Brian Cathcart

Brian Cathcart


Brian Cathcart is professor of journalism at Kingston University London and was a founder of the Hacked Off campaign. He served as specialist adviser to the commons media select committee in 2008-10. Irish by background, he was a journalist at Reuters, the Independent papers and the New Statesman, and has written books about the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Jill Dando, as well as on the history of nuclear science.

Brian’s book, Everybody’s Hacked Off: Why We Don’t Have the Press We Deserve and What to Do About It, with an introduction by Hugh Grant, was published as a Penguin Special in September 2012. His latest book, The News From Waterloo, was published by Faber in Spring 2015.

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Here's the UK government advertising "breathtaking views" alongside yet an another attack on #BlackLivesMatter from the Mail on Sunday...

Ernie Barnes ( 1938-2009 ) 'Late Night DJ ' 1980 ♥️

Brexit: The return of the UK land bridge dilemma via @RTENewsNow

Marie Vassilieff (1884-1957 ) ' Le fumeur ' ♥️

This is such an important point

The way to fight illegal annexation of land, should not be about what's best for the state of Israel or non-Palestinians

Surely Palestinian rights must be front & centre

Yet so often their human rights & humanity are ignored in these discussions

Please support our investigation into crime and malpractice at The Sun by donating HERE:

I am running an amazing critical theory seminar at the moment with the brilliant PhD students @KingstonSchArt . It's amazing because they are such an inspiring group, and so intelligent.

There is no point to this post but to say how great they are.

At this rate Newsquest will have one paper covering The Solar System And Greater Milky Way Region, staffed by one over-worked reporter based in Redditch.

Just waiting for donny to tweet so I can play show and tell with him again today. I wonder how many times I can share this pic today? I shared a little last night, but now I have all day. @realDonaldTrump

Please sign this petition, this matter cannot be allowed to be forgotten Justice must be seen to be done

NEWS: We’re launching our all-party parliamentary group demanding an urgent public inquiry into Govt handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Read about it in the Evening Standard:

BBC online:

Daily Mirror:

I finally did it. I bought a subscription to @BylineTimes. Mostly for writing like this: "However, for the children in West Africa who produce it and have never even tasted the finished product, chocolate represents a wasted life of slavery, abuse. "

But BBC forced to share the licence fee to fund Local Democracy Reporters working for commercial local newspapers while cutting its own local output. #WelcomeToBrexitBritain

Stella Bowen (1893–1947 ) ' Provençal conversation ' 1936 ♥️

Lockdown hair is getting a bit out of control.

Many thanks, Tim.

Great to hear @amolrajan asking why Times Radio didn’t ask the Pm why he was sacked from the Times #mediashow

Foster carer and children's homes in England are being privatised without any debate or scrutiny. My thread about a £1billion contract awarded to a private equity firm by local authorities in the North West

Sarah Vine here, showing NHS workers just how highly she values them.

John Ware SUING Paddy French h/t @pguk10 cc/ @peterjukes @OborneTweets @BrianCathcart @JulianPetley @hackinginquiry