Ceylan Scott

Ceylan Scott


Ceylan Scott was born in London in 1997. She has suffered from mental health problems throughout her teenage years and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She lives in Bath with her parents, twin sister, and their three dogs. On a Scale of One to Ten is her first novel.


Ceylan Scott @ceylan_scott

20 years ago this summer I nearly died by suicide in Ibiza.

I knew I had no future. I knew I’d never be happy again.

Today I am in France. With family. And dog. Enchanted.

I am alive. I am happy. In the future that couldn’t exist.

The impossible happens via living.


I‘m not anti-social. I’m pro-solitude.

It is okay if you are not a bear. But if you want to be a bear, I encourage you to keep trying to be a bear. There are plenty of perks (which are mostly nap and garbage related).
I am a bear.

live footage of me apparently extremely content in objectively unhealthy relationships

wow who knew that trying to Get Better is actually far more emotionally exhausting than Being Ill

I wish people would be more accepting of other disorders, like psychosis, personality disorders, dissociative identity disorders..

It’s great that depression and anxiety have been accepted, but there is more to mental health than some people think

Top tip
Dont tell your patients they are attention seeking time wasters who have the capacity to kill themselves and need to take responsibility.

Instead, be kind.

There we go fixed the main problem. https://t.co/CgQwgnhmt1

Which psychiatrist would you rather see?

Psychiatrist A CV:

I graduated top of my class in med school & College exams.

Psychiatrist B CV:

I struggled during med school with mental illness. My lived experience made me realise how crucial humility, kindness & empathy are

Instagram is a pretty terrible company. https://t.co/V6AetjVQ2i

As the graphic self harm pics that I report get left up for not “violating” @instagram’s guidelines, here are 3 pics my from my mental health account (link in bio) glorifying recovery & friends-that insta has deleted for “encouraging self harm or suicide” #stopscarshaming

If you aim to be something you are not you will always fail. Aim to be you. Aim to look and act and think like you. Embrace that you-ness. Endorse it. Love it. And don’t give a fuck when people mock it or ridicule it. Most gossip is envy in disguise.

Sometimes, when things are hard, you just have to remember that in this world there exists dogs who are actually as big and fluffy and loving as Hudson, and that’s a world you wanna be in

Instagram’s new censoring rules aren’t deleting graphic self harm/pro self harm posts, they are targeting positive recovery accounts who happen to have scars. They’re scar shaming & body shaming, not making it a safer place to be.


Been a rocky fortnight but ending it with these new additions to the menagerie can only do good for my mental health-onwards and upwards!

Ttw when you drop your phone into the rat cage and your rat takes better selfies than you’ve ever taken in your life 🐁

It is so important to critically evaluate dimensions and classifications used in psychiatry! These labels are ignorant of the reality of so many who struggle with MH

#Problems with the #ICD11 classification of #PersonalityDisorder ⁦@TheLancetPsych⁩ https://t.co/wmPCSaA1fb

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Some feelings can't be measured. ✨

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