Amelia Tait

Amelia Tait

Amelia Tait is a freelance features journalist who writes culture, trend, and technology stories for The Guardian, The New York Times, New Statesman, Wired and GQ, among others. In 2020, she was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Europe. She is known for writing about the unusual, the unexplainable, and the weird – be it a non-existent film that thousands of people swear they’ve seen; the proliferation of American sweetshops on London’s Oxford Street; or the woman who has read over 8,000 strangers’ diaries. Amelia is writing her first book.

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I'm doing an AMA with @journoresources where I really must insist that you a me a. Sign up here (and as always, if events aren't your thing, I'm always available via email to offer advice!):

If Twitter goes down, look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day. At dawn, look to the east.

The resilience of trans people in the face of endless marginalisation is an inspiration to us all.

This #TransAwarenessWeek, let’s empower trans communities in their struggle for justice, and celebrate their strength and joy.

There is no debate: trans rights are human rights.

To my friends in the media:
This is a time of high drama, I agree. But while you gossip endlesly about who's in and who's out, you have almost entirely ignored the Public Order Bill that was passed in the Commons this week: the most draconian legislation of the modern era.

A high-flying realtor with a knack for spreadsheets believed he discovered a secret pattern in the Michigan #lottery results. He used his system to win again and again and again. Read my latest for @TheAtlantic: “The $30 Million Lottery Scam.”

Here is my magnum opus, my Odyssey, my Heart of Darkness: the eight days I spent alone on a Gone Girl-themed luxury river cruise

“We are now the cautionary tale, and I wish on everything in my life that we weren’t.” I wrote about dangerous YouTube crafting videos, and how broken moderation policies have lead a baker to take on the platform:

A man goes to the doctor. He says he's depressed. The doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Read 1,500 words about how the great clown Pagliacci became the internet's favourite joke:" 🤡

A few months ago, I flew out to Las Vegas to report a story about the boom of rich guys who secretly got leg lengthening surgery during Covid. Now they're re-entering the world 3 to 6 inches taller (and mostly not telling anyone lol)

For the @NewStatesman, I wrote about an idle fantasy I have basically any time I’m in public:

The super-rich ‘preppers’ planning to save themselves from the apocalypse

I’ve been thinking about this piece for a year. There’s so much more I could say. The only thing that matters is that Martha should be alive today…

‘We had such trust, we feel such fools’: how shocking hospital mistakes led to our daughter’s death

I spoke with some people who’ve played with the same Sims family for six and SEVEN years respectively for this fun lil piece!!

20 years ago, a new film, game or TV show couldn't be released without an accompanying novelty bubble bath bottle. Why? How? WHERE’VE THEY GONE? Delighted with the gorgeous imagery on my VSI (very serious investigation) into the 90s/00s bubble bath boom:

Barbed wire sucks, rivers are lush and we should all have proper access to the countryside. Me for the @guardian.

I dug into about 50 of the biggest culture war stories published in British papers for my book and not a single one was true as reported.

Really pleased to have been able to write up every thought I've ever had about calories for The Guardian's "Why I Quit" series. Would love if you had time to read!

Wrote a weird little essay about the fuck is going on with arts criticism in a piece featuring beautiful illustrations and additional insights from @charlieshack and @hamrahrama

really made up to have been asked to create a short film for @BBCWales about a personal hero of mine, Hedd Wyn!

I loved tracing how the “war on stuff” has resulted in more stuff than ever before for this piece on “purse towers” and metaconsumption: 👜💰