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Dr Annie Gray is a food historian specialising in the Georgian, Victorian and early twentieth centuries. She’s a popular speaker and broadcaster and also works as a consultant to museums and heritage sites.

Annie’s first book, A Greedy Queen, was published with Profile Books in spring 2017 (shortlisted for the Jane Grigson Trust Award). She has also written for The Guardian onlineBBC online and The Sun. You can find more of her writing on her website at

Annie is the resident food historian on BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet, and has appeared in the show since its inception, as well as contributing to The Food ProgrammeToday, and PM. Annie’s TV appearances include BBC Four’s Icing on the Cake and Home Comforts which aired in January 2015. Annie has also appeared on The One ShowHidden Killers: The Victorian HomeThe Great British Bake OffHeston’s Great British FoodBBC Food and Drink and Newsnight. More recently, she has worked as consultant (and presenter) on Victorian Bakers, a 3 part living history documentary on BBC in November 2015.She was also the adviser on the BBC4 documentary Calf’s Heads and Coffee, which won a Guild of Food Writers Award.

Annie has worked in heritage for over ten years, both as a food historian, and also advising on domestic history and the lives of servants. She regularly dons period costume and works in character, portraying long-dead cooks to bring history to life. She also trains others, working to bring to life historic sites across the country.  She’s available to talk on heritage interpretation and public history, below stairs life in the 18th to the 20th century, and of course her core area of the history of British food and dining from the Restoration onwards.

The Sweet Makers – new three-part series beginning Wednesday 19th July on BBC2


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Yes yes yes. (Current fave cheeses being summer alpine, winslade and St Jude)

Did gardening. Was very happy knee deep in mud. Now, of course, can't move and am whimpering in pain from my back AND have been bitten by some flying bastard to boot. When. Will. I. Learn?.

CUT the strings before throwing out.
Reaching as many people as possible: Please pass on.

Made @SigneSJohansen 's marmalade sour. With rum. Really good rum. Might convert me to cocktails.....

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Another day, another example of the risks routine in women's medicine that seem unacceptable for the general public (compare our general level of worry about clotting side effects in oral contraceptives with those in the vaccine studies)

Happy “Barnard Castle” Day Everyone

April 12 truly was a Sight for Sore Eyes

And welcome back from Annie Gray, Kate Mosse ...


All the way to heaven on a Monday morning:

For the last of my columns on influential cookbooks I turn to a collection of recipes almost all of us have: those torn out from newspapers and magazines, or perhaps written down for us.

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From thumb-twiddling to 'oh shit I've got 4500 words to write in a day' in just one, phone-filled Thursday. Not sure if that is #writerslife or just poor planning*

*yes, I do know really, but in my defence I.. um...I.... dammit.

Fantastic thread (h/t @NaomiClifford ). I've worn a Regency corset. Superbly comfortable, INCREDIBLE boobs. I still regret not begging to keep it but apparently I was enjoying it a bit *too* much and it went away for refinement and I never saw it again.

Happily piddled after an @CourtyardDairy cheese tasting courtesy of @kjbh15 and @bosburybecca . Glorious, start to finish. Recommended.

This remains one of the best theatre productions I've ever seen. Want an Easter treat? Hasten ye to YouTube.

Apparently nobody best get between me, my pie and my pint. Fair.

Lovely article on medlars (if not 100% accurate to my mind: I harvest around 1st frosts, & bletting is better done on a slab or on the tree). But it is a tree I'd urge all to have. Gorgeous tree, lovely fruit. Bonus mention of @EastgateLarder too:

This year sees the (unexpected) return of the twisted Easter cake. As usual, the base is a totally normal yet more than usually delicious cake standard (games cake, Cox 1904 but I put it in the Downton book too) and the top..... well.

In 2015, @ClaireAnneHale and I founded the @TrousersForAll campaign to tackle this issue. Our site has useful resources to use in campaigns. Let's hope that #WGSG remembers the #EqualityAct. @caitlinmoran @CarolineLucas @CCriadoPerez @jayrayner1