Catrin Nye

Catrin Nye


Catrin Nye is an investigative journalist, documentary maker and presenter for the BBC. She currently hosts the monthly national debate show The Hour on BBC One Wales as well as reporting for the BBC’s BAFTA award-winning Victoria Derbyshire programme, BBC Panorama, BBC World and Radio 4.

Catrin previously spent many years reporting for Newsnight and BBC Asian Network developing a specialism in Britain’s minority communities, an area she continues to work on today. She has also written and reported for the Guardian, Prospect, BBC Radio 1, BBC World Service, 1Xtra, 5Live, BBC Breakfast and local radio across the UK.

Catrin has won the Mind Journalist of the Year award, two Sandford Saint Martin awards for excellence in religious broadcasting and was one of the Radio Academy’s 30 Under 30. She has also been shortlisted for RTS Young Journalist of the Year and an Amnesty Award among others.

Catrin was born in Brecon in Wales where she grew up – she is currently based in London and Cardiff (and on a plane/train).

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Modern slavery cases 'rise by over a third'

And victims not receiving enough long term support, charities say.

Latest from @_ClaireLJones_
Full film on Monday at 10.

#ParkinsonsDrugTrial is one of the best documentaries - in fact, best anything - I’ve seen. Certainly the most emotional & educational. You all need to watch it.

This man delivering some flowers to the Christchurch mosque is worth listening to.

Heartfelt messages from our White Helmets on the front lines as we mark the anniversary of the Syrian Revolution. To our Syrian people we will continue our humanitarian work and stay with you until the job is done. To the world, we will exemplify peace and harmony. #Syria

EXCLUSIVE details in @barribaat how braveheart father Pakistani-origin Naeem Rashid from Abottabad tried to stop the armed Christchurch terrorist. Naeem also lost his son Talha Naeem, 21 in #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack.
#ChristianTerror #nzshooting

Think it’s time to bring this back. While vicious people with no other purpose than to kill exist, this masjid PAID a man with hatred in his heart out of jail. Islam is a religion of love.

Bath is the latest UK city to declare a "climate emergency"

Who's behind it, and what does it mean?

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#politicslive #ClimateStrike

“You’ll have to forgive me, these won’t be my best words...”

On this heartbreaking day, Waleed reflects and calls for unity. #TheProjectTV

Climate change, can we fix it? Send us your questions 🌍

"There are some people who fan the flames of hatred. There are some people who demonise and dehumanise people because of the faith they have a role to play in radicalising people to become terrorists."

- @SadiqKhan speaks outside East London Mosque.

Aspiring journalists! Not long left to apply for the Guardian's Scott Trust Bursary. It was a life changing opportunity for me when I got it. My much more esteemed colleagues @garyyounge @Lanre_Bakare @homakhaleeli & @PoppyNoor are all past recipients too

"Family friends that we’ve known for 19 years - dead. People there for my engagement - dead. You don’t think something like this can happen in Christchurch of all places with such a small community, kind & loving,"

Heartbreaking interview with Yasmin Ali

Breaking: Details of five Pakistani men missing in #ChristchurchMosqueShooting @barribaat!

1) Muhammad Suhail Shahid (36 years)

2) Syed Areeb Ahmad (26 years)

3) Syed Jehandad Ali (34 years)

4)Talha Naeem (21 years)

5) Muhammad Zahid.

There is to be a vigil in solidarity with New Zealand this lunchtime at East London Mosque with faith leaders and the Mayor of London.

YouTube said 5h ago it was "working vigilantly to remove... violent footage" of New Zealand attack. Not hard to find the whole stream still on site with no warning. Reported one example 10 mins ago. Let's see how long it takes for them to take it down?

I was in #NewZealand only months ago, meeting locals who felt part of their society and disconnected from some of the worst going-ons in the rest of the world. This absolute tragedy shows how insidious & global violent extremism is. Thoughts are with families.


48 people with gunshot wounds - including children - are still being treated at Christchurch Hospital.

Local reporter Kim Baker-Wilson says 12 operating theatres are now treating shooting victims.


This horrific event is wrapped up in dark internet culture in every way. The attacker's use of fringe internet memes ('subscribe to pewdiepie'), the 4 & 8 Channers disgusting 'ironic' praise, the Islamophobic 'great replacement' conspiracies, the live-streaming on Facebook.

‘It was 10-15 minutes of continuous was so loud’

Mohan Ibrahim escaped the New Zealand mosque terror attack by climbing out of a window.

49 people have been killed.