David Papineau

David Papineau


David Papineau was born in in Como, Italy, and went to schools in Trinidad, Lancashire and London, before spending his teenage years in Durban, South Africa. In 1968 he returned to England to study philosophy as an undergraduate at Cambridge, and completed a PhD there in 1974. He has held academic posts at Reading University, Macquarie University Sydney, Birkbeck College London, and Cambridge University. Since 1990 he has been Professor of Philosophy at King’s College London, and from 2015 he has been spending the second half of each academic year at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

His books include Reality and Representation (1987), Philosophical Naturalism (1993), Thinking about Consciousness (2002) and Philosophical Devices (2012). He was elected President of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science for 1993-5, of the Mind Association for 2009-10, and of the Aristotelian Society for 2013-4. He is a frequent contributor to the the popular press and other media in both England and America, covering a wide range of topics, including the philosophical dimensions of sport.

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@StigAbell 4. Didn’t It Rain - Sister Rosetta Tharpe. https://t.co/EGeg7Hl4nZ

I bet some of you have been waiting for this one: in today's new HoPWaG episode we tackle the notorious Platonist and (maybe) pagan, Gemistos Plethon!


Cormorant in the creek today

Vote Australia (poor bastards had a bad day yesterday) #Eurovision2019

Second singer with a watch chain ?

Ours not even loudest so far. Greece louder. #Eurovision2019

@davidpapineau watching Eurovision reading Thinking about Consciousness. Cracking read so thanks muchly

This is NOT the real SPIRIT IN THE SKY bring back Norman Greenbaum was that his name?

Borat singing for Israel

I was getting behind the Turkish dentist for San Marino—but ‘life is beautiful and fine na na na’???#eurovision

The Cambridge and Oxford Alumni Club of Hungary (COACH) is hosting a talk by Hungarian President János Áder. Mr Áder signed the law in 2017 that forced CEU out of Hungary. COACH has its address as @Cambridge_Uni development office. Cambridge alumni, please RT

End of term @CUNY_Philosophy 32nd St rooftop bar

Feeling excited for the London Mind Group today! @dioscuri #animalconsciousness #animalpain

In the understandable rush to embrace a new audience, don’t forget the established one


Profs. Kripke and @romina_padro are presenting in this workshop this weekend in Milan, as is @CUNY_Philosophy alum Jody Azzouni! https://t.co/te7hdRnPI9