Brian Cathcart

Brian Cathcart


Brian Cathcart is professor of journalism at Kingston University London and was a founder of the Hacked Off campaign. He served as specialist adviser to the commons media select committee in 2008-10. Irish by background, he was a journalist at Reuters, the Independent papers and the New Statesman, and has written books about the murders of Stephen Lawrence and Jill Dando, as well as on the history of nuclear science.

Brian’s book, Everybody’s Hacked Off: Why We Don’t Have the Press We Deserve and What to Do About It, with an introduction by Hugh Grant, was published as a Penguin Special in September 2012. His latest book, The News From Waterloo, was published by Faber in Spring 2015.

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You know how bullies often get away with it until people compare notes and look really closely at the situation?

Here's a look at 24H of attacks on Meghan Markle by the UK's main right-wing newspaper websites. (Time period: 4 March 2021)

Institutionalised racism, and then some!

Company Owner Featured in Government Brexit Newspaper Campaign Charged With Fraud – Byline Times

This is pathetic & embarrassing from the U.S. Secretary of State.

Palestine isn’t a situation. Palestinians are human beings who have rights. The U.S. should support the ICC investigation into Israeli war crimes.

When you actually look at the sheer number of articles Piers Morgan has written about Meghan Markle, not to mention the malevolence and absolute venom behind them, it is crystal-clear that the man is deranged.

A senior staffer recently told victims at a Windrush engagement event that compensation is wildly delayed (and has to be squeezed like blood from stone when it does come) because @ukhomeoffice has to be careful, what with it being taxpayer money.

Were you to ask, I’d call ‘The Boy’ an attempt not just to describe Stirling Moss’s extraordinary life and career but to explain what made him such a hero to so many. Out in early April, from Simon & Schuster, to mark the first anniversary of his death.

When the Society of Editors shows you who they are, believe them the first time...

Have now read in several papers: "#PritiPatel has reached a £340,000 settlement with civil servant Sir #PhilipRutnam after her alleged bullying." Don't they mean the #taxpayer has been forced to cough up £340k because the Home Secretary simply couldn't defend her own behaviour?

Test And Trace Spending Will Top £37bn, Budget Small Print Reveals

Patel ought to have paid for this out of her own money and not left it to the taxpayer.

No no no. A 1% pay rise for nurses will not do.

Don’t want to be awkward but why am I paying for this and not @pritipatel ?

@RealNatalieRowe We should run a book on when he stops crying, and how many buckets of tears he will produce

#PissMorgan on your sofa to talk about Meg&Haz not handling “criticism” when Mr Beetroot Head Morgan blocks anyone for criticising him, and as for being a bully, that’s exactly what he’s been continuously doing to #Meghan.You lot have NO SHAME, and you’re complicit #ThisMorning

Whatever the year, this is spectacular.

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‘It’s Been Happening For Years’: Anti-Traveller Racism Across Britain’s Campsites – Byline Times

10 Reasons Why Paul Dacre is Unfit to Be the New Ofcom Chair

Brian Cathcart gives a personal view of why the former Daily Mail editor would be the worst thing to happen to the broadcasting regulator entrusted with upholding journalistic standards

'Meghan used the queen's corgis in jollof rice recipe' is my personal fave

Iain Duncan Smith, the architect of universal credit, in the garden of his 16th-century Tudor home on a sprawling estate in Buckinghamshire.
He voted for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms

All in this together? Please do wake up