Charli Howard

Charli Howard


Charli Howard is a British model at the vanguard of the Body Positivity movement, who rose to prominence after her open letter – a powerful indictment of the modelling industry – went viral. She has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN and Channel 4; has featured in Vogue, Elle and Glamour magazines; has amassed a large Instagram following (@charlihoward); and stars in the forthcoming feature-length documentary, Straight/Curve.

Charli is the founder of the All Woman Project, and wishes to extend her message of positivity to children – to encourage them to love themselves exactly as they are. Modelling-wise, she has fronted campaigns for Maybelline, Mango, Desigual and Nike, among others. Her StyleLikeU video alone has clocked over 1 million views, and she receives messages of support and admiration from young girls every day.

Charli’s guide to mental health and body positivity for teens, Misfit, was published by Penguin Random House Children’s in February 2018.

Her debut middle-grade novel, Splash, was published by Nosy Crow in July 2018.

Misfit @TheCharliHoward


Splash by @TheCharliHoward Determined, relatable and empowering. Poppy B.

someone: doesn't reply for 5 hours
me: am i being Ghosted? Perhaps i am Unloveable? perhaps I should Never open myself up to anyone ever again?

i’ve started calling male customers ‘good boy’ whenever they call me ‘good girl’ for serving them and it’s the most empowering thing watching the testosterone drain from their faces and their tails going between their legs as they walk away full of SHAME

Going on my favourite @jasminedotiwala BBC show tomorrow night with some amazing people ❤️❤️❤️

Tmrw night with me @BBCRadioLondon on #TheScene we have:

1- Gong Bath Queen @Haveyourmagic and a LIVE gong bath!

2-supermodel/activist @TheCharliHoward

3- song writer to the stars @jinjinofficial

4-live music by @ClubFRSHRZ

5-NOW U KNOW is with music star @TinchyStryder

I just completely forgot the word ‘eel’ at the Fishmonger and asked if they had any of those ‘long ones’ while I did an eel-motion with my hands which actually very much resembles wanking off a penis.

What Uri Geller doesn’t realise is that I staged Brexit in the first place.

Remembering Eastenders' Greatest Ever Ben Mitchell via @viceuk

#AfterLife by @rickygervais is the funniest, most heart-warming show I’ve seen in a long time. Really needed this today 🙏🏼 @netflix

1. Fame isn’t an indication of how successful you are. 2. I respect anyone who works hard & makes money on their own terms over royalty any day.

The Maddie McCann thing on Netflix is shit so I’m gonna do my own thread

Despicable headline from @EveningStandard Focusing on the number of drinks a survivor has (or their clothes or whether or not they had been flirtatious etc) smacks of victim blaming. Suggest: Man Accused of Rape #evawg #everydaysexism

i deserve to be treated with respect.

i deserve to be happy.

i deserve to feel loved.

Dealt with that many dickheads today that I’m half expecting DJ Khaled to jump out yelling “ANOTHER ONE”

Nothing haunts you like that song you forgot to Shazam

#currentlyreading 📚 @TheCharliHoward & @NosyCrow 🤓 I’ve read Misfit too & loved it! #childrensbooks #librarian

👏 Thank you @PINsykes for championing contemporary UK YA publishing in this week's @thehighlowshow including shout outs to personal faves @holly_bourneYA, @junodawson and our own @TheCharliHoward. Teens need inclusive authentic stories more than ever & these three do it so well!

It’s so refreshing to actually see natural, unretouched photos in @GlamourMagUK of @TheCharliHoward 😍 it’s so important to remind EVERYONE that most images of this idea we have of this stereotypical ‘body perfection’ is fake. #loveyourself