Anthony Warner

Anthony Warner


Anthony Warner is a food and science writer, and the author of The Angry Chef blog.

Anthony studied Biochemistry at Manchester University before deciding that the heat of the professional kitchen was the career for him. After ten years in restaurants, hotels and events-catering he became a food development chef, working on some of the UK’s best-known brands and products.

In 2016 he started The Angry Chef blog, dedicated to debunking the pseudoscience surrounding the way we think about food and health, and in the space of a few short months has amassed an army of followers.

His first book, The Angry Chef: Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating, was published in January 2018, and it was followed by his second book, The Truth about Fat, in January 2018; both were published by Oneworld. Anthony is currently working on his new book.


Angry Chef @One_Angry_Chef

Wrote this.

Well hi there obesity blame trolls. How I've missed you.

Is this one real or fake?

Never heard of her, so hard to tell. But surely fake, right?


If not, I'm going back to debunking wellness bollocks.

Just finished The Truth About Fat by @One_Angry_Chef Very thought provoking. It's complex, not complicated. Highly recommended.

'We could have well-meaning ladies with nice accents saying ‘oh I can teach them to cook, you know… they just should eat more porridge’… But I don’t find that terribly reassuring'


I just can’t even imagine what goes through someone’s mind when the read a tweet from someone posting their post chemo treat and their instinct is to shame them. And then to double and triple down.
Don’t ever police anyone’s food choices ever.

if you liked that thread about white nationalists at the farmer's market

you're gonna love this article about how white supremacists use farmer's market to make a living, fund their activities, & present a cute face to the outside world.

The irony if this, unfortunately, is @guardian puts cranks on their food and business pages who have conspiracy theories on cancer and cures. This is like buying offsets or indulgences.

Falsehoods about #cancer are rife, frequently putting patients at mercy of charlatans & fools - with dire consequence. In @guardian today, I outline the dangerous nonsense hawked at patients, featuring @gorskon, @eosull, @MrMMarsh, & @DrRobertOConnor

Have you caught up with all six episodes of season 1? We have #obesity with @One_Angry_Chef, #feminism with @vnbateman, #addiction with @ShahrooIzadi, #stopandsearch with Ken Hinds, @lgbtq education with @ellen__jones & women in #STEM with @RachelRileyRR -

Dear @CR_UK

In just a few days, over 10.5k people have signed our petition because the campaign is causing a lot of harm.

You didn’t take ours and others feedback on board last year, maybe you will now? 1/

#EndWeightStigma #SupportNotStigma

A group of colleagues and I have written an open letter to @CR_UK encouraging them to removing their stigmatising campaign - please read, share, and sign our petition - letter: @sarahdempster @HelenlouWest @rosie_saunt @DrStuartFlint @MaritaHennessy

Our open letter to @CR_UK on why their latest campaign linking #obesity to cancer should be stopped

@GeorgeMonbiot @One_Angry_Chef please share!

Wow. Woke up to a media shitstorm thanks to @CR_UK terrible new 'obesity is the new smoking' campaign. In public health terms this is like introducing crocodiles into UK waters to prevent people from drowning during British summer time - misguided and harmful. Must try harder.

My piece for @Metrouk on why #CancerResearch’s new campaign isn’t just misguided - it’s dangerous -

Following on from our convo with @One_Angry_Chef (which you can listen to here - @_NatashaDevon wrote for @MetroUK about why #CancerResearch’s new campaign is bullshit -

Please take 5 minutes of your time to read this piece from the excellent @One_Angry_Chef

With #obesity in the news, read the blog that @One_Angry_Chef wrote for us

Well played, @NorfolkCCTS , well played.
Fake medics are illegal. Fake nutritionists should be too.

I was a bit bored so I’ve made my own evidence based poster campaign especially for @CR_UK. You’re welcome.