Spain: A Literary Companion

Spain: A Literary Companion

Jimmy Burns

Spain has one of the richest cultures in the world – and one that has inspired writers throughout history. Anyone visiting the country will want to know more about its literary heritage.

Jimmy Burns’s Spain: A Literary Companion is the perfect travel partner, a book that will open your eyes and allow you to view the country afresh – and introduce you to aspects of Spanish life you never knew existed.

Part personal travelogue, part anthology, this literary companion will surprise, entertain and, on occasion, move the reader. It is a wide-ranging and incisive portrait of a country and its people: starting with the Roman poets, it journeys through Cervantes to Orwell and Hemingway.

Highlights include: the enduring nature of regional identity; the joys – and pitfalls – of Spanish food and wine; tributes to Spain’s three cultures – Christian, Jewish and Muslim; the passions of flamenco and bullfighting; battlefield experiences from Wellington to the Civil War; and the changes to the country wrought by tourism.

“A fascinating portrait of a country that writers have always loved” – Robert Avon, best-selling author of Diary of an Angel