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Ceylan Scott


Ceylan Scott was born in London in 1997. She has suffered from mental health problems throughout her teenage years and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She lives in Bath with her parents, twin sister, and their three dogs. On a Scale of One to Ten is her first novel.


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Properly hilarious to hear commentators - who are more than happy to allow their kids to be taught that Jesus is a supernatural being - criticizing us for "brainwashing" our kids about the scientific fact of anthropogenic global warming. #readmorebooks #ClimateStrike

I wish the discourse around mental illness extended to the aspects of it that are deemed less socially “acceptable” like psychosis and the paranoia, hallucinations & delusions that come with it, personality disorders, poor personal hygiene etc we need to talk about everything

Wonderful starred review for the US edition of @ceylan_scott's #OnaScaleofOnetoTen. https://t.co/MrXrIyUXDk

This "hopeful" and truthful look at mental illness, healing, and redemption has received its first starred review! #OnAScaleofOnetoTen by @ceylan_scott is out on May 14th.

Pondering my bpd diagnosis and the identity confusion it has caused me in rhyme because i can’t quite explain it without poetic form yet

I wish mental health professionals and the public at large had the same respect for the severity of BPD as they do for bipolar

missing my heavier, fluffier & (let’s be honest) cooler partner in crime. hudson’s confidence and self belief radiated onto me when i was housebound with anxiety & paranoia. cannot emphasise enough how much animals can improve mental health ❤️

#sevenbooks Day 6: On a Scale of One to Ten by @ceylan_scott.

I hate phone calls. I really don't like phone calls. It's nothing personal. Unless you are a phone.

5 days to go until my first tour in fkn YEARS. Here’s a single I put out last month. Stick your headphones in and turn it up loud - the ending is epic.
#BackCountdown #TimMinchinBACK

Ok bearing in mind I've just finished & loved Fierce Fragile Hearts by @saramegan and On a scale of 1 to 10 by @ceylan_scott this week (am on a reading roll) has anyone got any similarly heartbreaking / beautifully warm and wonderful YA recommendations?? Pls x

I feel so so lucky to be in a job which I absolutely love, where I look forward going in to work every day. Qualifying as a Mental Health Nurse has changed my life. Happy Mental Health Nurses Day ❤️✨ #MHNursesDay

UK: how do we know you’re not a threat to the country

Shamima Begum:

If animals have feelings, which they do, it becomes hard to say why animals are not equal to us. In fifty years from now I reckon people will talk about species privilege and feel like we did the wrong thing with it.

A women I know has a GP friend who told her: “Borderline Personality Disorder patients are the worst because they just won’t help themselves”. Can professionals please stop spreading their discriminatory views to members of the public. It’s no wonder stigma exists in society.

This is an outstanding analysis by @Barristerblog. The best thing you will read on the case of teenage “ISIS bride” Shamima Begum. https://t.co/gHDmrtAwLR

Things not to say to borderlines:

- you’re overreacting
- calm down
- it’s not a big deal
- stop feeling that way
- stop worrying
- just stop spending/self harming/being impulsive
- I don’t see what the big deal is
- other people calm down quicker
- look at the positives

Can the Home Secretary prevent Shamina Begum returning to the UK? https://t.co/sawmtt4ume

16 days to go until I’m BACK on tour. Hmmm.
I wrote this ballad for Australian film ‘Two Fists, One Heart’, in which I played a small role in a significant headband.

Grounding techniques:
•Cold showers.
•Chilli seeds/flakes/toxic wastes
•Breathing/ counting
•Go outside in bare feet.
•Bath bombs w/ strong scents & colours.
•5 minutes of star jumps
•Listen to familiar music loudly.