Anthony Warner

Anthony Warner


Anthony Warner is a food and science writer, and the author of The Angry Chef blog.

Anthony studied Biochemistry at Manchester University before deciding that the heat of the professional kitchen was the career for him. After ten years in restaurants, hotels and events-catering he became a food development chef, working on some of the UK’s best-known brands and products.

In 2016 he started The Angry Chef blog, dedicated to debunking the pseudoscience surrounding the way we think about food and health, and in the space of a few short months has amassed an army of followers.

His first book, The Angry Chef: Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating, was published in January 2018, and it was followed by his second book, The Truth about Fat, in January 2018; both were published by Oneworld. Anthony is currently working on his new book.


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Scientists discover fourth takeaway option

A new Angry Chef Blog post.

Something a bit different today. A brief refresher on climate change, and why discussions about food are so important.

Goop greenwashes a classist version of purity, and it's NOT just a fringe phenomenon.

My latest for @washingtonpost @PostOutlook, with special thanks to my editors for allowing me to call the Whole Foods supplement aisle "that real-world Diagon Alley."

Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina?

This is brilliant.
Marina Hyde largely exists to make other writers feel inadequate.

If you thought the trailer for #Goop Lab was bad, wait til you see the whole series. I just did and now I'm the one who needs an exorcism

It's #FridayReads time & this week we are recommending 'The Angry Chef' by @One_Angry_Chef ~ Go down the rabbit hole of why "sensible, intelligent people are so easily taken in by the latest food fads" & understand the importance of qualified dietitians!

When did the vague notion of microbiome health become a clinical outcome? Insanely disappointed to see RDs jumping on the bandwagon of making their recs seem sexy by saying "supports healthy gut bacteria!".FDA literally just rejected this notion in their update on fiber labeling.

Great to see a systematic review on this topic (though I am secretly jealous as I have wanted to do one for ages but there are not enough hours in the week!!!). Hopefully this starts to change people's attitudes to its use.

Plastic has many benefits: it is affordable, versatile, and can help reduce food waste. However, when poorly managed it can pollute the environment and our oceans.

Where does the plastic in our oceans come from?
What can we do to reduce plastic pollution?

This is a massive story that no one comes out of well. Nutrition science is in a huge mess and urgently needs change. Everyone is conflicted, but no one seems willing to admit it.

Cannot wait for this.
When I first wanted to start writing, the dream was to create a series of quirky short horror stories for TV. I gave up because Inside No 9 was so good and wrote about diets instead.

If you stabilise the Milky Way it shows you just how much the earth is spinning through space.
Full length via Eric Brummell -

A column on a decade in body image and the problem with ‘body positivity’

Looks like the alkaline diet #pHallacy is back doing the rounds. Your diet doesn’t change your blood pH. Get a grip.


Sorry, but can any competent professional tell me any food ingredient with a positive effect on mental health?

Mi lectura de diciembre fue el primer libro del @One_Angry_Chef. Me encanta su dedicación para desbancar los mitos más arraigados y falsos en nutrición. Los nutriólogos tenemos mucho que aprender de este chef.

Hi @One_Angry_Chef guess what I just saw that I finally can buy your books on @audibleuk ( I'm in Ireland) and what is even better the first one was on sale 👍👍👍🍾🍾 both are now in my library time to refresh my memory