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Alex Brown


Alex Brown is an award-winning author of many bestselling books including the hugely popular Carrington’s series, The Great Christmas Knit OffThe Great Village ShowNot Just For Christmas and The Secret of Orchard Cottage. Her uplifting books are published worldwide and have been translated into six languages.

In 2006, Alex won a competition to write the City Girl column for The London Paper, with a circulation of 500,000 weekly copies. She went on to write the column until her first novel, Cupcakes At Carrington’s was published in 2013. Alex has written short stories and articles for numerous magazines including PrimaCosmopolitanGlamourPeople’s Friend and Femail.

Cupcakes At Carrington’s and The Secret of Orchard Cottage both went to No.1 in the UK Kindle chart. The Great Christmas Knit Off was a UK Top 50 Paperback Bestseller and voted a Kobo Best Book of 2014 with The Secret of Orchard Cottage a Kobo Best Book of 2016.

Alex lives in rural Sussex, with her husband, daughter and two very glossy black Labradors. When she isn’t writing Alex enjoys knitting, watching Strictly Come Dancing with her daughter and going to Northern Soul nights, and is passionate about supporting charities working with care leavers, adoption and vulnerable young people.

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