Carolyne Faulkner

Carolyne Faulkner


Carolyne Faulkner is the in-house astrologer at the Soho House Group and regularly holds events in their houses around the world. She has over 200 regular one-to-one clients, and holds a clinic at Harrods Urban Retreat. She has been practicing astrology for over 12 years and has been featured in numerous publications including VogueGrazia and Harpers Bazaar.

Carolyne’s guide to contemporary astrology, The Signs, was published by Penguin Life in November 2017


A new constellation of astrology guru (Vogue)

The go-to life coach for those in the know (InStyle Magazine)

A pioneering new self-improvement method based on the stars (Soho House)

The coach to get you where you want to go (Harper’s Bazaar)


The Signs @@AstroLassie

Follow your passion, your love and listen to your heart...make art and the money will follow. Yup #FridayMotivation

Ten years ago I made it my mission to speak for the stars and empower everyone to skip the astropopplastic and read charts for themselves ..This is my creation... forget the robotic commercial algorithms, this is for your soul...

Don't let negative vibes pollute your soul... Rise Up. be Happy

Time is always moving on; nothing can stop it. We can’t change the past, but we can shape the future. The more compassionate you are, the more you will find inner peace.

What's going on in the stars and how will it impact us? Read :

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During my interview with Carolyne Faulkner, I got called out for saying unkind things to myself (Yikes!). You can watch the clip below to see how it went down.

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As social animals we need friends, but we make friends on the basis of trust, which comes about as a result of affection and concern for others. You can’t buy trust or acquire it by use of force. Its source is warm-heartedness.

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