Catrin Nye

Catrin Nye


Catrin Nye is an investigative journalist, documentary maker and presenter for the BBC. She currently hosts the monthly national debate show The Hour on BBC One Wales as well as reporting for the BBC’s BAFTA award-winning Victoria Derbyshire programme, BBC Panorama, BBC World and Radio 4.

Catrin previously spent many years reporting for Newsnight and BBC Asian Network developing a specialism in Britain’s minority communities, an area she continues to work on today. She has also written and reported for the Guardian, Prospect, BBC Radio 1, BBC World Service, 1Xtra, 5Live, BBC Breakfast and local radio across the UK.

Catrin has won the Mind Journalist of the Year award, two Sandford Saint Martin awards for excellence in religious broadcasting and was one of the Radio Academy’s 30 Under 30. She has also been shortlisted for RTS Young Journalist of the Year and an Amnesty Award among others.

Catrin was born in Brecon in Wales where she grew up – she is currently based in London and Cardiff (and on a plane/train).

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This is just so awful. Families of the 39 people who died in the refrigerated lorry in Essex have been told that neither the British or Vietnamese governments will bear the costs of repatriating the bodies.

Setting up for tonight’s ⁦@BBCOne⁩ Ask the Leader debate with the Green Party. Join us 1045pm #GE2019

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In case your problems seem overwhelming

Plastics sent by the UK and other Western countries to Indonesia are being burnt - releasing highly toxic chemicals into the food chain. You can watch the full film about how it's happening here:
w @restyworo for @VictoriaLIVE

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Today on @VictoriaLIVE we revealed the identity of Marine E who was accused of murdering a wounded Taliban fighter in 2011. Former Royal Marine Sam Deen told me he tried to take his own life last year ‘after hitting rock bottom’.

Eeeeekkk!! Invisible Women has made it through to the FINALS of the @goodreads awards. These awards are 100% reader decided so if you want IW to win you know what to do!

Arron Banks' Twitter account hacked

Meet the creators of the award-winning “For Sama” —a film told through the eyes of a mother, surviving 5 years of the Syrian conflict. “We’d never seen anything with... this much heart,” says @raneyaronson. Tune in or stream 11/19 at 10/9c on @frontlinePBS

Find out more about our Johnson/Corbyn deepfakes in this 'behind the scenes' film by the BBC's @CatrinNye.

Watch the film in full here:

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All over the world - including in the UK - people are still recruiting and investing in OneCoin (and other similar scams). Right now. Please keep passing this on to anyone who you think needs to hear it. Thank you!

We're working on a feature documentary for the BBC about the 2011 riots. For anyone who wants to share their story of the riots you can contact me on here or at in confidence. Thanks so much and please share.

Exclusive: today we can reveal the identity of Marine E - accused of murdering a wounded Taliban fighter in 2011. Ex-Royal Marine Sam Deen speaking for the first
time, tells us he tried to take his own life ‘after hitting rock bottom’ @BBCTwo @BBCNews 10am

Still unsure about what a blockchain is? This from @spenley for @BBCClick remains the clearest description I’ve seen. HT @seaninsound

I wonder who will play @maitlis in season 12 of The Crown?

.@Demos colleague @Elliot_M_Jones is keeping a close eye on how Snapchat is being used as part of #GE19, including some sweet maps. Give him a follow if you haven't already.

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