughter, (ii) slaughter by dropping into ice-cold water. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-64814781

“Knowledge in Crisis” Philosophy Project Wins €8.9 Million Grant | Daily Nous https://dailynous.com/2023/03/14/knowledge-in-crisis-philosophy-project-wins-e8-9-million-grant/

Very grateful to @RobinsonErhardt's podcast for letting me prattle on for over an hour about various issues in philosophy of science, including realism, causation, the replication crisis, and philosophy's role in science

I disagree with the Chomsky, Roberts, and Watumull op-ed on ChatGPT, but, credit where credit is due: this example of theirs is perfect.

Do any of Freud's theories have scientific validity? Watch my latest interview, with Dr. Paul Bloom, about his new book, Psych: The Story of the Human Mind. #psychology #Science

Full interview: https://youtu.be/9BV3Oci3YfY

Much looking forward to this next Thursday https://www.lse.ac.uk/philosophy/events/lakatos-award-lecture-by-nicholas-shea-2023/

Today’s @IP_SAS Lab Meeting is in scientific expertise and advice. Talk from @davidpapineau on ‘Follow this Science?’

Very accurate piece in @timeshighered about the recent discussions in @CEU about its Olive programme https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/outcry-ceu-closes-refugee-access-programme

"Respect for scientists needs to rest on their doing good science, and it would be nice if the science studies academics could tell us what that is."


My review of Thomas Kelly's book "Bias: A philosophical study" is out in the TLS. If you'd like to read it but don't have access let me know... https://www.the-tls.co.uk/articles/bias-thomas-kelly-book-review-jessie-munton/