Charli Howard

Charli Howard


Charli Howard is a British model at the vanguard of the Body Positivity movement, who rose to prominence after her open letter – a powerful indictment of the modelling industry – went viral. She has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN and Channel 4; has featured in Vogue, Elle and Glamour magazines; has amassed a large Instagram following (@charlihoward); and stars in the forthcoming feature-length documentary, Straight/Curve.

Charli is the founder of the All Woman Project, and wishes to extend her message of positivity to children – to encourage them to love themselves exactly as they are. Modelling-wise, she has fronted campaigns for Maybelline, Mango, Desigual and Nike, among others. Her StyleLikeU video alone has clocked over 1 million views, and she receives messages of support and admiration from young girls every day.

Charli’s guide to mental health and body positivity for teens, Misfit, was published by Penguin Random House Children’s in February 2018.

Her debut middle-grade novel, Splash, was published by Nosy Crow in July 2018.

Misfit @TheCharliHoward

This #DominicCummngs interview is excruciating 😖

The fantastic Misfit by @thecharlihoward is for anyone who’s ever felt like they’re just not quite as normal as everyone else, and then reminds us that normal is massively overrated anyway. #mentalhealthawarenessweek

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4. After @Adele posted a photo of herself celebrating her 32nd birthday in a form-fitting little black dress, the world had a lot to say about her new shape. Curve model & body positivity champion, @TheCharliHoward, explains why it’s none of our business:

when i lost over 100 lbs, everyone suddenly loved me. everyone thought i was gorgeous. everyone thought i was powerful. i can assure you being congratulated for weight loss just feels like your greatest fear confirmed. you have to be thin to be valuable to the world. it sucks.

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#CharliHoward covers @KingKongMagazin.

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Meet @TheCharliHoward, the model trying to change fashion and beauty imagery for the better...

Our girl @TheCharliHoward still smashing it!

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Today, and every day, we’re saying no to #Sexism. Here, @MonaKattan, #NathalieEmmanuel, @nicolacoughlan and @TheCharliHoward join us in speaking out 🙌 #InternationalWomenDay2020

Our cover star this week is the phenomenal @TheCharliHoward, who five years ago bravely exposed the dark side of fashion. Thankfully she’s never stopped campaigning and you can find out what her next mission is tomorrow on #Stellasunday⁠

well this is the first time I’ve seen a publication name and shame the people who write abusive comments under their Facebook articles:

Bristol newspaper lists the local people who made threats against Greta Thunberg in their article comments

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Fashion Fix host @TheCharliHoward writing on body positivity and @Adele for Vogue 💅