Ceylan Scott

Ceylan Scott


Ceylan Scott was born in London in 1997. She has suffered from mental health problems throughout her teenage years and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She lives in Bath with her parents, twin sister, and their three dogs. On a Scale of One to Ten is her first novel.


Ceylan Scott @ceylan_scott

It's time to deploy @PumpCourt's slowest, heaviest, hairiest and cuddliest player. How can you not vote for him? #WorldCupofChambers. https://twitter.com/TheLawyermag/status/1265965032518680576?s=19

I hope you get to feel nice today. I am a bear.

Asexual & aromantic people should be included in the #IDAHOBIT conversation. The apobia/acephobia we experience is incredibly harmful. Leaving us out of conversations about prejudice towards queer individuals and identities contributes to that harm.

can someone pls tell me why I’m constantly on rightmove when I‘m nowhere near to buying a house

Read this. Not only is it personal, I am sure, for this young woman, but it puts into words feelings that I have been struggling to for years. Damn, if this isn’t some amazing writing. https://twitter.com/ceylan_scott/status/1261725225915486208

3am hazy musings on mental illness

Even though I have recovered from depression, the door is never quite closed. It is always slightly ajar. I sometimes feel it, light like the ghost of a breeze, very much there, unseen, but felt.

Gut feelings. Soft sculpture piece based on the way emotions manifest in physical sensations in the body, specifically the tight knotted feeling of anxiety in my stomach

Samaritans are a listening service. Some ppl need that. But others need different help- psychotherapy, or their circumstances/environment to change. The #mentalhealth crisis needs more than a ‘helpline for if you’re affected’. It requires structural change. #wheresyourheadat

Suicide is preventable, but not selfish. Suicide is, normally, death caused by depression. The final symptom. A collapse under unbearable weight exacerbated by circumstance. Suicide is a tragedy. If you've never been close to that edge try not to judge what you can’t understand.

For the days my brain is unfriendly, I have made myself a softer kinder one!

u know the most unrealistic thing about skins was that effy tried to kill herself once and got sectioned, irl u just get the crisis team like “have a bubble bath, you’ll be fine”

The media should be concerned about mental health as well as physical health. Panic can be viral too.

Everyone should go and read this amazing piece of work by @hattieporter_ about the stigma ppl with bpd face everyday

BPD – When your text book tells you you’re a manipulative, deceitful attention seeker – The Diagnosis of Exclusion https://thediagnosisofexclusion.com/2020/02/12/bpd-when-your-text-book-tells-you-youre-a-manipulative-deceitful-attention-seeker/

This was an interesting and challenging thing to write. Definitely made me reflect on the impact bpd had on me, not being unwell in itself, but how painful the label feels and the pain of the stigma that comes with it https://twitter.com/Keirwales/status/1227689641077243904