What Mums Want (and Dads Need to Know)

What Mums Want (and Dads Need to Know)

Harry Benson

Everyone wants a relationship that lasts. Yet nearly half of all today s parents split up.

Harry and Kate Benson began their own married life with great expectations. But within a few years, they stood on the brink of divorce. Today, their marriage is stronger than ever and they have helped many other struggling couples. So what changed?

In this ground-breaking book Harry and Kate tell their own inspiring, hope-filled story, set within the wider context of family research into what works. Harry and Kate s radical solution to strengthening families and reducing unnecessary family breakdown is simple. Their research suggests a happy mum tends to mean a happy household. She is the lynchpin around whom the family rotates. So for most mums, the success of a marriage depends primarily on her husband s ability to make her feel valued.

In other words: husband, love your wife. And she will love you right back. In that order. That’ what mums want. That’ the recipe for happy family life.


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