You Are Unstoppable!: How to Understand Your Feelings about Climate Change and Take Positive Action Together

You Are Unstoppable!: How to Understand Your Feelings about Climate Change and Take Positive Action Together

Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams & Megan Kennedy-Woodard

Feeling sad, scared or angry about climate change? You are not alone. It means that you care. This book helps you harness the power of these emotions and turn them into climate action that will leave you feeling connected, motivated, and powerfully optimistic.

You will learn how to:
· notice and manage your eco-emotions
· become a self-care champion
· turn climate anxiety into climate action
· inspire others to make changes
· and most importantly, enjoy the climate work you do!

Your journey starts today. You are unstoppable!

Reviews for You Are Unstoppable:

Thank you so much for finally making the book I needed in my youth. — Daze Aghaji, Climate Justice Activist

Grounded in evidence-based hope and realistic steps for the average student of the Earth! As a young person, this is a must-read for every student struggling to understand the climate crisis. It’s not easy to talk about it or learn about it. But with this book, I felt like I can relate and have sustainable steps to take to help protect the planet! Building a sustainable future requires thousands of us to understand a complex problem but recognize the solutions have always existed! This book offers the promise of working together to build a climate-positive world that connects science, culture, and hope! — Isaias Hernandez, Environmental Educator

If you’re looking for an accessible, energetic, and fun approach to the emotional side of climate change, look no further. This book cheers young readers on as it teaches how to harness eco-emotions for meaningful, purposeful, and personally sustainable climate action. It rightfully points out the bright side of the challenge we all face. — Britt Wray, PhD, author of Generation Dread and Planetary Health Fellow, Stanford University School of Medicine

This team have my respect for writing this book for a younger audience, which addresses an important concern of our time: how to increase climate awareness whilst being mindful of the psychological challenges that come from grappling with climate change. — Lily Cole, British Actor, Model and Entrepreneur

This book is fun and I hope it reaches lots of new readers! — Dr. Willough Jenkins, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California

I wish we’d all read this when we were kids, perhaps we would already be living all the Climate solutions. — Arizona Muse, Supermodel, parent and sustainability activist

The perfect toolkit for families affected by eco-anxiety. It contains engaging facts, great practical ideas, and, through carefully chosen keywords, it manages to concisely unravel tricky sustainability issues. It also clearly explains the importance of self-care for eco-warriors. — Mireille Digard, Educator and Climate Reality Leader

Such an important book to alleviate climate anxiety and harness change. — Anya Hindmarch, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Author

You Are Unstoppable is a gift to young people-and to the parents, teachers, and caregivers who love them. Climate change can be an overwhelming topic, but this book navigates the difficult terrain of climate emotions with clarity, compassion, and honesty. Filled with ideas that are both practical and empowering, You Are Unstoppable will help young people learn how to care for themselves and each other while caring for the planet. As a parent, I’m deeply grateful this book exists. — Elizabeth Berchard, Mom’s Clean Air Force and author of Parenting In a Changing Climate

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