Brian Cathcart

Brian Cathcart


Brian Cathcart is professor of journalism at Kingston University London and was a founder of the Hacked Off campaign. He served as specialist adviser to the commons media select committee in 2008-10. Irish by background, he was a journalist at Reuters, the Independent papers and the New Statesman, and has written books about the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Jill Dando, as well as on the history of nuclear science.

Brian’s book, Everybody’s Hacked Off: Why We Don’t Have the Press We Deserve and What to Do About It, with an introduction by Hugh Grant, was published as a Penguin Special in September 2012. His latest book, The News From Waterloo, was published by Faber in Spring 2015.

Brian Cathcart @BrianCathcart

An Irish PhD student I know is out in Antarctica researching seabirds, and she's put the call out for teachers who would like to do a Zoom call with their class! Eleanorhonan on Instagram for those interested! RTs welcome

This is fantastic: launched today, a brilliant, unique site all about English protest songs, from 1600 to now... Every song you know and so many you won't! Huge congrats to John Street and colleagues from @uniofeastanglia.

Rory Stewart with one of the all time 🔥 intros.

Don't say you weren't warned.

Laughably craven headlines in the Mail, Sun, Telegraph and Express this week desperately trying to rescue Johnson. This is our fearless press holding power to account. Do listen.

It's interesting - when you Tweet about @carolecadwalla and controversial millionaire political donor Arron Banks, it seems to active a load of angry men with bulldog avatars who all sound the same. Still, at least these NINETEEN organisation support her:

The trial is done. Carole’s come out stronger than ever. This week has been a genuinely life-changing experience for me. So much love and thanks to everyone involved. And even more love to Carole. What a woman.

288 COVID-19 deaths reported today. But all's well, apparently.

Now there is a very good question. Why is that?

The BBC isn't perfect - I know that better than most - but it is a major positive cultural force. Most of what it does & most of the brilliant people who work for it make UK a better place. Sign the petition #SaveTheBBCfromBadNad via @UKChange

Arron Banks has been aggressively persuing @carolecadwalla, using his wealth to try & silence her. Her legal GoFundMe is here: let's show her she's not alone, she's supported, we're all watching, and that her prize-winning investigations are valued:

Lord Cashman CBE becomes patron of Labour Trans Equality (LTE) a big thank you from all at LTE @mcashmanCBE

You’d think the Sun would be more careful about associating Johnson with pork pies.

“Stop these practices Israel”
The demolition of Palestinian homes &forced dispossessions of Palestinians is an attempt to ethnically cleanse East Jerusalem of Palestinians.
This is happening on our watch in our time -
We know but we @UKinJerusalem are choosing not to stop it

Seriously, don’t put yourself at risk of #LongCovid

That means avoiding Covid.

I’m 44 and it has made me an invalid.

I can hardly walk.

I have to lie down for 20-22hrs a day.

Neither me nor docs know if or when I’ll get better or there’ll be treatment.

It’s been 20 months.

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