Chicken Connoisseur announces book

Apr 12, 2017

Expert fried chicken critic and general crep don, The Chicken Connoisseur goes in search of the nation’s favourite wings an’dat

We are very excited to announce that the “Chicken Connoisseur” Elijah Quashie, best known for his YouTube show “The Pengest Munch“, is publishing his first book with Blink Publishing.

In Search of the Nation’s 50 Favourite Chicken Establishmentsby the Chicken Connoisseur, is scheduled for publication on 5th October.



The Chicken Connoisseur, began reviewing chicken shops in London. His videos went viral and have been watched by millions. Now, he’s broadening his search to find the nations pengest munch, as voted by the people on the app Chicken 2 Me.  

A comprehensive guide to spice, crispiness and all things fried, the Chicken Connoisseur will give the ultimate guide to wings an’dat.

Quashie has racked up 22 million views on YouTube for his show, which provides in-depth critiques of UK fried chicken shops and awards them scores.