Cecilia Ekbäck

Cecilia Ekbäck


Cecilia Ekbäck is a 2016 HWA Goldsboro winner and writer of the international bestseller Wolf Winter.

Wolf Winter was sold at auction to Kate Parkin, at Hodder. It was published on the 12th February 2015, with German, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, American and Canadian rights secured as well as interest in several other international countries. It was a bestseller in Canada and Sweden and won the HWA Goldsborough Award 2016. Her second novel IN THE MONTH OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN was published in 2016 in HB and the paperback is due in July 2017.

Cecilia was born in Sweden in a northern fishing town. After university she specialised in marketing and worked for a multinational for fifteen years with postings in Russia, Germany, France, Portugal and the Middle East. In 2010 she finished Royal Holloway’s Master in Creative Writing under Andrew Motion. She is lives in Calgary with her husband David and twin daughters Anna and Maja, ‘returning home’ to the landscape and the characters of her childhood and adolescence in her writing.

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