Anthony Warner

Anthony Warner


Anthony Warner is a food and science writer, and the author of The Angry Chef blog.

Anthony studied Biochemistry at Manchester University before deciding that the heat of the professional kitchen was the career for him. After ten years in restaurants, hotels and events-catering he became a food development chef, working on some of the UK’s best-known brands and products.

In 2016 he started The Angry Chef blog, dedicated to debunking the pseudoscience surrounding the way we think about food and health, and in the space of a few short months has amassed an army of followers.

His first book, The Angry Chef: Bad Science and the Truth about Healthy Eating, was published in January 2018, and it was followed by his second book, The Truth about Fat, in January 2018; both were published by Oneworld. Anthony is currently working on his new book.

Angry Chef @One_Angry_Chef

My company First Create the Media is hiring! Looking for a talented all-rounder freelance science writer for 2 days a week - more info & application here

β€œThe only way to get people to eat well, exercise more and engage in beneficial activities is to remove the social and financial barriers stopping them from doing so.”

This is an important read by @One_Angry_Chef &something that @KimKirchherr and I looked at... . It's easy to get distracted by "loud voices" on social media.. but what sorts of things are the majority of customers really looking at/for?Comfort foods...

I have enjoyed your blogs and books on pseudoscience but look forward to reading your new work on sustainable and future food production

And another one! Loving the fact that there may well be a future focus on the #foodsystem in the @One_Angry_Chef's work!

β€œThe numbers of people reaching extremely high BMIs in many countries have increased disproportionately to other BMI changes... Many people think that a good way to help these people is to abuse and insult them so that they are motivated to change. I disagree.” Word.

"Cancer is more heritable now than in the past because people live longer and are less likely to die of other stuff. If we have a nuclear war, the chances of getting cancer will become far less heritable, but that is not a good thing."

[Waves pom poms]. Yep. I'm off to tend my vege garden and cook something yummy.

A must read - looking forward to the blog on sustainable agriculture πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

New Blog Post and an announcement.

The twelve most important things I have learnt writing about diets over the past four years.

And why a diet book made me realise I had to make a great big change.

Definitely worth a read folks πŸ€—

Too many perfectly written statements to quote in this tweet alone. Just read 😊 I cant wait to see this new direction you're taking @One_Angry_Chef !

πŸ‘‡ Preach !!! Hard to over emphasize how much I love this post ...& not just because of its recognition of RDs...In praise of ordinary people trying to do their best to eat mostly healthy food in a system stacked against them ❀️@One_Angry_Chef Thanks