The Bannister Girls

The Bannister Girls

Jean Saunders

The bright dawn of the twentieth century finds itself shadowed by the strictures of the Victorian Age. Women, whatever their status in society, are still women and are expected to conform to their well-defined role in life as a mother and wife. For the Bannister girls, daughters of a wealthy and respected family, this is not enough.

But the Great War, with all its horrors and degradation, brings with it opportunities for the girls – the stolen lives of a whole generation of young men slowly erode the man-made barriers to equality and fulfilment.

For Ellen, tempestuous and headstrong, the way is paved for her to join the suffragette movement; for young Angel, yet to discover her true self, the war creates challenges that harden her character, and nurtures a love that unleashes a dangerous passion; and for Louise, the eldest, bright but sensible the terrible conflict brings a tragedy that threatens to tear her life apart – until the prospect of a new romance promises a heartwarming regeneration of her soul…

The Bannister Girls is a poignant novel of love and war, of the choices facing a young generation that will mould Britain’s future in the new century…