Catherine Ward

Catherine Ward

Picture book author

Catherine Ward is a children’s author who spends her time dreaming up picture book ideas, surrounded by piles and piles of… you guessed it… picture books.

If she isn’t reading or writing stories, you may find her down at the library, searching through the book boxes for more treasures to read, just like she used to do as a child. Passionate about the natural world, many of her stories feature wildlife.  Her debut ‘The Emerald Forest’ helps children to learn about the amazing relationship between a mother orangutan and her young, their shrinking rainforest habitat and the role of conservationists who are working to save these incredible creatures and the place they call home.  It is a story of hope for their future. Catherine lives in the Midlands with her husband, son and their cat, who is most definitely the boss. Apart from books and nature, Catherine loves making crafts, growing vegetables and baking.

You can say hello to Catherine on Twitter (@CatherineWard0) and Instagram (@catherineward0) where you will mainly find her sharing about books and nature.

You can access her linktree here!