Andrew Zurcher

Andrew Zurcher


Dr Andrew Zurcher is Director of Studies in English at Queen’s College, Cambridge, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on the works of Spenser, Sidney and Shakespeare.

Twelve Nights is his debut novel, and the first in a planned trilogy. It was published by Penguin Random House Children’s Books in April 2018.

Andrew Zurcher @andrewzurcher

Happy graduation to our lovely students! @andrewzurcher @QueensCam

Greet to see @QueensCam alumnus @stephenfry telling the truth about the climate emergency. Be reasonable, people. The time to act is yesterday.

At what point will it become politically acceptable to suggest trying members of the current government for crimes against the climate? How do we bring that reality forward? Serious question. @jes1003

good climate news (🧐) -- zero-emissions cement patented here in Cambridge.

And by a group, @UKFIRES, that has insisted that we need rapid and radical emissions reductions to reach absolute (not net) zero asap.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateActionNow

This morning in reading, we looked at part of the 1st chapter from @andrewzurcher The Giants Almanac. We looked a vocabulary and used IPads to find the definitions and drew pictures to represent the words. @CrossleyFields

Why is everyone misspelling 'cuckold' (instead writing 'cuckhold') all of a sudden? Who started this and how do I make it stop? It's almost as bad as the insidious, creeping misuse of 'whereby', a pest that needs exterminating if ever there was one.

Typo of the day in a student essay: "Louis Monstrose". I bet he gets this a lot. As someone who was once introduced to the Archbishop of Canterbury as 'Jerker' ("Really?" asked the Archbishop, shaking my thirteen-year-old hand. "Not really," said I.), I feel his onomastical pain.

People need to stop saying that refugees will be sent to Rwanda for ‘processing’. The policy is to send them there forever - there is no return. This is people trafficking by the Government. They are bribing Rwanda with development funds.

Real Brexit agenda: discarding environmental protections against scientific advice.

Happy #BookBirthday to THE LAST WEAVE by @andrewzurcher! The epic conclusion to Twelve Nights & Kay and Ell’s magical quest comes to a thrilling, twisty close in this middle grade novel.

Learn more:

Student's accidental portmanteau of the day: 'indentified'. So much incisive picking-out going on here.

Brexit is not going well for the poorest and most vulnerable. So many pigs to the slaughter? A period of transition? When do we act against the people who did this?

I haven’t heard a single interview with a serving or retired police commissioner today that did not stress the police as victims here — underfunded, undervalued, and distrusted, and distracted by climate activists.

I’m both angry and scratching my head.

Just when you think the absurdity of victim blaming could not possibly go any further, here is a Police Commissioner openly blaming Sarah Everard for what happened to her on BBC radio #FixTheSystemNotTheWomen

I get told frequently by Conservative MPs that the public aren’t bothered about private companies running NHS services and making a profit.

I don’t think this is correct. If you would like profit-making to be removed from the NHS, pls RT.

Let’s see!

And it therefore doesn't matter what the rest of their policies are.

Robert Crowley laying into London in _One and thyrtie epigrammes_ (London, 1550):

And this is a Citye
in name, but in dede
It is a packe of people
that seke after mede.

The marginal note reads: 'Loke the diffinitio[n] of a citye you that be lerned'

471 years later...