Ceylan Scott

Ceylan Scott


Ceylan Scott was born in London in 1997. She has suffered from mental health problems throughout her teenage years and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She lives in Bath with her parents, twin sister, and their three dogs. On a Scale of One to Ten is her first novel.


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In case anyone missed it yesterday, @timkendall1 of @NHSEngland had to tell staff who are there to help people not to refer to patients as attention seeking and manipulative.

It is not only a correct statement but your moral imperative to say “JK Rowling is transphobic”. She is publicly against trans rights and is arguably the face of the anti-trans movement internationally. This is the path she chose and she must be treated as such

100 days sober. In my relapse, I couldn’t even dream of one day sober. Feeling proud

Incredible turnouts at all the vigils this week for Brianna Ghey. The British press - and certain celebrities - who’ve told the public it’s ok to laugh and sneer at trans people should be ashamed of themselves. 🏳️‍⚧️❤️ https://www.wearequeeraf.com/brianna-ghey-media-must-recognise-its-part-in-rising-transphobia-2/

CPTSD is so narrowly defined in ICD11 that it's a pipe dream for many who just want to be seen, recognised and validated as trauma victim-survivors after so long.

it's often been years we've been waiting for that acknowledgment after being framed as the wrong type for sympathy.

@Shrink_at_Large It’s such a bad idea. Teens fit a lot of the criteria just being in that stage of life. Let alone labelling people with disordered personality at that age. Realistically the worst part is all the discrimination and abuse they’ll receive from such a young age!

Me when child psychiatrists and psychologists are convinced telling children and teens they have a personality disorder is going to be useful despite forty years of evidence from adult services it does anything but, and the fact said children will soon be our adult patients.

"Failures in communication and record keeping
...Hospitals said lessons had been learned"

How many more times do inquests have to identify failures in communication and record keeping?????


"What did Rowling do/say that's transphobic?" is virtually always a bad faith question from people looking to justify or excuse either their own transphobia but, in case anyone wants an answer, may I present the following incomplete list:

Some staff at our local ambulance service @swasFT will be joining national ambulance strikes on Monday 20 February from 6am - 23:59pm.

Fewer ambulances available and the NHS will be prioritising those with life threatening needs. 🧵

You can call @samaritans 24/7 about anything that's troubling you. It's free. It's confidential. It's non-judgemental https://tinyurl.com/ybt4z984 @GrassrootsSP @thoughtclimber @DorsetMind @HealthyDorset @DorsetHealth @bournemouthuni @SUBUBournemouth @Bournemouth_Psy @SamsBournemouth

There’s just 🚨two weeks🚨 left to enter the PFD Queer Fiction Prize 2023! You only need to have written the first three chapters & a synopsis, and it’s free to enter - follow the link in our bio for more details 🌈📝

A 16 year old was murdered and, rather than stopping to reflect on whether they created the conditions in which this could happen, journalists and Gender Criticals are investing time finding out her deadname and trying to explain how 'well actually' transphobia wasn't invovled.

Because Britain does not have Self ID, trans teenager Brianna Ghey cannot be buried as her true self. She won’t be allowed the dignity of having ‘beloved daughter’ on her gravestone. Or a correct death certificate. All because the mob oppose something they don’t understand.

Rest in peace, Brianna Ghey 🤍

Brianna deserved a chance to become a beautiful adult woman, and to live to see a world where trans people are safe and respected.

Anyone in the media who is using her deadname and erasing Brianna’s identity should be ashamed of themselves.

I told you. British Media, The Government, JK Rowling, Ricky Gervais, and the whole hideous, stinking Gender Critical movement have blood on their hands. “A targeted attack.” You have created a hysterical climate where it’s ok to target trans people. God bless Brianna ❤️

Borderline Personality Disorder as a label is increasingly recognised as a motivated characterisation used as a tool to deny individuals in need care and reinforcing harmful prejudices. It can strengthen patients' deepest insecurities+ further marginalise those already let down.

It's an unacceptable travesty that mental health services routinely traumatise often already traumatised patients.

Patients come to services looking for support, compassion, & validation & are all too often met with mere crumbs or iatrogenic harm.

We all deserve so much better.

Note the psychiatrists role in this prosecution https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/23273715.woman-rescued-a40-bridge-health-crisis-prosecuted/