Brian Cathcart

Brian Cathcart


Brian Cathcart is professor of journalism at Kingston University London and was a founder of the Hacked Off campaign. He served as specialist adviser to the commons media select committee in 2008-10. Irish by background, he was a journalist at Reuters, the Independent papers and the New Statesman, and has written books about the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Jill Dando, as well as on the history of nuclear science.

Brian’s book, Everybody’s Hacked Off: Why We Don’t Have the Press We Deserve and What to Do About It, with an introduction by Hugh Grant, was published as a Penguin Special in September 2012. His latest book, The News From Waterloo, was published by Faber in Spring 2015.

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It's started. Foreign interference in Britain's election is likely under way and the security & intelligence services need to identify where this came from...

Has Johnson done any election campaign events since last Thursday in Northern Ireland? “Selling poppies” for five minutes in Uxbridge doesn’t count

For those who couldn't make it to Stratford on Friday night, but would like to hear my talk on Johnson's "Great New Brexit Deal"... here is the video produced by @stratford4eu of the whole event:

Quite clear now that the only motivation of @BorisJohnson @Nigel_Farage is to avoid a second referendum. That is why the rest of us should make decisions in this election based on the best way of getting one.

As the UKIP leader in Wales, I am confident that honest mistakes can happen at the BBC.

Sorry to bother you, Labour and LibDems, but the Tories and Brexit Party have made a pact.
If you can't work together and do the same, you're letting in a hard right government.
Sort it out FFS!

Thank you.

Chernukhin, Temerko, Lebedev? asks report

The Russia Report matters. Will someone please make sure the electorate has it before we vote.There are any number of websites prepared to publish this vital insight into the destruction of British democracy.

Well done The Mirror

Jacob Rees-Mogg firm sank millions of pounds into oil rig disaster giant

So hard to fathom why *any* working class voter would support the Hard Brexit devised by Trump-Farage-Johnson, which is explicitly designed to undermine so much of what working class people care about: jobs, rights, protections, welfare, solidarity. What a right wing con-trick...

#StopFundingHate will continue to highlight this week's Spectator advertisers over the next few days, and we'll be circulating details of next week's Spectator advertisers as soon as we have them. Further background:

The Spectator has been called out by the Muslim Council of Britain for publishing "anti-Muslim propaganda". Many customers of @FormanandField will be disappointed to see them advertising in this week's edition. #StartSpreadingLove #StopFundingHate

@BrianCathcart @pressgazette "Thou shall not get caught..."

Yet a aweek ago journos were believing the briefings claiming they’d put an end to fracking. Quelle surprise.

Nigel Farage admits he was offered a peerage 48 hours before election U-turn

It felt really special to take a nostalgia trip to my old work place @FreeWordCentre in Clerkenwell today. When I worked there it was a centre of literature, literacy and the freedom of expression, these days it does much the same but focuses on the power of politics and words 📝

Another promising response. Excellent work by @Jo_Liss - if you have a moment please help alert more advertisers!

I've worked in TV for 40 years. The idea that a 'production error' makes a neat cut at exactly the point where the prime minister takes his wreath and cuts back neatly afterwards, inserting 3-year-old footage of that exact same moment is insulting & laughable. Tell the truth.