Amy Heydenrych

Amy Heydenrych

Amy Heydenrych is an author based in South Africa. Her first two novels – SHAME ON YOU and THE PACT – are thrillers that reflect the zeitgeist of our complex digital age, where the line between reality and fiction blurs.


In her home country, she was named as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans, and has a local novel releasing in autumn 2022. This joins a body of award-winning literary fiction work including short stories and poems. By day, Amy works as a consultant for one of the world’s largest strategic consulting and innovation firms. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband and son.

Photograph/Rosanna Heydenrych

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It's taken a writing course, listening to 100+ writing podcasts and author interviews and a lot of self-reflection and reading, but it looks like my new novel (in an entirely new genre) will be finished in January.

Four authors walk into a Google Doc...

I don't know what the punchline is, but I am loving the mad, inspired process of editing my, @QLed, @pamelapower, @GailSchimmel group novel all together, on one file, in real time. Thank you @Andrea_Nattrass for braving the craziness!

I am so absolutely proud of my friend and writing group buddy @catherinejarvis. I was lucky enough to be an early reader of this novel, and it's a stunning, relevant addition to youth literature in SA.

Fantastic launch of #NeverTellALie by @GailSchimmel. @PJVos created a cardboard cut-out of @QLed for us, there was some canvas licking (delish), the place was packed, the books sold out and Gail & @SueNyathi were brilliant. Thank you @PanMacmillanSA team for a wonderful evening!

We even gave you a sip of water every now and then. @pamelapower was a very dedicated caretaker, and kept on asking, 'where have I put Qarnita!'

It’s actually embarrassing how much time I spend choosing signature fragrances for my characters. #amwriting #amediting

Thanks to listening to the stunning New York Times podcast on Nicholas Britell, I’m writing and editing to film scores. If anyone can recommend some great ones, please share!

"But I knew in my heart that I was a writer, and I knew that every story I was writing was a tiny bit better than the one I had just written. I knew if I kept going, I would get there. But it was a long apprenticeship."

Verrrry exciting meeting with our fabulous publisher @Andrea_Nattrass and our lovely editor @NicolaRijsdijk from @panmacmillansa to talk about our group novel. Out in March 2022. Watch this space!

Congratulations Gail! 😍 Can't wait to read this one.

Tofu and I are preparing for @MarianKeyes sequel to Rachel’s Holiday 😻

When the yoga teacher tells me to visualise a place where I feel most at peace…

Loved last week’s @ExclusiveBooks launch for #BeingDianne so much I blogged about it here The fab @pamelapower surprised me with @AmyHeydenrych and @GailSchimmel and it was the best!! @NBPublishers #kwelabooks

Cannot overstate the impact that listening to George Saunders speak/write on writing has had on my writing journey. I’m working on something completely different and his insights are giving me the courage to continue.

Monday morning view - a bookshelf and a good girl.

@QLed's launch rught now! With my buddies @pamelapower and @AmyHeydenrych

First trip to the Kruger Park as a family and we were treated to the rare sighting of a leopard sitting under a tree, a short distance away from its kill.

Huge congratulations to my agent @SarahHornsley and @PFDAgents - so pleased to be joining her in this new chapter at such an exciting agency.

Zach (4) reviews fragrances - the Jo Malone edition:
Velvet rose and oud - ‘It smells like a haunted castle!’
Blackberry and bay - ‘Swimming class!’
English pear and fresia (the one I chose) - Pollen!!

Book twitter, I’m looking for novels that use a ‘story within a story’ device? Any recommendations welcome.