Brian Cathcart

Brian Cathcart


Brian Cathcart is professor of journalism at Kingston University London and was a founder of the Hacked Off campaign. He served as specialist adviser to the commons media select committee in 2008-10. Irish by background, he was a journalist at Reuters, the Independent papers and the New Statesman, and has written books about the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Jill Dando, as well as on the history of nuclear science.

Brian’s book, Everybody’s Hacked Off: Why We Don’t Have the Press We Deserve and What to Do About It, with an introduction by Hugh Grant, was published as a Penguin Special in September 2012. His latest book, The News From Waterloo, was published by Faber in Spring 2015.

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If the Mail is going to campaign against people dropping the Special F-Bomb I have a thing or two to tell it about the Prime Minister...

If you haven't read this review by @PatrickFreyne1 for @IrishTimes, you are missing something. 'The people at GB News hate elitist experts so much they’ve apparently chosen not to hire any technicians.' Tks to @janemartinson for the tip.

The word "basically" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here... #StartSpreadingLove

Why is it “political” of the Chelsea Flower Show to draw attention to climate change, BBC News?

Leveson 2 was due to look into unlawful conduct within media organisations as well as relations between the police & the press

Priti Patel suggests to MP’s Sir Brian Leveson agreed it was no longer appropriate

Completely untrue! He urged the Government not to scrap the inquiry!

It’s astonishing every UK news show that interviewed Policing Minister Kit Malthouse this morning failed to point out Conservative Governments have cut 21,000 Police officers, 23,000 police support staff, closed 600 police stations & half of all courts in England & Wales

On the one hand, electoral fraud is a big problem and we need ID checks at polling stations. On the other hand, investigating electoral fraud is totally unimportant.

Just to be clear Met Police and CPS found that Brooks/News of the World’s interference in the Daniel Morgan Murder investigations, surveilling the lead detective, was just short of criminal charges. And that’s before the full extent of ID theft and hacking was revealed

@janemartinson @BrianCathcart “My favourite bits...are the contributions of the adorable child reporter Tom Harwood, whom older journalists can’t resist putting on their laps...”

Want to laugh on a rainy Friday? Read the Irish Times on GB News : It takes until Tuesday to go full wingnut

I've just done an interview with @guardian's "Today in Focus" podcast. The podcast will also feature Duncan Campbell, the first national print journalist to take me seriously.

So, advertisers boycotting a channel that doesn't chime with their values is bad.
But customers boycotting a business that behaves in a way they don't like is just fine.
Go figure.

Not wholly persuaded by GB News' "honestly, we are lovely, woke people really" response to the growing advertisers' boycott. Having made their 'anti-woke' bed you'd hope they'd have the decency to lie in it.

Our weekend digital front page - OFFICIAL: INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION - headlines by @Hardeep_Matharu @BrianCathcart @peterjukes @jacquihames @jamesdoleman Jake Arnott @GreenRupertRead @jdportes @jonlis1 @StephenColegra1 @WritesBright Hannah Charlton @AnthonyBarnett @johnmitchinson

Be gentle with me Twitter this has taken 10 years to write....⁦@hackinginquiry⁩ Jacqui Hames: My Line of Duty | Hacked Off

Magnificent from the @Spectator #CheshamAndAmersham

Mail is worried by advertisers pulling out from its titles.

Here are five ways that #StopFundingHate supporters have made a difference: #StartSpreadingLove

If you believe God created the world in 6 days then 20 days must seem like an awfully long time to be leader of a political party. #DUP #EdwinPoots