Anthony Warner

Anthony Warner


Anthony Warner is a food and science writer, and the author of The Angry Chef blog.

Anthony studied Biochemistry at Manchester University before deciding that the heat of the professional kitchen was the career for him. After ten years in restaurants, hotels and events-catering he became a food development chef, working on some of the UK’s best-known brands and products.

In 2016 he started The Angry Chef blog, dedicated to debunking the pseudoscience surrounding the way we think about food and health, and in the space of a few short months has amassed an army of followers.

His first book, The Angry Chef: Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating, was published in January 2018, and it was followed by his second book, The Truth about Fat, in January 2018; both were published by Oneworld. Anthony is currently working on his new book.


Angry Chef @One_Angry_Chef

Time for a new Angry Chef Blog Post, offering few minutes distraction in a troubled world.

On lockdown, luck and togetherness.

Includes a bonus picture of Battle Dog.

Are we really too fat? Chef and food writer @One_Angry_Chef explains the science behind why we need fat, why fad diets are destined to fail, and what we can do to stay healthy

I'm having trouble concentrating on science animations right now, so instead here are some screenshots from my favourite document on the planet.

These are taken from a 'work in progress' document from Pepsi's 2008 rebrand. Every figure is as incomprehensible as this one. 1/23

His medical colleagues are literally dying to save their patients while he is raking in the cash, with unverified testing.

Antibody testing is NOT YET verified (or vetted)

I am actually SICKENED.

#coronavirusuk #COVIDー19


Any NHS staff out there need a bike, give me a shout

Although I really don't like all his diet TV nonsense, this by @xandvt is intelligent and well written.

It's my last day at @OneworldNews, where I published precisely one shelf of books. I wish I could add in some of the newest books from this year but this is a nostalgia pic from three weeks ago.

From Monday 13th April, BBC One launches a brand new show with the very experienced and lovely Matt Tebbutt AND ME. Based on Saturday Kitchen, it's called Daily Kitchen and it's on from 10am-11am.
And I'm petrified and thrilled and absolutely HOOTING WITH JOY

Tomorrow at the Covid 19 press conference I really wish they’d make it questions from science and health correspondents

Outside of a pandemic this would be MASSIVE news

Network meta-analysis comparing dozens of popular diets against each other


"[for all diets] At 12 months the effects on weight reduction and improvements in cardiovascular risk factors largely disappear"

Immune-boosting foods are having a moment!

Too bad there aren’t any.

What do we really know about diet and the immune system? What's the rationale for "immune boosting" foods? Glad you asked!

This recent paper is a good start. And this is a thread.

This is the crowd funding website for funding scrubs in Leicester
Please help if you can!

Are you a company based in the East Midlands?
Want to help the fight against the pandemic at?
The utterly brilliant @DrLygo is coordinating an effort to get 2000 pairs of scrubs made.
She has the workforce. She needs the cash.
Please tweet me if you can help!!!!

I’m going to be auctioning my World Cup Final shirt to raise funds for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals charity. Last week they launched an emergency appeal to provide life saving equipment to help those affected during the Covid-19 outbreak. Link to auction in my bio.

So 400 people died today of a single infectious disease, and still some analysts/journalists are saying the government and scientists are overegging it.

People stay at home.

And wash your hands of these idiots.


according to my model nearly 50% of Americans will be epidemiologists if we don’t adopt strict intellectual humility guidelines

Talk to me.

I feel like crap because the thing that I do - write about food & nutrition - is totally useless right now. Recipe & cooking journos are useful! But how can anyone care about nutrition right now?

Do you need or want anything that people like me can help with?

I’ll be glad when this is all over, so I can go back to cancelling social events and avoiding people out of choice, because I hate them.

Blogpost alert;

How did Clough's best players do in management?

Who was transformed by the Cambridge weight plan?

Were O'Neill, Clark, Francis successful managers?

Who produced road signs after their playing days?

Answers and banter on:

Faced with a global pandemic, a physician has a choice.

Either to roll up your sleeves and help, or worry about the glycaemic index of biscuits 😉😉😉