Ceylan Scott

Ceylan Scott


Ceylan Scott was born in London in 1997. She has suffered from mental health problems throughout her teenage years and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She lives in Bath with her parents, twin sister, and their three dogs. On a Scale of One to Ten is her first novel.


Ceylan Scott @ceylan_scott

A patient who is “not engaging” is a sign that they are struggling and need support.

It’s not an excuse to discharge them.

I never find it helpful when MH services ask "well what do you want from us?"

Um... the will to live?

Please manage my expectations by telling me what you can offer instead of asking something vague where I have no idea what I'm supposed to say.

Also - it's dismissive & rude.

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, it's important to note that crimes against transgender people saw the biggest rise, with 4,355 reports, up 56% from the previous year.

Transphobia has no place in our society.

1. This time last year I spent two weeks in the A&E department at @RUHBath after being sectioned. I was v unwell & there were no psych ward beds in the country so there was nowhere for me to go. I will never forget the amazing care during those 14 days ⬇️

I’ve rarely if ever seen an #eatingdisorder professional confident to ask me about the details of bulimia or who hasn’t been surprised by the details. They haven’t wanted to know. Maybe it’s less neat and tidy than anorexia where they wanted to know every last detail.

Think we’re just going to be camp & be matching skeletons every day just so people know we’re together tbh

Just a polite reminder to anyone who doesn’t support trans rights…

Don’t follow me. Like really just piss off and take your hate elsewhere.

There is little point reducing waiting times or improving access to mental health services if we are re-traumatising people when they get there.

@ceylan_scott Teenagers shouldn't even be diagnosed with PDs, since they tend have fluctuating hormone levels and unstable emotions.

Mood swings and behaviours that look like PDs might just be normal teenage behaviour.

(That isn't even counting undiagnosed neurodivergence.)

@ceylan_scott Even the term, 'personality disorder' is so intensely silly that it'd be funny... if it were not actually ruining real people's lives.

Societal message:
'it's you'
'you're nuts'
'you're beyond redemption'
'nothing wrong with us at all'

It's breathtaking really...the audacity.

Trans kids are some of the most vulnerable children in our society. They're at the mercy of their family's support, their community's reaction to who they are, the whims of their politicians, and any laws that are written about them.

We must protect trans kids. Always.

“No working person/family should be in poverty” feels an awful lot like backhanded ableism.

Truth is, no one should be in poverty in one of the richest countries in the world. And that’s true whether they’re able to work or not.

1. Getting a #bpd diagnosis so young (15) destroyed what was left of my self-esteem. It’s punitive & blaming. Still angry that the ppl who hurt me moved on with their lives but I was branded as having a clinically “dramatic” PD as a child processing trauma.

After 10 yrs of being diagnosed with E-BPD & then BPD, this week my diagnosis got changed. I felt heard. BPD should not be the dumping dx for young females who self-harm. ASD, PTSD, depression etc should be considered before a BPD diagnosis. #traumanotPD

Juvenile striped eel catfish move together on the ocean floor, providing safety in numbers.

It’s #AceWeek. Let’s talk about asexuality and mental health. 🗣️

Asexuality is defined as having little or no sexual attraction towards people of all genders. 2% of the UK population (over a million people) identify as asexual.


. @trussliz omg just heard there’s a leadership election nxt week????? u shud run babe youd be perfect!!! 💝💫💥

How many people are avoiding NHS mh services for fear they will be labelled with a personality disorder?

"Most men who want to abuse women don't feel the need to change their gender to do it".

@NicolaSturgeon hits back at JK Rowling's claims she's destroying women’s rights telling LBC "abusive men are the risk to women, not trans women"

@ginadavidsonlbc | https://l-bc.co/3V8zyFb