Catrin Nye

Catrin Nye


Catrin Nye is an investigative journalist, documentary maker and presenter for the BBC. She currently hosts the monthly national debate show The Hour on BBC One Wales as well as reporting for the BBC’s BAFTA award-winning Victoria Derbyshire programme, BBC Panorama, BBC World and Radio 4.

Catrin previously spent many years reporting for Newsnight and BBC Asian Network developing a specialism in Britain’s minority communities, an area she continues to work on today. She has also written and reported for the Guardian, Prospect, BBC Radio 1, BBC World Service, 1Xtra, 5Live, BBC Breakfast and local radio across the UK.

Catrin has won the Mind Journalist of the Year award, two Sandford Saint Martin awards for excellence in religious broadcasting and was one of the Radio Academy’s 30 Under 30. She has also been shortlisted for RTS Young Journalist of the Year and an Amnesty Award among others.

Catrin was born in Brecon in Wales where she grew up – she is currently based in London and Cardiff (and on a plane/train).

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Two episodes in. What an amazing listen!

Just listened to this. Fascinating, revealing , tragic. Oh, and a good explainer re “blockchain” for his Mum.

My friend @JamieJBartlett has a new podcast series coming out. I know everything is a 'must listen' or 'must read' nowadays, but honestly, this really is. Courageous, intrepid reporting of the maddest story you'll ever

The Missing Cryptoqueen by @JamieJBartlett and friends is a cracker. Don't miss the 'Can Jamie explain Bitcoin to his mum?' challenge in episode 2

Congratulations @JamieJBartlett on your new series for @BBCSounds I'm sure this will be another scorcher!

This is really good & cool - I’m hooked

I’m two episodes into this and it is *fascinating*. Like Serial but with cryptocurrency. (But if in episode 8 it goes “and it was all a dream” it’s not my fault, okay?)

Where is The Missing Cryptoqueen, and what is the truth behind OneCoin?

Subscribe and listen to the new podcast now, on BBC Sounds 👉

For the last 9 months I’ve been working on one story: looking for Dr Ruja, the missing founder of a multi €billion scam & uncovering the truth about OneCoin. ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’ starts TODAY on @BBCSounds. 8 episodes of madness. #cryptoqueen

‘Adults are not doing enough and they’re leaving it to us’

Millions of children are expected to join a global climate strike

Ping Ping, 9, is staging a solo sit-in at her school in Cumbria

The uncle of the baby who had those horrific burns spoke so powerfully about how he felt: "If either the govt or Taliban fully controlled our area this wouldn't have happened.. When they are in the same place, we are trampled by them, like dust under their feet"

A number of Conservative Party members have been suspended for posting or endorsing Islamophobic material online

@BBCSounds And for anyone who can't get BBC sounds for whatever reason, the podcast is also here on iTunes:

‘Now I know people care I feel a lot better’

Rhys Williams has a painful, life-limiting condition.

His mother asked people to send cards for his 14th birthday – he’s received 18,000.

@_ClaireLJones_ met him

Exclusive: Rhys has a life-limiting skin-peeling condition. His mum appealed for people to send him cards for his 14th birthday. He got 18,000. Watch our exclusive film with Rhys at 10am ⁦@BBCTwo⁩ ⁦@BBCNews⁩

For the past 9 months @JamieJBartlett & I have been on the hunt for Dr Ruja Ignatova, the missing mastermind behind a £4bn cryptocurrency scam. What we learn is far weirder & more shocking than we thought possible.& this is it...

@JamieJBartlett @BBCSounds Highly recommended! Loving the first two episodes 😊

I swear my heart broke so many times making this report I lost count... We spent one month in one of Afghanistan's busiest hospitals, alongside the innocent people worst affected by this conflict, and the medics desperately trying to save their lives:

This is peak British establishment.