Daisy Goodwin

Daisy Goodwin


Daisy Goodwin is a writer and television producer.

After reading history at Cambridge, she went to Columbia Film School as a Harkness Fellow. She worked at the BBC for ten years making arts documentaries, before leaving to join the independent sector and created a number of programmes including Grand Designs which is now in its 18th year on Channel 4.

In 2005 she started Silver River productions, which she sold to Sony in 2012.  Alongside her TV work , Daisy has written a memoir, Silver River and two novels: My Last Duchess (UK)/The American Heiress (US) and The Fortune Hunter, which were both New York Times bestsellers.  In 2014 Daisy decided to concentrate on writing full time and was commissioned to write her first screenplay, Victoria, an 8 part series about the early life of Queen Victoria for ITV and WGBH Masterpiece Theatre.

Daisy has also compiled nine poetry anthologies including 101 Poems that Could Save your Life and 100 Poems to See You Through

Daisy lives in London with her three dogs, two daughters and one husband.


Praise for My Last Duchess:

‘Sparkling and thoroughly engaging…the story of a poor little rich girl learning the hard way how to concentrate on the next step along the tightrope makes for a highly enjoyable and intelligent read’--The Sunday Times

A wonderful guilty pleasure of a read…the detailing is beautiful, the great phalanx of historical characters amusing and the relief of reading a novel that puts enjoyment first, so rare and gratifying that I am ready for a sequel’–Amanda Foreman, Sunday Telegraph

Daisy Goodwin @DaisyGoodwin

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