Caroline Lea

Caroline Lea


Caroline Lea was born and grew up in Jersey.  She gained a First in English Literature and Creative Writing from Warwick University and then realised that she would need to find a job in order to fund her writing.  She chose teaching, taught English and drama, and was Head of English at a Birmingham boys’ grammar school.

She now works from home, trying to find the time to write, in between meeting the demands of two, small autocratic boys.  While she has ditched her last four attempts at fiction, she has had poetry published in The Phoenix Anthology and An Aston Anthology, which she also co-edited.  She is currently working on her first novel, which is set in Jersey during World War Two, when the island was invaded and occupied by German forces.  The novel is very much a study of people under pressure and the choices we make when we seem to have no choice at all.  Through the voices of four very different individuals, it examines the ways in which the people and the island are forever changed by the foreign invasion.

WHEN THE SKY FELL APART was published by Text Publishing House in February 2016 and the paperback is due in Spring 2017.

Her next novel THE GLASS WOMAN was pre-empted by Michael Joseph and will be published in 2019.



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