Ceylan Scott

Ceylan Scott


Ceylan Scott was born in London in 1997. She has suffered from mental health problems throughout her teenage years and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She lives in Bath with her parents, twin sister, and their three dogs. On a Scale of One to Ten is her first novel.


Ceylan Scott @ceylan_scott

I am six months sober today! What a wild ride it’s been.

@Barristerblog The article represents an act of violence towards our community, not to mention it spreads misinformation and silences the voices of trans people

@Barristerblog You can tell this article wasn’t written by someone who is trans 🏳️‍⚧️ . It’s really frustrating having cis people talk over the voices of trans individuals

@Barristerblog Also anyone who believes children can have “borderline personalities” needs to have their professional judgement questioned.

Tw violence/self harm
1. Shared a video abt the damaging & potentially fatal consequences a diagnosis of bpd can cause. W/ emergency services I have friends who have been arrested after a suicide attempt because of their label.⬇️

@Keirwales Diagnostic criteria overlap. What’s going on is some people get treated with dignity and respect (PTSD) and others are the bane of the professionals (BPD)

I just want to cry for those who are still stuck with such a fucking shit excuse of a diagnosis. I’m sad and I’m angry.

All the tweets about personality disorders are giving me shivers, remembering the year I was wrongly diagnosed.
I almost died from sepsis because of diagnostic overshadowing. A few months later I was beaten up by a paramedic because he didn’t ‘mess around with borderlines’.

Today is the last day of my exhibition Alexithymia at @OUTPOSTGallery in Norwich if anyone can make it there before it closes. I’m really proud of this as a display of pain and healing and finding a voice in art

Putting a traumatised person on ‘no bathroom privacy’ whilst they are on their period is not *trauma informed care*. It’s retraumatising.

Kind of wishing there was a Mental Illness Awareness Week ….

The difference between health and illness shouldn’t be such a hard concept to grasp


My amazing friend Bex did this beautiful picture of me with Hudson and some of my writing. I love it.

Dear mental health services:

If you're going to withold inpatient support to actively suicidal individuals, you do need to ensure your community treatments are gold standard AND adhered to.

Pass it on.

‘Not the time for mourning’

A quick and messy poem about grieving for your own life, and the confusion that comes with it

#poem #poety

it’s such a scary time to have borderline personality disorder right now. This will be a lot of people’s first time hearing about this condition and it’ll then be commonly and negatively attached to Amber Heard for a long time.

There is a belief in psychiatry that the "most unwell" people are those who don't know they're unwell. Insight and capacity are seen as markers that someone isn't severely ill. This needs to change.

Please keep a lookout for Lara, especially if you are in the Sheffield area. Her family and many friends are very concerned about her. @ceylan_scott https://twitter.com/syptweet/status/1516825031606689796

Lord sugar is attempting to sort out the worlds overpopulation crisis in a slightly novel/ scary way #TheApprentice