Cat Jarman

Cat Jarman


Dr Cat Jarman is a bioarchaeologist and field archaeologist specialising in the Viking Age, Viking women, and Rapa Nui.  She uses forensic techniques like isotope analysis, carbon dating, and DNA analysis on human remains to untangle the experiences of past people from broader historical narratives.

Her book “River Kings”, about connections between Vikings in the west and the Silk Roads, will be published by HarperCollins in 2020.

Dr Jarman is an Honorary Senior Research Associate at the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Bristol and the director of the archaeological research unit Munin Archaeology.

She completed her PhD in Archaeology at the University of Bristol in December 2017, on the late 9th century Viking Great Army at Repton in Derbyshire. Her thesis research combined complex bioarchaeological and forensic analyses of Viking Age burials, including a mass grave of almost 300 individuals, alongside new excavations of the Viking winter camp and Early Medieval Monastery. This research formed the basis of the 2019 documentary “Britain’s Viking Graveyard” (Channel 4) / “The Lost Viking Army” (PBS/Nova).

Dr Jarman has also researched and published on the diet, resource use, and origins of the ancient populations of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). She now directs ongoing excavations at the Anglo-Saxon and Viking site of Repton and a newly discovered Viking winter camp at nearby Foremark. She also directs excavations of a Viking Age Rus fortified settlement at Vypovzyv in Ukraine.

She is an experienced public speaker and communicator, recently speaking at TEDxBath on the topic of archaeology, migration, and forensics. She frequently shares her expertise in the media (recent examples include New Scientist, New York Times, and BBC radio) and on podcasts (e.g. HistoryHit with Dan Snow) and her research has been covered by print and online news outlets internationally.

Dr Jarman has contributed to numerous TV documentaries as both an on-screen expert and historical consultant, including programmes for the BBC, Channel 4, History, Discovery, and more.

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Join Prof.@driscoll_s and Emma for a tour of @GovanStones' stunning early-medieval stone carvings. Featuring MUCH better video and audio than our live tour! 📽

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@CatJarman Well, that was a great way to start the weekend. Absolutely fascinating chat about Viking era identities - hopefully we'll get this turned round super quick to be on the @HistoryExtra pod next week

Fab talking to @DJMusgrove for a @HistoryExtra podcast on the Viking genomics paper this morning! Though I’m sorry for laughing when you asked if I had any books nearby to prop up my microphone on. Here’s a small of what was on my desk...

Coming up asap! 👇😉

A polite reminder that no one was ever, no one is, and no one will ever be 'GENETICALLY VIKING!'

Some coverage in Science including more of my super brief comments.

But wish they had titled it “Viking is a modern term we use because there is no better word although it’s clearly an inaccurate & complex debate” 😝

Latest* #Viking DNA news! New research out in Nature today - here's what's exciting and what I have a problem with.👇

Does it change our view of the Vikings? No.
Are there some very cool data? Yes
Are there some *big* problems? Also Yes.

New drone photos of the ship outline!!

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Brilliant new article out by @zan_glo & Røstad. This fits perfectly with my current research into the Hoen hoard and women's jewellery in the #Viking Age. If you're interested in Viking women, read the bit about the role of jewellery & "women as custodians of the past"! 👇

@CatJarman Thanks, Cat! The playback is better than live (see below), and we've also recorded non-live videos of the same tour that we'll be posting up soon. Today, we learnt that the Strathclyde Britons had terrible data connections!

I managed to catch some of this earlier & can’t wait to see the rest later. Well done @HorneSupremacy et al!

Today at @GovanStones! #MedievalTwitter #archaeology #history #GlasgowDoD

This is the face of a dog who has stolen the biggest, ripest tomato from the garden and refuses to be held accountable for her actions.

A 39 000 year old Siberian cave bear!!!!! 🤯🐻

Thank you @CCooijmans and @Liminalitea, you have totally made my week! Some quality archaeological research right here ⚔️😹👇

Well if @VegardVike is convinced, you should be too -- that means there are officially *two* known helmets from the Viking world! ⚔️ #vikings

Right - what should I have answered? Give me your best* answers!! ⚔️