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Dr Annie Gray is a food historian specialising in the Georgian, Victorian and early twentieth centuries. She’s a popular speaker and broadcaster and also works as a consultant to museums and heritage sites.

Annie’s first book, A Greedy Queen, was published with Profile Books in spring 2017 (shortlisted for the Jane Grigson Trust Award). She has also written for The Guardian onlineBBC online and The Sun. You can find more of her writing on her website at

Annie is the resident food historian on BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet, and has appeared in the show since its inception, as well as contributing to The Food ProgrammeToday, and PM. Annie’s TV appearances include BBC Four’s Icing on the Cake and Home Comforts which aired in January 2015. Annie has also appeared on The One ShowHidden Killers: The Victorian HomeThe Great British Bake OffHeston’s Great British FoodBBC Food and Drink and Newsnight. More recently, she has worked as consultant (and presenter) on Victorian Bakers, a 3 part living history documentary on BBC in November 2015.She was also the adviser on the BBC4 documentary Calf’s Heads and Coffee, which won a Guild of Food Writers Award.

Annie has worked in heritage for over ten years, both as a food historian, and also advising on domestic history and the lives of servants. She regularly dons period costume and works in character, portraying long-dead cooks to bring history to life. She also trains others, working to bring to life historic sites across the country.  She’s available to talk on heritage interpretation and public history, below stairs life in the 18th to the 20th century, and of course her core area of the history of British food and dining from the Restoration onwards.

The Sweet Makers – new three-part series beginning Wednesday 19th July on BBC2


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Did a C19 fig pudding off. Fresh one moist and subtle, but I fear dried easier for people to obtain (given it is for a thing in December and intended that people might cook it). Both fairly bland, but nice and light. Such DILEMMAS.

For those wanting to feast their eyes on the five pink BLANK cake as described in today’s Kitchen Cabinet, here it is. All the fine work of @LeslieMcArdle. Take a bow. It’s the white icing that makes it. #BBCTKC

Good see (hear) The Kitchen Cabinet’s back for its 30th series! Regulars ⁦@R_McCormack⁩ ⁦@timhayward⁩ ⁦@DrAnnieGray⁩ ⁦⁦@ChefJeremyPang⁩ and maestro ⁦@jayrayner1⁩ . Enjoy!

When I was researching the @Bettys book I had people IMPLORING me to launch a campaign to bring back the Dougal cake....

The Kitchen Cabinet is on NOW @BBCRadio4 - wooooop! Happy saturday, people. Catch up on @BBCSounds or on podcast.

REJOICE. The first episode of the new series of The Kitchen Cabinet - our 30th - is on @BBCRadio4 at 10.30 this morning. And it comes complete with a virtual audience. With @timhayward @R_McCormack @DrAnnieGray and @ChefJeremyPang. And ME. #BBCTKC

Yesterday @englishheritage's How to Cook the Victorian Way with Mrs Crocombe by @DrAnnieGray & Andrew Hanna was published! This gorgeous book is the definitive guide to the life & tastes of the world's favourite Victorian cook. Available from Waterstones:

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. I mean, it cannot beat biscuit brew but I am WILLING TO TRY. @YorkshireTea for the win.

At four hours into this, I am quite excited to see the 1950s trailing massively, and that there is strong evidence everyone who follows me like brandy. A lot.

Today's Friday poll (note excitingly erratic times for these). TRIFLE: let's SETTLE this. Assuming you have your actual fave recipes, what makes you think, mmm, xmas trifle.

NB: *feel free to just click, but will put vague deets in thread. (Should I have added a veal trifle?)

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Perfect, as usual @TechnicallyRon 👌

I very much like this. (Not at ALL influenced by disliking Dickens and Hardy quite intensely).

By popular request! (in that @RegulaYsewijn is really popular, & she asked). Last week's zoom on the Downton Abbey cookbook & Churchill's Cook. First zoom talk for me. Not entirely loving them as I am an adlibber, and w no audience it is rather difficult.

We now have an events page on our website - oooh 😮 📚
Among the events is our collaboration with @YorkLitFest where speakers will include @sixteenthCgirl @jeffreykboakye @NzeluWrites & @AndrewPoetry
Have a look 👀

Tonight, prime minister, your challenge is to stop us wanting to shout ‘what about Dominic fuckin’ Cummings?’ At the screen. Off you go...

Want to be in the audience for the Kitchen cabinet?

This is a great stunt by Netflix. To promote Enola Holmes (starring Millie Bobby Brown as the sister of Sherlock Holmes) they have installed statues of historical women across the UK besides brothers who have overshadowed them. Princess Helena Victoria faces King Edward VII 💪

Just posted a photo