Andrew Zurcher

Andrew Zurcher


Dr Andrew Zurcher is Director of Studies in English at Queen’s College, Cambridge, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on the works of Spenser, Sidney and Shakespeare.

Twelve Nights is his debut novel, and the first in a planned trilogy. It was published by Penguin Random House Children’s Books in April 2018.


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Forget Brexit and focus on climate change, Greta Thunberg tells EU

Exciting new conference on all things erroneous! With the fabulous @manymanyplies as our keynote speaker! See our programme with the wonderful @VulgarErrors @Kevin_Killeen_ @GeorginaEMW @EzraHorbury @andrewzurcher @kathryn_a_woods @AnnaWyattt

The @OED online appears to be broken. Language itself is in peril.

With one change to the #BaselConvention, we could stop plastic dumping and help save our oceans. Sign now to sway the vote: via @SumOfUs

The problem with reading academic papers on my phone is that every time I touch a shelfmark, my phone asks me if I want to call the number. Sure, but what would a tenth-century paper copy of the Qor’an, copied in Isfahan, have to say to me?

These bees commonly nest in the mountains ... or near graves. Obviously. Don’t rub your eyes, folks.

Two hours on the beach at #Bacton & not a single #sandmartin Job done ⁦@NorthNorfolkDC⁩ Your netting for #BactonSandscaping has prevented tired migrating amber listed birds from nesting. #nestsnotnetting ⁦@EDP24⁩ ⁦@BBCLookEast⁩ ⁦@itvanglia⁩

Hello Mr Morgan,

I’ve just seen this tweet. I don’t know if you were out of the country at the time, but let me respectfully explain why this isn’t a fair reflection of what the referendum was about, and therefore what people "voted for"....

There is no way that we can avoid the futures that are coming, because we are being manipulated by people who have money & connections. Instead of 'delivering Brexit', we need to take a long look at how their influence is shaping our society and politics.

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To be fair, as acellular masses of creeping gelatinous protoplasm, slime moulds can’t really be said to be *born* in any one place.

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