Anthony Warner

Anthony Warner


Anthony Warner is a food and science writer, and the author of The Angry Chef blog.

Anthony studied Biochemistry at Manchester University before deciding that the heat of the professional kitchen was the career for him. After ten years in restaurants, hotels and events-catering he became a food development chef, working on some of the UK’s best-known brands and products.

In 2016 he started The Angry Chef blog, dedicated to debunking the pseudoscience surrounding the way we think about food and health, and in the space of a few short months has amassed an army of followers.

His first book, The Angry Chef: Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating, was published in January 2018, and it was followed by his second book, The Truth about Fat, in January 2018; both were published by Oneworld. Anthony is currently working on his new book.

Angry Chef @One_Angry_Chef

You talk sense! @One_Angry_Chef

New blog post about soil, dirt, shovelling shit and the problem with organic farms.

And why the oldest evidence of life on earth has things to tell us about the future of food.

@BrightYangThing @One_Angry_Chef The amish have autism, and they do vaccinate during outbreaks. It's a myth that they have neither.

View this morning. He has been noisily arguing with Battle Dog.

Free audio book for anyone who can name the breed, and tell me why all their names begin with the letter O.

@One_Angry_Chef The Noakes paradox. High rates of past scientific reputation with low levels of present credibility.

I am bored of the low carb debate and moving on to other stuff. But for everyone who has supported (Professor?) Tim Noakes over the years, here he is sharing a Natural News article that suggests vaccines cause autism, cancer and heart disease. This will end up killing people.

"...It is only when we feed everyone well, that we free ourselves to progress. When people are hungry, that is all they can be."

Noakes embracing his inner-antivaxxer again. I’d hoped we had moved on.

a) The Amish DO get vaccinated - 86% of them, in fact
b) Why is he using ‘Natural News’ as a source?

A new Angry Chef blog post about dirt and hopes for a brown revolution.

Why the oldest evidence of life on earth has lessons to teach us about the future.

And why organic food is not the answer.

So much good in this piece from @One_Angry_Chef on how all #ag systems need to contribute to feeding 10B people while protecting the environment. #SoilHealth

It's @One_Angry_Chef on how we need the best of both organic and conventional ag to feed a planet responsibly, so stop fighting about it already.