Claire Harcup

Claire Harcup

Literaty Agent

Claire started her career in non-fiction publishing before getting distracted by the digital world. She spent five happy years commissioning arts and culture projects that use new technology, then set up a mass-participation project to encourage people to sow native varieties of wild flowers for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London. She is currently Head of Copy at Quietroom, a team of business writers, trainers and strategists.

Walker published her first picture book, This is The Kiss, in January 2017; and Piper Verlag in Germany will publish the first installment in her debut MG fantasy series – Hattie Brown VS the Cloud Snatchers – in Spring 2019.



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It makes me grin from ear to ear.

The dictionary has not been kind to those in politics. From centuries past it offers the following:
snollygoster: an unprincipled politician.
throttlebottom: a totally inept one.
catchfart: one that follows the prevailing wind.
virtuecrat: one convinced of their own superiority.

It’s publication date for Hattie Brown. I’m so excited. @piperverlag @PFDAgents @sfmolteni

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Josh has good taste. It's a great book. @Waterstones #bookreviews

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Just got @jondrori's wonderful Around The World in 80 Trees out this week. Every page is a gem. @LaurenceKingPub

I'd like to say I make a mean Paul McCartney, but Clement Freud's the best.

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