Charli Howard

Charli Howard


Charli Howard is a British model at the vanguard of the Body Positivity movement, who rose to prominence after her open letter – a powerful indictment of the modelling industry – went viral. She has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN and Channel 4; has featured in Vogue, Elle and Glamour magazines; has amassed a large Instagram following (@charlihoward); and stars in the forthcoming feature-length documentary, Straight/Curve.

Charli is the founder of the All Woman Project, and wishes to extend her message of positivity to children – to encourage them to love themselves exactly as they are. Modelling-wise, she has fronted campaigns for Maybelline, Mango, Desigual and Nike, among others. Her StyleLikeU video alone has clocked over 1 million views, and she receives messages of support and admiration from young girls every day.

Charli’s guide to mental health and body positivity for teens, Misfit, was published by Penguin Random House Children’s in February 2018.

Her debut middle-grade novel, Splash, was published by Nosy Crow in July 2018.

Misfit @TheCharliHoward

Watch as @JessicaDiner, Sarah Harris, @SherrieSilver and @TheCharliHoward take British Vogue through their bags – and show off their new favourite @EsteeLauderUK luxury fragrance. #VoguePartner

I didn’t think this was real at first, a police commissioner blaming Sarah Everard for ‘submitting’ to an arrest. "Women need to be streetwise...She should never have been arrested and submitted to that," he said. "Perhaps women need to just learn a bit about that legal process".

What if everyone had a midlife crisis at the actual midpoint of their life but didn’t know it?? Like if you had a particularly harrowing 24th year that was actually your midlife crisis because you’re gonna die at 48. Just another one of my terrible thoughts

"The longer I stared at it in the mirror, the worse it became." @TheCharliHoward writes on her how she overcame years of obsessing over her cellulite

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I hate dating. Why can’t I wake up to someone who adores me without exerting any effort

This 19-year-old astronaut just became the youngest person in history to pass all NASA aerospace tests (and now @NASABlueberry1 is prepping to become the first human to travel to Mars.) 🚀☄️🎉 #WCW #GirlsInSTEM

Yes I am horrified that Roe v. Wade could be overturned in my lifetime but I take comfort in knowing if I ever need an abortion I can just tell a Republican Congressman’s wife that her husband got me pregnant.

dating a very social person in their 30s is like starting a show in its 20th season with 125 characters and 3,000 storyarcs to learn

If any Gen Z are wondering why every Millennial woman has an eating disorder it’s because in the 2000s a normal thing to say to a teenage girl was “when you think you feel hungry, youre actually thirsty so just drink water and you’ll be fine.”

"Normalize women who don’t want kids. Normalize women who want kids AND a career ( & not out of necessity). Normalize women who want to be stay at home moms and women who don’t know what they want yet and women who are changing their identities halfway through life."@emmycoletti

This makes her sound like a mafia boss

This is some of the best acting I’ve seen on British television

good morning to Victoria Beckham, who replied to a Crocs gift drop from Justin Bieber with a poll concluding that she'd rather die than wear them

Retweeting this again with context, so you get what incredible news this is. Malaria kills thousands of children every single day. An effective vaccine could save the lives of a million children within three years. ONE MILLION CHILDREN. Science is playing a blinder right now.

ma’am? 😭

We caught up with @TheCharliHoward to find out what she loves about shopping small and keeping it local #ESShopLondon

I manifested seeing myself on the #ForbesUnder30 list and it happened - the very last year I could be on it!

So honoured to be on this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list 🙏🏼❤️